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Ash's Hypothetical Paldea Team

Ghost Diplocaulus

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Sep 22, 2020
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Based on this thread. If Ash hadn't been retired as the anime's protagonist, what Pokemon do you think he would've caught if he traveled to Paldea?

Here's what I would personally like Ash's Paldea Team to be:
  • Pikachu- Normally there wouldn't be anything to add here because Ash's Pikachu is always a constant, but the Terastalization gimmick warrants an interesting question: would Pikachu just be Tera Electric or would his Tera Type be something else? If the latter, which Tera Type would he get? Normal or Steel would be the safest alternative Tera Types for Pikachu due to Quick Attack and Iron Tail, but Flying and Water are also options due to the gift Flying Pikachu that was offered early in the SV games' releases and the fact that the Tera Raid Pikachu with the Mightiest Mark had the Water Tera Type. I think it's possible that Pikachu would just be Tera Electric initially, but there'd be a mini arc changing his Tera Type to something else later on, much like how Gengar got his Gigantamax form.
  • Skeledirge- It's most definitely bias, since this is my personal favorite Starter line of Gen 9, but I think Skeledirge fits Ash the best out of the Paldea Starters. It may seem odd due to it not being a speedster like Ash normally uses, but it is at least more mobile than Torterra was, so I think Ash would to a lot better with it, especially with its amazing signature Torch Song.
  • Flamigo- This guy would be subbing in for the mandatory Flying-type/Regional Bird due to Paldea's actual Regional Bird not being an option thanks to the unspoken rule that Ash isn't allowed to catch any Electric-types that aren't Pikachu. Flamigo is a simple design, but it's deceptively quite powerful, and it having a dopey appearance means I can see it being one of those goofy Pokemon that is nonetheless competent ala Totodile or Rowlet.
  • Palafin- With how heroic Ash is, this literal superhero dolphin would suit him really well, and the Zero to Hero Ability would be fun to see in battles. The one snag I do see with this is mon is that the Finizen stage and the Zero Form Palafin are water-restricted, but with the Hero Form mitigating this somewhat I can see this being worked around a bit more easily than the previous times a main character had fully aquatic Pokemon
  • Cyclizar- This would be Ash's main mode of transportation kind of like Lapras back in the Orange Islands. Here, though, Cyclizar would be far more versatile and have more chances to get spotlight due to actually being a land creature. Shed Tail would also be really fun to see
  • Ogerpon- Out of the Legendary Pokemon that Gen 9 introduced, I feel like Ogerpon would be the best fit for Ash because I can so easily see her storyline being done with Ash to fantastic effect thanks to the latter's compassionate nature. Besides, she'd be a badass female Pokemon and Arceus knows Ash doesn't have anywhere near enough of those: maybe Ogerpon could be his first female Regional Ace?
Alternative options/Honorable mentions:
  • Annihilape- If Ash ever reunited with his Primeape, I think it would be a great opportunity for it to rejoin his team permanently and evolve into a new Gen 9 Pokemon to boot. I'm not sure how big the chances of this happening would be due to the writers' tendency to rarely ever bringing back any old mons, but Pidgeot returning permanently at the end of Ash's tenure does at least open the doors.
  • Quaquaval- If Palafin proves too tricky to work with, Quaquaval would be a perfect alternative... and actually the only real alternative if the writers wanted Ash to have a Water-type at all, since every other Water-type introduced in Gen 9 are either water-bound (Veluza, Dondozo, Wiglett line), part of a duo that really shouldn't be broken up (Tatsugiri, Dondozo again), part of a species that Ash technically already has (Aqua Breed Paldean Tauros), or kind of unlikely due to their story and classification status (Iron Bundle, Walking Wake). So, yeah, if Ash doesn't get Palafin as his Paldean Water-type he'd pretty much have to get Quaquaval for that role. Or just not have a Water-type like in Alola.
  • Meowscarada- Of the Paldea Starters, I think this one fits Ash the least and would be better suited for a traveling female companion, but I can still see Ash himself having it if only just because of it being the most popular Paldea Starter. It'd be the alternative Grass-type for Ash in place of Ogerpon if catching Legendaries is out of the question.
  • Armarouge- The alternative Fire-type in case Skeledirge is deemed not a good fit; for instance, I could see the Main Cast Fuecoco staying in that stage due to it being the most popular of its line and thus end up being sort of the "Piplup" of the saga, where one of Ash's companions gets it and it remains a comic relief out-of-ball mon. Hence Ash having an Armarouge as his Fire-type instead. I think the bright colors and chivalrous nature of Armarouge fit Ash's personality, plus it being part-Psychic would properly check off that type on Ash's capture list.
  • Dachsbun- Fairy is the other type that Ash never properly caught, and I just think Dachsbun fits him quite well.
  • Tinkaton- The other Fairy-type alternative. Normally this would be a dubious option because of the writers' weird reluctance to give Ash anything remotely pink and overtly feminine, but Tinkaton's massive popularity could end up overriding those nonsensical concerns.
  • Dudunsparce- Only because of the weird running joke of Ash wanting to catch a Dunsparce only to fail somehow; it'd be quite interesting if that had been eventually resolved in the same Generation that finally gave this pudgy snake an evolved form.
Anyways, what are everyone's thoughts on this? Do you agree with my choices or would you give Ash something else? What team would you give Ash if he had stayed and travelled to Paldea?
  • Pikachu: Electric tera-type, though changed to Stellar during some special arc.
  • Skeledirge: Definitely the starter that fits Ash the most. As a Fuecoco it would be identical to Roy's and then it would be a powerhouse with coverage via biting moves. Fire tera-type.
  • Lokix: As a Nymble it would be a real weakling but then it would be a proud and agile physical glass cannon, and it would take advantage of Kamen Raider's popularity in Japan. Fighting Tera-type.
  • Toedscruel: A Dracovish-like choice, it would be silly as a Toedscool but then it would cripple its opponents with status moves, coverage of Grass and Ground types and maybe a Water Tera-type to reference Tentacruel.
  • Ogerpon: She's designed to be your friend and it would be interesting to see Ash with one to make it more popular. Her masks would be adquired late during the series or destroyed off screen to make it less troublesome, so it would always wear the Grass one.
  • Cetitan: Late arrival and quite bulky, would take advantage of Ice Spinner to make up for its poor speed. Ice tera-type.
For extra options, Tinkaton (agree with what you said, Steel Tera-type) or Kingambit (could be Lokix's older brother, Dragon Tera-type to show his royalty).
I would want Ash to be more of a side character/mentor for the main protagonist in the Horizon series and have a team of his old pokemon instead of just having him catch a bunch of Paldea Pokemon fo fill his team. I could see him have a mix of old pokemon and new and other them Pikachu (who I could see getting the flying Tera type) I think his team could look like this

Pigeot: This is mainly because I like his Pigeot but also because he just got him back and he should get some more screen time. Ash also normally has a flying type on his team's plus he wouldn't catch Kilowattral because of the unspoken rule were he can't catch another Electric Type. I could see Pigeot coming back as a really strong Pokemon for Ash .

Lucario: One of Ashes strongest Pokemon who I would like to see more. Lucario carried Ash through alot of battles in Journey's and has a really great arc in that season. It was about time Ash got a Lucario and I would want to see him journey with Ash longer.

Charizard: Another one of his strongest Pokemon who could be a great team member in Paldea. Charizard is also one of Ash's most recognizable Pokemon. The only problem to this is that one of the Rising Volt Tacklers has a Charizard as his Ace, of course they have had multiple Charizards appear in the show before so what do I know. Fuecoco would also get two Charizards to look up too.

Sceptile: Arguably Sceptile is Ash's Strongest Pokemon (even more then Charizard) who could get more spotlight in the Anime. Sceptile is fast and powerful and I could see Ash bringing this guy along with him to Paldea. Sceptile could also contrast with Liko's Sprigatito.

Anhileape: I could see Ash getting is Primape back and evolving it into this Ghost/Fighting type powerhouse. Primape didn't get much screentime in the original anime and it would be nice to see how it's relationship with Ash would grow in the series especially after it evolves.

Alternative Pokemon

Armarouge: If having Charizard on his team didn't work I could see him getting a Charcadet and evolving it into a Armarouge. We could aslo see a cool dynamic with Roy's Fuecoco, were Ash helps use Armarouge to help train Roy and his Fuecoco into becoming strong battlers. Also I do think think Ash haven't caught a Psychic type yet.

Touros: I could see Ash catching each of the breeds of Touros to fill out his collection and I could see him pulling out one of them to add to his team like how he would with his regular Touros. Since I put Charizard/Armarouge and Sceptile I could see him using the Aqua Breed (not just cause it's my fav) since it would add the water type to his team

Flamigo: If you wanted a Paldean Regional Bird Flamigo would make alot more sense the Kilowattral. The only problem is that it would be another Fighting type to add to his team.

Koraidon: Its another Fighting type poemon but Koraidon seems more like an Ash Pokemon then Maraidon and it would add something more to the story. When I had this idea I originally had the awesome image of Ash and the protagonist riding on the back of Koraidon together. He could even get added to his team once it gets access to its Battle mode again.

Ash could alternatively also switch out his team with Pikachu as a set team member and I'd the makers of the Anime really wanted to they could just give Ash an ultimate team of his strongest Pokemon like Pickachu, Snorlax, Charizard, Sceptile, Ash Greninja and Dragonite.
I'd personally would want Ash to get Pokemon of types he doesn't have a whole lot of and starter wise, i want him to complete at least a set, since we have gotten a Fire/Grass duo twice now. I'd also let him do 2 out of 3 paths with the Titan and the Gym Trial, while the exclusive female character would serve as Penny's rival doing to Star Bases, so he is gonna rotate his team as well (So he would get at least 9 Pokemon).

So Quaxly would be his first Paldean Starter and his main starter in general in Paldea. It would fully evolve to Quaquaval.. and while it would give a Water and a Fighting type, types he already has plenty off, he doesn't have it in that combination yet. Tera type Water
Fuecoco would be his secondary starter in Paldea and would serve as a comedic relief mon. It would remain unevolved, due to the Fire type starters in his arsenal being the only ones not to be in base stage Tera type Fire
Smolliv would be his grass starter this generation. He is overdue for another Normal type that isn't part flying as well, so Arboliva is a perfect fit for that. Tera type Normal
Dachsbun. He would bond with an injured Dachsbun, which later decides it wants to join the team. Tera type Fairy
Orthworm (Titan) allows itself to be caught by him. Tera type Flying
Cetoddle would evolve into Cetitan. Initially a bad fighter and afraid of anything, it overcomes it fears after being protected by Ash's Glalie from a Fire type attack. Proves to be a reliable and strong battler later on. Tera type Ice

Greavard is caught when Ash is being dragged in a Tera raid by Nemona. Nemona initially wanted to catch it, but when her Pokemon got knocked out and and Fuecoco defeated it, Nemona wanted Ash to get the first chance of getting it. It has the Dragon tera type.
Espathra - One of Tulips Espathra bonds with Ash. Tulip wants it to go with him because of it... Tera type Dark
Dunsparce > Dudunsparce - Ash always wanted to have one, since when he heard it has an evolution, he wanted one even more. Finally finds one... tera type Ground
He also gets multiple Paldean Tauros, since they all form a heard. He has 3 Combat Breeds (One of which has the Rock tera type) 1 Aqua Breed and 1 Blaze Breed. He doesn't use them much for battling though.
Lokix would be caught during the Kitakami storyline (Yes, i know the line cannot be found in Kitakami in the games, but there actually is a work around for that since Nymble is small), when they discovered a Stowaway Nymble in Ash's bag.

Where Kalos, Alola and Journeys all destroyed a pattern (Kalos destroyed the Grass, Alola the Water and Journeys the Fire type pattern), i wanted this to continue in Paldea by not giving him a permanent flying typing and i am not a fan of him doubling up on types either way if we can avoid it (Like, for Kalos i didn't have much of an issue with 3 Flying types on the team, since Talonflame was the aerial phyiscal sweeper, Hawlucha was the ground based sweeper and Noivern was the aerial special sweeper). Flamigo and Quaquaval would essentially do the same thing. Kilowattrel is part Electric and as such wouldn't be caught by Ash anyways and Sqwukabilly is a Normal/Flying type, which i didn't want for him anyways because he has plenty of those.
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