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Khei's Explorer Journal



You can shout me down, but I don't wanna hear it!
Aug 7, 2023
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【 Welcome to the Underground! 】
~ Beware of the creepy crawlies ~


✎ Explorer's Journal - 02/03/2024

Hello! I've been thinking about making a more personal blog for a while now, considering how many I've seen in this forum already. I'll probably use this blog to post some weekly updates, non-art and non-gijinka creative projects, ranting about things I'm passionate about... We'll see!

I conceived this blog a way to communicate more clearly, since I get really anxious when talking in public spaces (you've probably noticed by now... ^^u I'm very shy). I thought: « Maybe a blog could help with that?», posting about what I'd like to talk about without butting in someone else's conversation X) And hey! Some of you may get to know me better this way!

I'll start with a brief introduction: I'm Khei, a bug-type lover and dying tech student from real-life Paldea! Currently I'm really into Cookie Run (of the Ovenbreak variety), Ace Attorney and Inazuma Eleven. I'm working on applying for college, learning HTML and getting an English degree. (maybe French too... if I'm lucky)
I'm the type of person who has envelopes full of stickers they will never use and drawers full of sketchbooks they will never start X) I'd like to be more adventurous this year and maybe expressing those things I want to do (but I'm afraid of starting) will help me a bit. At least I think so ^^u

See you in the next entry!


(PS: I hope I didn't overdo it with the text decorations, I love decorating text with cheesy stuff like this hehe)
25 / 03 /2024 New
✎ What to say: unorganised thoughts of a lost explorer - 25/03/2024

Oops, I forgot about this blog. To be fair, I've been rather busy with my studies and writing on a blog was scarier than I thought it would be haha. I really don't know how to start writing entries, even less what to put inside the entries themselves. So... random bullshit go!
  • First of all, it's Holy week! Or Spring break, whatever it's called. Which means that I'm (quote) free (unquote) for a week until April 1st! I really needed a break, haha. That being said, the next few months are going to be intense :') I'm using this free time to draw some silly stuff and advance with schoolwork without much pressure.
  • Next point: the silly stuff I'm drawing. So, anyone remembers that very botched attempt I made once of a blog where I would talk about a Pokémon x Cookie Run AU I had? The blog I deleted a few days after its creation because I get demotivated easily haha... WELL! It's probably not coming back any time soon because I like to keep my cringe crossover thoughts to myself ovo; Today I drew some designs for the two asshole rivals, yay! Character design is, once again, my passion.
Captura de pantalla 2024-03-25 230545.png

As you can tell from the quick lineart, unfinished colouring and even quicker and more unfinished anatomy, these are just some draws I did for the sake of it. Here's a summary of what I've thought for these two: Limetta is Pokémon!Lime, her name is literally the italian word for 'lime'. Her clothes are heavily inspired by Sharpedo, with a beach/punk aesthetic. Both her and Pokémon!Lemon (who is still unnamed after all, might as well leave his name as it is) are from Alola :) She trains Water-types (due to her beach volleyball player status) and Dark-types (because of her... unapproachable personality). Lemon (this saga has seen weirder names, I'm leaving him as Lemon) trains Electric-types and Psychic-types and idk I think of him as a Pokémon Musical/Contests fan, the kind of guy who never finished BW because of that one very optional minigame at Nimbasa City. He's also got telekinesis cus the original one got powers too and since in the Pokémon universe people can just... have powers I thought aaaah screw it, let him do the floaty pokéball thing. They both know jack about battling but they try because of... someone special for them. They also really don't get along but the enemy of my enemy is my... friend? I guess.
You can probably guess it by now but I really like character design! I'm not the best at it and I still got a lot to learn but it's cool ^^
  • I joined the fanfic contest that is being held here and I gotta say, it's kinda scary haha. I've never written fics and even less romance, but I want to step out of my comfort zone for a little bit. We'll see how it goes :D
  • I'm planning on revamping my gijinka blog a little bit... mainly doing a table of contents, maybe making a post where I keep a list of all the characters and another with the worldbuilding. I'm still in the brainstorming stage of it, though. I love my Pokémon gijinkas and I want to share them like they deserve to! So expect something like that in the future, haha.
Well, that's all I got. Hope you all have a great day/night!

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