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Shippers' Paradise General Chat Thread

Jun 8, 2019
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  1. He/Him
Other sections have one a' these, so why shouldn't we? :swirlix: Welcome, everyone, to the Shippers' Paradise general chat thread!

You can come to this thread to discuss with others whatever shipping-related musings cross your mind. Is there a pairing or AU you're currently obsessing over, a relevant project you're working on, or just a simple question you want to ask other shippers? Talk about it here! Just remember to, as always, be respectful to your fellow members and follow the rules. <3

I guess I'll start it off with something simple... what's been on your mind lately? Anything new with you, or not so much?
Lately I've kinda wanted to make some AMVs of my favorite pairings again for old times' sake, but I haven't found the time or inspiration to do that yet lol.
I'm surprised this sort of thread wasn't made yet for this forum (or has it ? I don't remember)

Compared to how active I was many years ago, I guess I've grown up enough to not just ship two characters because it's the neat thing to do (that, and avoiding child/adult ships like the plague in a romantic context), and instead I've focused on how a ship between two characters would realistically happen. For example, there's Riley x Cynthia (RukarioShipping I think it's called ?) where I'd handle it like they've known each other since they were teenagers through doing Aura training under a master, but Cynthia's passion for the Sinnoh mythology got her to quit the tutelage while Riley kept on going for it. As a result, the latter realizes he misses her greatly, and the few times they see each other again, Riley would eventually try to speak out his feelings to her. Also I like to think their respective Lucarios are siblings, but that's another headcanon.

Regarding other ships, there are some that I would deem canon, if only so the lore remains consistent enough. I know that the shipping subject sometimes just don't care about continuity or the lore itself, but these concepts can coexist together if we try hard enough to make it look real. In the one case where I want to be a bit crazy regarding the consequences, there's Colza x Arezu from the Legends Arceus games, if only so that in the future, possibly half of the Sinnoh Gym Leaders would be related to one another, and that thought amuses me greatly. For the curious, here are the Gym Leaders that would be affected by this train of thought :

Roark, Byron, Gardenia and possibly Maylene
ooh a shipping general thread! :yay:
I guess I'll start it off with something simple... what's been on your mind lately? Anything new with you, or not so much?
i was actually coming into this section because pokemon masters accidentally brought like. completely unexpected otp for two characters i didn't have any ships that i was particularly passionate about yet: hugh x penny...their interactions in the new event are just so cute and their personalities clash well with each other...

also im in the same boat for wanting to make amvs for old times sake, i've been kinda trying to figure out how to get back into the editing(/MEP specifically) community just because i miss taking part in MEP's, especially shipping ones. it's nice to see so much love for so many different ships in one single video.
Ooh, this thread is a good idea! I can't remember if we used to have one of these back when I was staff...I know there was a general chat thread in the anime section. I've been here a long time okay

I still have a laughably large list of Pokemon ships and among those I still have several favorites of course but sadly it's been a long time since I've been straight up feral over a Pokemon ship lol...all the ships I've been mentally unwell over in my adult life tend to be in other fandoms now. I kind of miss my obsessive Pokemon shipping teenage years. I spent so much time on FanFiction.net (good lord I'm really showing my age here) obsessively reading Pokeshipping and/or Contestshipping fics regardless of their quality, saving so much fanart to my ancient laptop (RIP), participating in debate threads with all the fervor of a typical angry 17-year-old...god I miss those years. Maybe not necessarily better, but certainly more fun :p
the only ship that matters

(note: i suck at names so im just going to put the actual characters. unless i know the ship name) lets see here some of my biggest ones ever are:
  • lyra x silver x ethan (no NOT ethan x silver or lyra x silver or lyra x ethan. its gotta be all THREE of them)
  • daimikunagi/sabotageshipping
  • gothgfshipping (marnie x gloria)
  • julipen, julinemo, penemo, and carminemo, i like all four
  • eri x carmen
  • moonflowershipping (selene x lillie)
  • shiroshipping (bianca x hilda)
  • whatever brassius x hassel is called
  • plainhiveshipping
  • namelessshipping (is that what red x blue is called? i LOVE red x blue. theyre on their honeymoon in alola)
  • flint x volkner
  • and whatever mallow x lana is called
  • aquaheartshipping was like my FORMATIVE pokemon yuri ship (nessa x sonia btw)
  • appealshipping (dawn x zoey)
  • rika x geeta
  • but also rika x grusha (theyre both trans lesbians and theyre a butch and femme duo and i wont back down on this)
  • fennel x juniper
  • raihan x leon
  • dendra x miriam x tulip
  • lisia x women (details currently unconfirmed)

in terms of my patented weirdgirl crackships i also like bea x korrina (is this a crackship though tbh), zinnia x silver, may x serena, roxie x klara, katy x burgh, wicke x fennel, allister x kieran, lance x diantha, jacq x molayne, melony x lorelei, and perrin x viola
i have a little drabble thing i update periodically in ww (im working on a few rn? its been a hot second but im going to be doing a Drabble Dump tm within the next few days) and iirc ive written the johtrio a bit as well as gothgfshipping (currently unpublished but its in the aforementioned collection), sabotageshipping, moonflowershipping, and rika x grusha
but im planning on doing some namelessshipping stuff in the coming days (i love them, did i tell u i love them)
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holy cannoli all of those ships go so hard

May as well throw in a few of mine

  • courtney/shelly
  • marnie/gloria
  • piers/raihan (starting to grow on me somehow idk why lmao)
  • rika/grusha/iono
  • sabatogeshipping (of course)
  • bea/korrina
  • juliana/nemona
  • mallow/lana
  • elesa/skyla
  • whitney/jasmine
  • plainhiveshipping
  • nessa/sonia

needless to say i think we have similar ship interests beryl
ahh if we're talking abt shipping lists i'll drop this here, i did a shipping chart for the sv students that i saw on twitter earlier mostly just because i'm an absolute fiend about shipping so i dont think i can or should list everything i like ever because theres WAYYY too much
here's the link to the original chart! the op made one for the adults too
i love player x kieran bc it rly has like...anything most people would want out of a ship in my opinion? it has the cute interactions but on the latter end of the teal mask it has the angst and like...some sort of inherent tragedy to it if you want to read it as protag+kieran having romantic feelings for one another and how that kinda slowly crumbles bc of the player having to lie to him. i genuinely don't think i've been super interested in angst involving any protag x rival ships EVER until this one
as the protag x silver shipper ever of all time ever of all time ever ever ever i ^ this
mostly because i prefer the "comfort" side between hurt/comfort in terms of silver stuff and i like lyra and ethan being like "ok were going to make this guy HAPPY and he is going to ENJOY LIFE" and then silver eventually comes to have a bit more positive of an attitude and actually... value himself outside of strength-related stuff. so fluffier things i mean
tbh i just love kieran in general, he has great potential both for softer things AND angst
Yes I see this ship as like (using my player character as the “player”) Kieran had a crush on her in the beginning (like, the hints. Are there. He liked the player at least in the start) then when everything starts happening, the player sees him more as a friend (I’m also very extroverted sometimes so the personalities) then realizes what’s happening and wants to make it up to Kieran, but carmines kinda scary and you’re too deep in these problems and he probably wouldn’t listen to you anyways, so youve just got to let everything self destruct

also, I’m not sure if we should spoiler this but I’m actually scared for what’s gonna happen in the indigo disk
Silver in my pokeverse is kinda like “this guy has so many problems and we will help him” especially from Ethan (“you’re my best friend now and there’s nothing you can do about it”) than kris being a more “hey silver if u wanna like talk about something Im here” and Lyra being “hey silver wanna cause problems together“ cause Lyras just like that. But I’ll talk more about my johto later (I also like questshipping more with ethan hopelessly dropping hints and trying to be romantic and kris being more “this guys weird but also kinda cute” and Lyra and silver trying to help them but failing
my silver logic is kind of like this
  • i am silver irl
  • im depressed and bisexual
  • by this logic silver too is depressed and bisexual, and who has more "i can fix him!!!11!!!!1" vibes than lyra and ethan??
thus, lyra x silver x ethan
tbh i dont think i have any other protag x protag x rival ships but i just love these three
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