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AG178 & 179 titles revealed!


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Apr 23, 2003
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Source: PokéAni

Marvel! Mountain of the Giant Slaking!!

Airdate: June 8th, 2006.

More Slaking, it seems.

EDIT by Archaic: See my post lower down for the AG179 title.
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The Pyramid is over and done with in just one episode?

As much as the one-ep challenges have been working great for all the other Brains (Except Noland and Anabel of course, who got 2 anyways), having just one ep for the final challenge is a bit lame. :/

Maybe that just indicates that Ash will be competing in either a league or against some champion down the line afterall.

Not really that enthused about an ep all about Slaking either really. It was interesting to see Ash battling it in a match purely because of the insane way the Pokemon is set up but outside of that the thing's just plain annoying.

Raising the curtain! Pokémon Contest - Grand Festival!!

Airdate: June 15th.

Consider this title as currently unconfirmed. PokéAni have a little note up next to it, which seems to indicate that either the name or broadcast date of the episode are currently unconfirmed.
I believe their were also summaries for upcoming episodes, could anyone translate it, I'll try to find the link.
Isn't that the exact same title as the last Grand Festival?
According to Dogasu's site, it's very similar to the first part of the last Grand Festival("開幕!グランドフェスティバル (1)!!" "The Curtain Raises! The Grand Festival (1)!!"), but the other two parts are different.

Anyway...one ep. Pyramid challenge? Bah. There had better be something else that Ash is going on to after this, because a one-ep end to his current mini-quest would be...anticlimactic. And they decided to have an episode about a giant Slaking instead? Hmm, maybe we'll get lucky and it'll be something like the Giant Claydol ep. :p
It's going to be one-on-one against Regirock so it might not be that bad. Still, with the continuing pace towards the Grand Festival with no D/P in sight, Ash is bound to be doing something afterwards.
Archaic said:
Or, he might lose at the Battle Pyramid, and have to take time to travel to whatever new location it moves to, also taking a detour while Haruka does the Grand Festival.

o_O moves to?

How does a Pyramid move...?
Doctor Oak said:
How does a Pyramid move...?
With the utmost caution.

This Pyramid episode better be a loss. Facing a Legend or not, fighting a high-stakes battle in a single ep. is lame and unfair to the viewers. Had they not learned their lesson from the Hoenn League?

Hopefully, this turns out to be a challenge that is far too great for Ash. Extending the events worth over a period of time like the Dewford battle could prove potentially exciting and beneficial. In fact, that's what I want it to be, no question asked. Let May have her Grand Festival while May Ash trains his heart out. Let Ash capture that Slaking as a means of fighting toe-to-toe with multiple legendaries. Let Brock... do something worthwhile to aid his friends!
I wonder if the fact they are rushing maybe means that they know D/P is coming, like a actual date.

Yeah, but maybe Ash will lose the Regirock fight and come back. And a Slaking would be cool for him.

Also, I think were gonna have a King Kong reference, maybe TR kidnap it and take it to the city, it kidnaps May, and runs around crazy. Scott does resemble Jack Black kinda....
Archaic said:
We don't know. All we know is that the Pyramid is somehow mobile. I'm thinking flying ship ala those spaceships from Stargate. ^^;;

When was this mentioned? It's the first i've heard of it, lol.
I think Scott may of said it was at a random location in his first appearance, I don't think he meant it moved, just that Ash wouldn't know where it is till he was told.
On one of the Bulbacasts, Archaic said that Scott told Ash after his win over Anabel that the Battle Pyramid is near Pewter City "at the moment". We can take from that that it isn't there all the time so it must be able to move in some way.
Habunake said:
I wonder if the fact they are rushing maybe means that they know D/P is coming, like a actual date.
They've been rushing since the Battle Arena. This is nothing new.
I hope Ash doesn't lose against Regirock. Get the Brains over and done with, and have Ash compete in some sort of tournament afterwards.

Nice to see anyway that there's only one filler between the Pyramid and Grand Festival.
Archaic said:
I'm thinking flying ship ala those spaceships from Stargate. ^^;;
Here's hoping Brandon has a Hat'ak! ;-)

Seriously, I'm thinking wheels, lots and lots of big wheels...

<bad Stargate joke>
...powered by magnets!
</bad Stargate joke>
A moving pyramid... Or at least a facility that doesn't stick around in one spot for too long. I wonder how that will be addressed in the show.

I question their reason for using Regirock at all if they had planned to hold the Battle Pyramid for only a single episode. What about the other Regis? They aren't a trio for nothing. If they plan to separate the entire Pyramid facility into three different episodes, with Ash & Co. having to get to the Pyramid for each Regi fight, I'd be okay with that. It certainly would be a means of pushing the time gap for D/P.
Regarding the Slaking episode, I haven't translated it (can't find my Kanji dictionary), but I see a mention of Haruka's ribbon case in there. I suspect this is the usual kind of filler we've seen before most leagues, with TR stealing the badges, only it's ribbons this time.
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