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Contest Arcanine vs Ninetales

I adore BOTH, but Ninetales slightly more.
And besides, Ninetales can have the move Hypnosis. Love it.
Okay let's think about this. Arcanine has a higher stat total, a pretty crappy move pool, and compared to Ninetales its design is ugly as fuck. Now let's look at nine tales. Deep move pool (confuse ray!) has slightly lower stats (and it's still powerful; it has the same stat total as machoke) and is faster. It is also one of the best designed pokemon (they overdid it on kyurem) and has an ADORABLE pre-evolution. I love them both, but throw in 38 already being my favorite number, and it's nine tales by a landslide.
As I'm sure everyone will be able to see ever so clearly, I obviously have a massive preference for arcanine!!! Isn't it just so predicatable that I would choose this? I mean, it's not like I have a huge obsession with foxes and don't even like dogs that much at all. No, that's most definitely not the case. Why would anyone make such a huge mistake in thinking that?


Sarcasm aside, I think ninetales blows arcanine out of the water completely. It just has such a pretty design - so elegant, so beautiful... Arcanine's quite majestic, true, but it really doesn't live up to the beauty of ninetales. Plus ninetales gets much more interesting moves, like energy ball, dark pulse and extrasensory, and also a handy ability in drought. I do think ninetales should be fire/ghost though, to represent its supernatural side a little better. Hmmm...
Ninetales. Most definitely. I always adore foxes but arcanine is cool too. He is a legendary (in the 'dex entry) pokemon, but I like ninetales alot.
I think Ninetails simply looks AMAZING! So majestic! And also, Vulpix is my fave pokemon! (Don't you think Vulpix should have a pre-volution called Vulkit?)
Ninetales, I always had a love for the Vulpix family since I first got into the Pokemon franchise.
Arcanine. I looooove dogs with a passion and I would totally have a Growlithe as a pet. Plus it's stronger than Ninetales and it can make good use of cool moves like Extremespeed, Close Combat and Wild Charge, fun times!

Plus Arcanine manages to look majestic while also looking very cute =3
Ninetales easily takes my vote, no contest at all -
Just love it's design!
Awesome moves!
It's super over cuteness in Amie!!!
Shiny coloring is so cute and awesome looking... at least for me:
Just love Foxes a lot more than the other canines.

Foxes being already cute is more than enough reason to win my vote and my heart.
both are fantastically meh for me

If I have to choose, I suppose I prefer Arcanine. I'm a fan of its defensive sets and it looks a bit cooler I guess.
Arcanine, it has a better movepool and can hit from either side of its attacking spectrum. Ninetales is good, too, but its movpool is somewhat shallow.
Do you really see art this good though with Arcanine. MHM.
Ninetales. It has a sleek colour palette and I just prefer its Special Attack oriented movepool to Arcanine's.
I really like both, but Arcanine beats out Ninetales a little bit for me. I also just really like Arcanine's fluffiness and coolness, compared to Ninetales' sleek look and elegance (which is still great too).
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