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Claims The OFFICIAL Claim A Video Game Character (Non-Pokémon) Thread


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Apr 27, 2022
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The Official Claim-a-Video Game Character Thread

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Video Game Characters

In the tradition of our Pokemon related claim threads, here's one we're attempting for non-Pokemon video game characters. Before claiming, please take a minute to check the rules. Given the broader sense of it compared to other claims threads we have a couple extra rules here.


1. Post the date you claimed the character in the order of DD/MM/YYYY. e.g. March 17th, 2016 would be 17/03/2016.
This is used so that users can see when a claim was made and if the 2 month time window has occurred for the claim to be up for grabs again. While a claim will not be rejected if not in the right format, it is highly appreciated if done so correctly.
2. You will need to have at least 20 posts to be eligible to claim something.
This is to avoid people just signing-up to claim something, then leaving afterwards. If you post in a thread and try to claim with less than 20 posts you will be told that your claim is not accepted.

3. If you are inactive for 2 months or more, your claim becomes void and someone else is free to claim it if they wish.
This is basically to keep the thread going, as inactive members don't need to have their claims kept intact. Users will be linked in the thread, so you can quickly check if they are still active on the site that way.

4. You can claim up to three characters.
This is simply to avoid any one person claiming more than their fair share.

5. If you want to change your claim, you will have to wait another month before doing so.
This is to stop people repeatedly from changing their mind and spamming the thread with constant claim changes. If making a claim change request, please indicate which character you wish to unclaim.
6. Wait at least 6 weeks after their debut game's release before claiming newly introduced characters.
This is to keep things fairly spoiler free, and give several people time to experience the game and characters before others instantly claim them.
7. This thread is for claiming non-Pokemon characters only.
If you want to claim Pokemon characters, please refer to this thread. For Pokemon themselves refer to this thread.

Now, with all that said, happy claiming!


It'll be impossible to document every video game character under the sun. So just mention a character and their series, and even if they're not on the list below, we can list that as your claim. Please note that given how broad this is, characters may be subject to approval.

-Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy)- @guzmania - 27/3/24
-Agent 8 (Splatoon) @Queen Of Space 28/02/2024
-Alisaie Levilleur (Final Fantasy XIV) - @Fitzy3386 - 27/02/2024
-Agrias Oaks (Final Fantasy Tactics) - @Steel_Justice 03/03/24
-Arkantos (Age of Mythology) - @Nicolas721 - 02/03/2024
-Axl (Mega Man X) - @Dubious Disc 27/02/2024
-Bandana Waddle Dee (Kirby) - @c la fet - 27/02/2024
-Burner Man (Mega Man & Bass) - @Viridian Beedrill - 27/02/2024
-Captain Falcon (F-Zero) - @Pigrider09 - 27/02/2024
-Chrom (Fire Emblem Awakening) @Insanish Danish - 27/02/24
-Chun Li (Street Fighter) - @c la fet - 27/02/2024
-Daruk (Zelda) - @Nicolas721 - 02/03/2024
-Donkey Kong (Donkey Kong) - @Catz - 27/02/2024
-Doomguy (Doom) - @Steel_Justice 03/03/24
-Doopliss (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door) - @Viridian Beedrill - 27/02/2024
-Ema Skye (Ace Attorney) - @mastermind lissi - 30/3/24
-Erik (Dragon Quest) - @guzmania - 27/04/2024
-Felix Hugo Fraldarius (Fire Emblem Three Houses) -@Insanish Danish - 27/02/24
-Flowey (Undertale) - @StormyStinger 27/02/2024
-Franziska Von Karma (Ace Attorney)- @mastermind lissi -27/04/2024
-Funky Kong (Donkey Kong) - @Catz - 27/02/2024
-Geno (Super Mario RPG) - @The Traveller 27/02/2024
- Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher) @FelipePR - 19/04/2024
-Gundham Tanaka (Super Danganronpa 2) - @toastghost - 10/3/2024
-Hat Kid (A Hat In Time) - @helperman - 25/4/2024
-Hatsune Miku (Project Diva) - @toastghost - 10/3/2024
-Hollow Knight (Hollow Knight) - @Handium - 10/04/24
-Hornet (Hollow Knight) - @Handium - 10/04/24
-Huey (Paper Mario Color Splash) - @mastermind lissi - 27/02/2024
-Jessica Albert (Dragon Quest VIII) - @CynthiaLover 27/02/2024
-Jevil (Deltarune) - @toastghost - 10/3/2024
-Ken Masters (Street Fighter) - @guzmania - 27/02/24K
-Kratos (God of War) - @FelipePR - 19/04/2024
Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) - @FelipePR - 19/04/2024
-Leif The Moth (Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling) - @Viridian Beedrill - 27/02/2024
-Lemres (Puyo Puyo) - @Okido - 25/04/2024
-Luigi (Super Mario) - @Mew2 - 17/03/2024
- Maca (Zelda) - @EzloSpirit - 05/03/2024
-Magolor (Kirby) - @The Traveller 27/02/2024
-Magus (Chrono Trigger)- @helperman - 25/4/2024
-Mallow (Super Mario RPG) - @The Traveller 27/02/2024
-Maria - (Sonic the Hedgehog) - @Audrelite - 18/03/2024
-Marina (Splatoon) @Queen Of Space 28/02/2024
-Mario (Mario) - @Nicolas721 - 02/03/2024
-Martlet (Undertale Yellow) - @StormyStinger 05/03/2024
-MC Adore (Rhythm Heaven)- @Juliyet - 25/04/2024
-Mettaton (Undertale) - @Dubious Disc 27/02/2024
-Miles "Tails" Prower (Sonic the Hedgehog) - @Dubious Disc 27/02/2024
-Min Min (ARMS)- @Juliyet - 25/04/2024
-Morshu (Link: The Faces of Evil) - @Pigrider09 - 27/02/2024
-Narrator (Stanley Parable) - @helperman - 25/4/2024
-Ness (EarthBound) - @Mew2 17/03/2024
-Nina Wyndia (Breath of Fire 3) - @CynthiaLover 27/02/2024
-Partitio Yellowil (Octopath Traveler 2) - @Fitzy3386 -27/02/2024
-Pearl (Splatoon) - @MC.Princess - 18/4/2024
- Peeks (Zelda) - @EzloSpirit - 05/03/2024
-Princess Daisy (Super Mario Bros.) @EternalPokéFanGirl 03/04/2024
-Princess Peach (Super Mario Bros.) @EternalPokéFanGirl 03/04/2024
-Ridley (Metroid) - @StormyStinger 27/02/2024
-Rin Tohsaka (Fate/Stay Night) - @Steel_Justice 03/03/24
- Ringside Reporter (Rhythm Heaven) - @Juliyet - 27/02/2024
-Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII) - @Fitzy3386 - 27/02/2024
-Rosalina (Mario) - @Catz - 27/02/2024
-Ryu (Breath of Fire 3) - @CynthiaLover 27/02/2024
-Samus Aran (Metroid series) - @Mew2 17/03/2024
-Shadow the Hedgehog - @p4relell (Sonic the Hedgehog) - 18/03/2024
-Shallot (Dragon Ball Legends) - @p4relell - 18/03/2024
Shulk (Xenoblade Chronicles) - @TheCapsFan 27/02/2024
- Sophitia Alexandra (Soulcalibur) @EternalPokéFanGirl 03/04/2024
-Sothe (Fire Emblem) - @TheCapsFan 27/02/2024
-Steve(Minecraft) - @Funnylion - 02/03/2024
-Susie (Deltarune) @Queen Of Space 28/02/2024
-Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury) - @Pigrider09 - 27/02/2024
-Venture (Overwatch 2) - @Handium - 10/04/24
-Yoshi (Mario) - @JollyYoshi 26/02/2024
Zack Fair (Final Fantasy VII) - @Insanish Danish - 27/02/2024
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Added Flowey and Ridley

For clarification sake, what game is Carnage representing exactly?
Oh! I forgot this wasn't just character's in any media! :bulbaFacepalm:

He appears in the Spiderman game on the PS1 (and other consoles), so you could just put:

Carnage (Spider-Man (2000)) - @StormyStinger 27/02/2024
Oh! I forgot this wasn't just character's in any media! :bulbaFacepalm:

He appears in the Spiderman game on the PS1 (and other consoles), so you could just put:

Carnage (Spider-Man (2000)) - @StormyStinger 27/02/2024
Hmmmm in case we do make more general claims threads, I think I'd rather hold off on adding non game characters unless they're intrinsically more tied to games than they they are their source (Geralt from The Witcher comes to mind).
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Character Claiming Sort-of-Obscure Edition, please!
Doopliss (Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door) - @Viridian Beedrill 27/02/24
Leif the moth (Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling) - @Viridian Beedrill 27/02/24
Burner Man (Mega Man & Bass) - @Viridian Beedrill 27/02/24
(He's one of my favorite Robot Masters what can I say)
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