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Review AG159: Who Single-Handedly Has the Victory!? Pokémon Orienteering!


May the Aura be with you.
Jun 10, 2005
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It's an orienteering competition. Who will win?

Ash and Pikachu?
May and Eevee?
Max and Munchlax?
Brock and Bonsly?
James and Manene?
Jessie and Meowth?

This looks brilliant!
Max'll probably only win if there's a buffet at the end for the winner. Lol. Then again, I guess that gives TR a good chance too.

Odd that they'd split up. Even odder that Meowth would go with Jessie - he's always been closer to James. Dying to see this week's preview.
It wouldn't suprise me of Meowth's there against his will.

Odds on Eevee being even superer than Squirtle, high.
Odds on the prize being an evolution stone, low.
Oddly enough, Nyarth is dressed as a Nyula.
Meowth is with Jessie because Manene is in the competiton. It's as simple as that.

Ending prediction: The judges decide to screw the first twenty minutes of the episode and give the prize to Ash for getting rid of Team Rocket.
Um, do we even know what the prize is?

I'm guessing the kid with the Shuppet will win, just so all the main characters get screwed.

I do agree that the Pokemon choices are great. May and her adorable Eevee (thank god it's not her Squirtle again, he has too much screentime), Brock and Bonsly, and James and Manene look amusing.

This is the first "real" filler in awhile (unless something important happens that we don't know about) and it looks pretty damn good.
Maybe Ash wins a Thunder Stone, then later in the series they encounter a Vaporeon who fights Eevee and wins, until Eevee goes into Ash's bag, takes out the Thunder Stone, evolves, and beats Vaporeon?
But...Ash and Brock have plenty of experience with the stones. I'm sure if Ash or Brock ever came across one, they'd immediately make the connection with May's Eevee.

Of course Eevee may NOT want to evolve, so in the end it'd be up to May/Eevee whether to use it in the first place.
Well, as previously stated, i too think that none of the characters mentioned above will win the championship. Maybe they will come second or third, but i have a funny feeling that one random character will appear from thin air (probably even without been presented at the start of the competition, though he/she has joined) and claim the prize.
The clips with James and his Manene look so utterly adorable X3 It'll probably be the scenes I'll be most looking forward to in the episode, although to me the whole episode looks quite intresting ^^
Kasumi-san said:
The only thing that seems interesting in this episode is James competing with his Manene.

That, and the fact that Dustox appears for the first time in..... forever.

Come to think of it, Cacnea hasn't had that much screen time since Manene came on the scene either.

I don't get the weird-assed costumes TR are in though, lol. They obviously must be trying to keep their identity secret from the Twerps - so there must be a good prize at the end.

Reminds me eerily of the random Johto contests.
It appears to be some wilderness navigation challenge in this episode.
Myss Hydra not logged said:
Pardon my ignorance, but what exactly is "orienteering"?

Trekking, basically. Finding your way through some unfamilliar place - often woods or mountains - using only a Map/Compass etc.

In this case, it'd probably be Pokemon.

I'm surprised no one has mentioned this yet.

The winners of the contest were...

Kojiro and Manene!
Seriously? Team Rocket were actually allowed to win? Amazing!

So was there a prize?
By the way, Meowth and Jessie perform the motto by themselves (Meowth wears a James wig and does his part). The funny thing is that Max, May, and Brock retrieve the Pokemon they had captured and the food they stole while they are saying the motto.

Bonsly sends Brock flying throuhg the air...
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