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AG 154 & 155 Titles Revealed


May 24, 2004
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I was just browsing on a Japanese imageboard and found a magazine scan bearing titles and summaries of the next five episodes. The titles of the first three have already been posted, but here are the last two: (Murgatroyd, Zhen Lin, or anyone else proficient in Japanese, feel free to edit with better translations)

AG154 (430): ドッキリ!ビックリ!エレキッド!! Startling! Frightening! Elekid!!(Translation Ripped from Serebii.net)
AG155 (431): ポケモンレンジャー登場!セレビィ救出作戦!! Pokémon Ranger Appears! Celebi Rescue Mission!!
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And I thought it would be about a new D/P Pokémon. :-( Still, a Celebi rescue mission. That sounds...interesting...

So why do they want to scare an Elekid? I would quite like that to mean a Casey return, but it sounds like it will be a different one.
Hm. The "Hakuryu's Lake" summary mentions a Shizarigar, but it is very much worth noting that the Battle Dome episode summary mentions Satoshi's Heigani.

The Elekid episode summary doesn't mention Nanako. I think it's a random Elekid.

The Ranger episode mentions Sekichiku (Fuschia) City.
Aw, if the Battle Dome comic didn't show Ash battling with Corphish, random evolution speculations could have run rampant.

The Elekid steals May's egg or so I hear, and they give chase.
I note that the title for AG152 still has ハクリュウ instead of ハクリュー. I wonder if it is about Dragonair after all.
FireEmblemPrideSP said:
Okay, time to get it out in the open: Koga?


Wishful thinking.

Forget Koga. ._. Janine~! Though if she ever appeared, the anime's gonna have fun dealing with the Janine/Charine thing,
Eh, the Elekid episode is more than likely another boring filler, unless of course Haruka's egg hatches...

The Celebi Episode could be the start of something... maybe the writer's will actually get some sense and explain the GS Ball...
That episode is about the Ranger. The GS ball might still be back in Azalea town. Now how does THAT make sense?
Unregistered said:
That episode is about the Ranger. The GS ball might still be back in Azalea town. Now how does THAT make sense?

The concept of Agatha in the anime was also deemed dead for a while. Even longer than the GS Ball has been dead.

I'd give them time.

Unregistered said:
That episode is about the Ranger. The GS ball might still be back in Azalea town. Now how does THAT make sense?

Although it's unlikely, the Ranger could be from Azalea Town and happened to pick up the GS Ball, I mean after all Celebi is based in Johto, what's it doing in Kanto? :lx195:
Why have Mew, Articuno and Zapdos been seen in Johto? Celebi can go wherever it pleases through time, surely the same can be said for going to a neighbouring region. Plus, I doubt that Richie was back in Johto for the Celebi housou. Still, it would be good if the GS Ball is involved somehow.
Ben's Thoughts

So, am I right in saying that the second of these two episodes is going to be an advertisment for the new Pokémon Ranger game? I assume that he is going to be at least a recurring character for a short time if that is the case.

*Looks at other title* A Crawdaunt eh? It is a longshot, but what is the probability of Ash's Corphish evolving? I normally would doubt it, but Ash's Houen Pokémon seem to evolve more quickly and frequently than the others.
The female ranger may not even appear after her two parter, there's no telling if she'll become a recurring character or not. Two episodes is more than enough to advertise a spinoff game.
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