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Review AG150: Breeding House Practitioner and the Pokémon Egg!


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Jun 10, 2005
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Ash and friends stop off at a farm where a day-care person takes care of Pokémon eggs. One of the workers - who looks a lot like Pippi Longstocking - has a dream of becoming a Pokemon Coordinator, and becomes cold towards May when she learns that May is one. Meanwhile, Team Rocket attempt to steal the eggs.

But the big question is...Does that brown egg contain Bonsly?
On Serebii were ranting about how a white single tailed Vulpix should come out of that egg (considering that's how the PokeDex has described a new bron Vulpix). However, I'm not holding out much hope them to think of that.
Hmm, Musashi has a visor not entirely unlike Kid's [from movie 8]...

All right, I'm going to try my luck and figure out what these all are

First row...Igglybuff, Magby, Makuhita maybe (this one puzzles me the most), Pichu, Teddiursa, Sentret, Skitty (assuming it looks like the other ones that have a bottom that color. Second row...Pichu, Skitty, Chinchou, Smoochum (one scene shows a closeup with this egg, and those rings are clearly lip-prints in it), Ledyba, Skitty, Makuhita (another one of those mysterious eggs), Ledyba, Skitty, Teddiursa. Third row...Ledyba, Smoochum, Chinchou, Magby, Sandshrew (<3), Teddiursa, Igglybuff, Magby, and...okay, I lied, THIS one puzzles me the most. Cleffa, maybe?

No sign of a Bonsly egg, but I'm getting the impression their egg collection is HUGE.

(Wouldn't it be nice if they were this easy to identify in-game? I'm the 'breeder' for my tiny circle of friends, breeding lots of Pokémon that they wouldn't be able to get otherwise, and I have a hell of a time keeping all my eggs straight.)

So, who wants a crotch shot?


(What, you were expecting something dirtier?)
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Your "Pichu" eggs are actually Drowzee eggs because that's the same pattern on Drowzee's body. Othwer than that, you're on track.
What do you call his "pants"? They're very dark colored and the color on that pic doesn't look to be the highest quality.
Drowzee and Pichu have similar colors but it matches Drowzee's pattern. Pichu's has black lines near the top that don't quite make it around the egg.
Have we seen a Pichu egg before, then?

If not, I think it definitely matches Pichu more closely than Drowzee, both for colors and pattern. Drowzee has a smoother zigzag, like a sine wave, while Pichu has a jagged, uneven zigzag. The eggs appear more jagged than smooth, and the one on the top in particular shows uneven spikes...

But, meh, it really could be either until we get a better look at them...
They show one in the Versus Guide to Pokemon Gold and Silver. (The offical art of a Pichu egg.) It does not look like that.

And the line is exactly like that dividing the yellow and brown on Drowzee. However, it's more of a very dark brown or black in the anime. Anyway, so that is a Drowzee pattern.

EDIT: The black on Pichu is also around its neck, not on the underside like Drowzee's.
A picture would be nice. The only egg remotely like that I can think of would be the Elekid egg they had in the little instruction book that came with GS. Besides, who's to say the official design's going to influence them very much?


The line really matches the Pichu line much more. Like I just said, the points appear too sharp and uneven to be the smooth sine curve found on Drowzee's body. On top of that, the colors are a lot closer to Pichu. Not just the black/dark brown/whatever. The yellow is much closer to Pichu's shade, not Drowzee's rich gold. And position really matters very little - look at those other designs and tell me they're all exactly as you'd find them on the Pokémon's body. Who's to say that they didn't think it'd look better on the bottom than the top?

So, yeah, while I'm not ruling out the possibility of it being Drowzee, I'd place bets on Pichu, thanks.
IIRC, there was a piece of Sugimori artwork released when the GS games first came out. The artwork was of 2 pokémon eggs, one belonging to Elekid (with the striped pattern and a lightning bolt in the centre) and the other belonging to Pichu. Incidentally, the Pichu egg was shown to be much smaller than Elekid's. That Pichu egg is identical to the one shown in the preview.

You'll probably be able to find the picture online somewhere, but if not, I have an old G/S guide lying around that I could scan in.
Pie, that brown egg with stripes looks more like a Zigzagoon egg, rather than a Sentret egg. Otherwise, I'd say you've got pretty much all of them spot on.

So, no sign of a Bonsly egg, thank GOD. I would of really hated it if anybody got a Bonsly, there are enough baby pokemon already. >_>
I'd love to see a scan of the Elekid egg and Pichu egg together! I can't find it searching on google...

I thought it might be a Zigzagoon, too...but then I thought, wouldn't it have zigzags if it were a Zigzagoon egg? That's it's trademark, after all. And wouldn't it be light brown and normal brown, rather than normal brown and dark brown On the other hand, those smooth stripes look exactly like the tail of a Sentret.

I really hope Bonsly shows up soon, personally, since the intro has already given us reason to hope it will. Maybe they'll give someone a Bonsly egg in this episode, despite the fact that it's not the focus of the episode? I hope so..
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Bonsly has to appear at some point. It is in the opening with Marshtomp and Forretress.

So what do you think the likelihood is of any Pokémon hatching besides that Vulpix? It's possible that we will get a Meowth fantasy, but I don't see it happening at any other time. Unless they all hatch at once on us.
I think that there's not going to be any noteworthy hatching. Just eggs belonging to the breeding center hatching and the baby Pokémon...still belonging to the breeding center. Really, the most we can hope for in this episode is Brock getting Bonsly's egg as a sidenote or something.

You know, something like, while May and Girl du jour are doing whatever they are doing that doesn't involve them getting along...

Brock: Hey, I'm a breeder.
Someone at breeding center: Really? Sweet. You don't seem to have bred a lot of Pokémon, though.
Brock: Yeah, about that...
Someone at breeding center: Hey, I know! Do you want a Bonsly egg, which we just so happen to have an extra of?
Brock: Sure!
*Brock gets egg*

And then the plot wraps up with May and Girl du jour making up and becoming teh bestist friendz 4eva. TEH END! :)
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