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Audre's Adumbral Alcove

Feb 22, 2023
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Hello! I frankly don't know what I'll be predominently focusing on with this blog; it'll most likely be just a corner where I will ramble on about various things—Pokémon, my fanfic writings, my beloved OCs, headcanons, and the like, though there may be posts on other topics as well, including Eurovision, books, philosophy, poetry, esoterica and the occult, etc. One thing is for sure: this will definitely be much more stream-of-conscious in nature.
Some of my Favorite Ships

  • Absol/Umbreon
  • Azelf/Darkrai
  • Cresselia/Darkrai
  • Elesa/Skyla
  • Flygon/Froslass
  • Giovanni/Ariana
  • Glacia/Olympia
  • Karen/Will
  • Kris/Silver
  • Leaf/Lucas
  • Lillie/Selene
  • Lucian/Shauntal (OTP)
  • Pokémon Hunter J/Pyramid King Brandon
I've come to the realization that as much as I love writing fics featuring my OCs, I love just brainstorming their traits and quirks and lives even more so.

For instance, one of my OCs, the successor to Champion Diantha, feels incredibly developed in my eyes. Like, this man is the poster child for all panic-riddled people-pleasers everywhere. His partner Absol is such a good pokémon for him, soothing his anxieties and steering him away from overstimulating or overwhelming situations. She's known him long enough that she can predict, for a lack of a better term, Dash's mental disasters. It's such an interesting concept, I believe.
There's a longfic idea that's been in my mind for almost year that's very angsty but also incredibly heartwarming. The main cast consists of not Absol, Umbreon, and ZoroarkI'm really challenging myself here, as I'm not typically an angst writer, I don't really know how to write for Pokémon themselves, and this story will most likely be much longer than even I have planned. I wish I could collaborate with someone to help me realize this story. Sighs
Condensing dialogue into haiku is a skill— an art form. Not only must you pay attention to the syllable counts, but it also must make sense as a sentence, because, not only must it follow the haiku's syllabic meter, but it must also flow, as it is, first and foremost, natural dialogue. That is all.
My collection of Olympia-centric vignettes has 10 chapters now! I originally set the final chapter number to 30 on AO3, but changed it to 10 after publishing this latest chapter, but now I'm wondering if I should set it back to 30 in the event I'd like to upload more vignettes. (On a side note, I'm particularly proud of this vignette, because Olympia actually talks to someone! Whoa! Haha!)
Pokémon Blaze Black 2 Redux Update 1:

I caught a shiny Pidove at base odds on the route right next to Floccesy Ranch. It's gained one singular level since I've caught it. My Mareep, who I've christened Sweet Baby Child, is very unhappy with me at this news. Let's see how long it takes for me to walk back to the Pokémon Center (context: I'm blind, so I play through sound alone; I've memorized 99% of move sounds and cries for Gens IV and V).

Addition to Update 1: Mareep has evolved!! I had begun to train up Oshawoot to evolve him too, but he fainted midway through the (very short) training session so I decided to go back to Floccesy to heal. I'm in town now, but I've decided to stop playing for now, as I'm unsure how long it'll take me to walk to the Center. (Oh, and Seedot gained a singular level during Oshawott's training session as vengeance—very proud!)
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I began writing my one-shot for the Flowering Love event, and I'm both pleased with and frustrated by my current draft of it. I am usually not one who outlines; I prefer to just write one draft, then edit it heavily until I'm satisfied with it—and even then, once I've posted the work to AO3, I stealth edit the hell out of it after the fact. I believe this piece will be no exception, even though I'm not yet finished writing it. My personal goal for this fic is 3k words, as I'd like to challenge myself with this in terms of word count. Thank God I've got a whole month still to work on this.
I've read so much poetry over the last week or so. It's all been incredibly eye-opening, from Edward Hirsch to David Park Barnitz to a single Alfred K. Lamotte poem that literally stole my breath for an instant. (I've put in a book request because I need the book it's from.)
One of the AO3 tags on my Flowering Love event one-shot is literally My Prose Wears a Cape and Calls Itself Superfluous—though what else would you expect from someone who's used "logophile" and "timbre" and "panoply" within their fics? (Huge thanks to the Writers Workshop mods, by the way, my Monday morning has been made!)
BBCode can go fuck off. I SWEAR I have the code for rendering links correct, but alas. Still, the link to the AO3 work is there (and I'm quite proud of myself for fixing a couple stray errors that somehow were found in the Bulbagarden post that appeared to have been fixed on AO3). Sigh. In any case, might wanna get out your dictionaries, fellas, my fic doesn't hold back on the flowery prose!
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My personal goal for this fic is 3k words, as I'd like to challenge myself with this in terms of word count.

So... the final word count ended up being 5494 words! I'd say I achieved this goal and surpassed it, too! As someone whose works generally fall in the range of 100-word drabbles to 1-2k shorts, I am quite pleased with myself at having written something higher in terms of word count.
Every so often, I think about the series of fics I'd written detailing Brandon and Hunter J's relationship, leading to the 100 drabble project I finished in July of last year, centering on their daughter and her Pokémon journey. What a time. If I can think of something, I may revisit that series and add another fic to it, as I really love writing for a reformed J (named Juno in my fics), Brandon, and their daughter Cassandra.
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