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Art Gallery General Chat Thread

Oct 19, 2014
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Since many sections have a general chat thread, I thought it would only be fair for us artists to have one too.

So here it is! :D

You can use this thread to discuss anything you like (as long as it abides by the forum rules of course) and to get to know the other Gallery artists.

So... what's everyone been up to today? I've been trying to draw Lissa from Fire Emblem, but her hair and outfit are killing me D:
I'm sure given time we'll at least be in the top percentage of chat threads :D

Out of interest, I was thinking about how your pokemon would recieve a painting in the Lilycove Gallery in ORAS and RSE when you won the master rank contests the other day. I was wondering though if you could choose any 5 pokemon which ones do you all think would make the best paintings to represent each of the contest traits (Beauty, Cleverness, Toughness, Cuteness and Coolness)?

I'm thinking of trying to draw 5 pokemon for each of these themes at some point, the only one I'm fairly certain of choosing at the moment is Milotic for the Beauty catergory :)
Ooh that's a really interesting challenge! Yeah Milotic for Beauty is probably a given, though I've always thought Froslass is really beautiful too. Milotic's described as "the world's most beautiful Pokémon" so it's probably the best choice.

Either Metagross (more intelligent than a supercomputer) or Alakazam (has an IQ of about 5,000).

Probably a Rock- or Steel-type. Maybe Steelix, which has a body that's "harder than any metal", or Rampardos with a skull that can "withstands impacts of any magnitude" and "shatter even the most durable things upon impact". There's also Golem that has a body that "can survive dynamite blasts without a single scratch".

There are waaay too many Pokémon that fit this one haha. I think Eevee might be a good contestant, it's considered cute by a majority of people afaik.

Again waaay too many Pokémon that fit this. Greninja or Lucario would fit this very well imo, again both of these are considered 'cool' by a large group of people, considering their huge popularity.
Thanks for the replies :)


Yeah, going on pokedex entries Milotic is supposed to be the most beautiful, though Froslass is pretty beautiful too, I think I did actually use Froslass to win my Beauty Master Rank Ribbon in Alpha Sapphire :)
Some other pokemon I think would work for the beauty catergory are Lopunny, Aurorus and Primarina.

Metagross and Alakazam fit the role spot one, others I can think of would be Slowking, Xatu and Gardevoir.

Steelix, Ramrados and Golem sounds good, the others I can think of are Zangoose and Medicham.

Eevee's definately super cute and I'm a big Eeevee fan, there's too many cute pokemon to count really, other ones that spring to mind are Clefairy, Vulpix and Emolga.

Lucario and Greninja are top choices, Squirtle, Jolteon, Grovyle could also be possibilities.
Got this watering can at a flea market today:


Best thing I've ever bought.
It only took me more than a 100 hours, but I've finally beat BotW :D

Definitely one of the best games I've ever played. Want to try and draw all the champions once, but that's probably going to be one of those projects that's never happening ^^; Maybe only Mipha then, I do think I like her design the most.
You should! I really love the games, especially the lore and designs. Though I have to fully admit I'm pretty bad at them haha. BotW is the first I could play without needing a guide all too much, I couldn't get through Ocarina of Time on my own at all ^^; It's just kinda hard for me to solve puzzles while having to defeat enemies all the time, BotW divided this a bit more. However that doesn't stop me from playing more of them, even while using a guide I enjoy them very much.

Next up is probably Skyward Sword :D
Do you have any recommendations for which game would be a good start for a first time player to get into the series?

I think the best would be to start with Ocarina of Time, which has a remake on the 3DS. Though the games aren't really sequels of each other (except Majora's Mask, which is a direct sequel of Ocarina of Time), it was the first of the 3D Zelda games and sort of the base of the others, so it's just a good game to start with really. But you can practically start with any of them, like I said, they don't really follow each other up, so you won't really miss out on anything by starting with another one :)

How was everyone's weekend, mine ended up being really busy?

I went to a Fantasy Fair on Saturday, which was great! I love dressing up and there was lots of music and food and stuff to buy, and lots of other people dressed up to have fun with :D Sadly I got ill during the day, which I'm still dealing with now :( But I bought a bag with owls on it, so all is well :p
Saturday's the start of my working week. Only work until 12:30pm on Saturday though. So then someone came round for the day. Which was nice. Worked on Sunday. Didn't do much after work. Weirdly addicted to jigsaw puzzles ATM, so was working on one of those for... way longer than I should have. Cleaned the toilet at 12:40am, as you do... (I was tired of thinking about having to do that). Such a truly packed weekend. I'm aiming to use some time this week to work on creative projects that have been neglected for quite some time.
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