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  • Since you had that Oshawott avatar (something I noticed about you) for so long, I had to ask: what do you think of Oshawott? And what did you think about it back when it was first revealed (I think you changed it shortly after it was revealed)? I am asking this because I am planning to do a retrospective on Generation 5's reveals.
    Just saw a post of yours in a thread from back in 2006 and realized I hadn't seen you around much lately. Turns out it's your birthday. Happy birthday!
    I found you and Gravy again after god knows how long. It's time to reunite the old SPPf Anime Spoilers forum gang and take over Bulbagarden!
    You just know how long someone needs to be MIA in the forums to be truly missed, only to show up again later on, only to vanish within the next few weeks. :p

    anyway, always nice to read your posts. ;)
    What's all this about being modded at the old-timey-happy-fun-forum? Good show, old V! The place is slower than day old gravy dribbling out of the boat for moi, so I'm afraid I'm stuck here. Give my regards to Suikun, Jup and the rest of the gang!
    You were modded on SPPf? I haven't been there in ages; congrats!

    The anime forum here is much nicer than on SPPf. Cybercubed-free. I can't wait until we get well into the BW anime.
    lol of course not. I just think the way you think is intriguing, I enjoy reading your posts xD
    Hey I liked your points and reasoning about the Takuto/Solidad debate, and I have to say I totally agree with you.

    I really don't see a similarity between the two, sure they are easily defeating their opponent after the rival battle, but its nothing out of the ordinary for Pokemon (to repeat same kind of events eg. Gary, Paul)
    You didn't see the racoon? Check the new pokemon thread. Isn't that thing a racoon I posted? Or am I wrong?

    Well I usually add a bit to it.
    For example, if they have an interesting avatar/username.
    Lowers the chance of me getting ripped on.

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