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Applin A Plenty (Mari's Idea Blog)

Feb 12, 2022
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If there is one thing life has proven to me, its that I have a ton of ideas. This blog will be for all the ideas I have, from mundane to wild and will show my progress on the ones I decide to do. Feel free to reply to this to help me build on these ideas, or just to have fun!

TODAY'S IDEA (2/15/22)

So I have recently fallen down the rabbit hole that is pokemon youtube, and now I want to make a channel myself. The only problem is my dislike of fame. Its weird I think, but I just kind of don't want to get famous? I'm okay with people knowing who I am, but the idea of just becoming famous isn't something I'm too fond of. All I really want to do is make videos on pokemon. Maybe some cooking videos while I talk about dex entries, just something chill while still being hyper like I usually am.

Here's a little imagine to explain what I mean a bit better: I'm cooking, hopefully just showing my hands or something because oh boy showing my face on the internet is still kind of scary to me. I'm making a malasada while talking about alolan raichu and its lore from the pokedex while making theories about it. Or maybe I'm making curry and talking about galar, all the while its being slightly chaotic and funny.

Maybe I'll do this, maybe I wont, its completely up to the two tiny porygon in my head acting as my braincells to decide.
recipes galore
I really think that's a great idea! It's like where some people think about doing gaming+talking videos.

I'd totally watch, I love cooking/baking and Pokémon!

Where do you get your Pokémon recipes?? I'd love to try 'em~

If its a recipe from the real world like curry, I'll usually just look up specific recipes online or in my family's cookbook.

Now lets say it doesn't have a recipe, like say I wanted to make an alcremie. I'll look up the lore and descriptions of that pokemon, make some educated guesswork as to what type of food it would be. I'll usually look up a recipe, in this case a fruit and cream recipe, and make changes as needed. Now, occasionally this will result in over or undercooked, bad tasting, or even stale food. That's the fun of cooking and baking in my opinion, failure until triumph; which is usually very delicious
TODAY'S IDEAS (2/16/22)
So!!! I have thought more about the pokemon youtuber idea! I realize that I'm probably going to have to do some planning before I go absolutely wild, so here are the ideas for videos...
  • Sharing my opinions on X and Y while making a luminos galette
  • Taking about the history of pokemon food while making pokeblocks
  • Making a theory on Porygon while making dubious disk cookies
Those are just three, but I'm open to way more suggestions.

I've also been thinking about possibly joining an RP on here if I can. Either I join one or I make one, here is my idea: You can either RP as someone who works in or visits a battle cafe. I can see many ideas being created with this, I just need to flesh it out a bit more. Maybe if I like it enough and I get people's permission, I'll make it into a fanfiction. No one would be the boss probably, they might just be an NPC. I hope people like this idea!
Okay okay okay so like you take your idea for the vtuber thingy and SOMEHOW!! make a model out of it! Idk how it works but maybe you could like commission someone??? or do it yourself?? idk!

But!! You can do Pokémon stuff with the model, and cooking/baking/etc stuff without it! Kinda like what Kson Onair does if you know her at all~

I've thought about doing VTuber stuff sometime, and it seems like a fun thing to do when I get my voice to sound like how I want it to, and when I'm out of the house!!

just a thought lol~
That would be really cool! The only problem is they often cost thousands of dollars to commission, and if I were to make a 2D one myself it would involve a ton of layering and prior skill which I do not have.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea though!! I was thinking about doing something like sprites for YouTube videos! And maybe I could use PNGs for live streams (if I can work up the courage to go live)

Thank you so much for the idea though, I’ll definitely keep in in the back of my mind for later!
This blog has been inactive for a while as well, so here’s an update!

- YouTube is officially in the works! I’m working on ideas and channel art currently, after I get a solid idea it’s off I go!

- I’m getting back into art, I’m very rusty so it’s going to be a work in progress

- vtuber????
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