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Annice Moriarty and Kether Donohue are two different people


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Nov 23, 2023
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Hey guys! It's Eric Winans here, and I've been waiting a long time to talk about this.​

Now, there's this voice actress who worked on Pokemon called Annice Moriarty, and she's often been confused for another voice actress named Kether Donohue because of how similar their voices sound.

Now, I have something to tell you. Annice Moriarty and Kether Donohue are two different people. Why? I'll tell you. They have different birthdays and they were born in different years. And, when I watched Magical DoReMi and Ah My Goddess, Annice sounded different in both of them. In Magical DoReMi, she sounded raspy, but still was high-pitched. However, in Ah! My Goddess, she lost the rasp completely, but still had the high-pitched voice. I just realized something, Annice Moriarty and Kether Donohue were both in anime, and I could easily recognize their valley girl voice. People seem to confuse her for Kether, and I can see why: In the English Tamagotchi media, Annice Moriarty and Kether Donohue both played Makiko. Annice was Makiko in Let's Go Tamagotchi and Kether was Makiko in Tamagotchi: The Movie. This also happened in Dinosaur King where both Annice and Kether voiced Zoe Drake. In episodes 1-10 and episode 12 of Dinosaur King, Annice was credited as voicing Zoe, but in episode 11 and the remainder of the series, Kether was credited as voicing Zoe. When I watched Mew Mew Power, I could easily recognize Kether, but she sounded a lot more higher-pitched. The differences between Annice and Kether's voices is the pitch of the voice. Kether Donohue's voice sounds a lot more higher-pitched, while Annice Moriarty, while still voicing characters with high-pitched valley girl voices, sound slightly lower-pitched. I also watched Ellen's Acres, in the episode "Dance Fever", where Annice Moriarty voiced a woman named Mrs. Lydia Galentine. She sounded a LOT more lower-pitched when she voiced her. This was the same when I watched episode 26 of Ah! My Goddess, when Skuld was a grownup, and when she talked about how nobody payed any attention to her and she talked about people talking down to her and calling her a kid, Annice's voice sounded WAY more lower-pitched than most of the characters I heard Annice voice. This was opposed to when I watched Hareport, another cartoon, that had Kether Donohue as the voice of Cookie the Pink Squirrel, while she still sounded low-pitched, it was slightly higher-pitched.

See, everybody? Two different people. They have similar voices, but they're also different in pitch. That's all I have to say. This is Eric Winans, signing off.
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