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Contest Arcanine vs Ninetales

I'm going with Ninetales. For the longest time Arcanine was one of my top favorite Pokemon, but over time its design has come to appeal to me less. I don't really know why that is, but at this point I prefer Ninetales by a longshot.
I'm not picking between both. >.>

I feel like they both appeal to me in vastly different ways. I love Arcanine and wouldn't hesitate to use it in a team slot over Ninetales (simply because Ninetales' movepool unfortunately isn't that versatile), but at the same time, I really think Ninetales has Arcanine beat in the design area.

.... I guess if I had to, it'd be Arcanine based on using it in battles more.

Arcanine, if we are comparing it to just Kantonian Ninetails. Ninetails is nice and all, but nothing beats Arcanine’s combo of cool tiger-dog and fluffy puppy.
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ninetales because of the utility it bring and the fact that it is so easy to evolve from vulpix. just get a fire stone . oh yeah, and the design is better
I grew up i loved ninetales and still do ninetales Will always have a special place in my heart but as I've got older playing arcanine is my favorite and go to and I loved the husian arcanine in pokemon arceus love how it looks cool awesome and different but still looks very arcanine at the same time and arcanine packs one heck of a punch to so as much as I still love ninetales I say arcanine rules
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