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Been using Bulbapedia since forever. Decided start posting on the forums! ^^


Probably making new self-imposed rulesets..
Oct 12, 2023
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  1. He/Him
Hi everyone! You can call me Vaati. The thing I enjoy the most about Pokémon right now is creating self-imposed rulesets to spice my playthroughs.

My last playthrough was me testing my Percentagelocke rules, a variant on the Nuzlocke, which basically makes every Pokémon have a unique limit on how much its HP can be lowered, if it goes below a certain point, it had to be placed on the PC forever.

I did the playthrough on Sapphire, which was my first game ever, and it was none other than Chimecho who defeated Steven!


For anyone interested on the full rules:

The Percentagelocke Challenge is basically a Nuzlocke (regular or hardcore, your choice) with these added rules:

-Each time you obtain a Pokémon, pick a number from 1 to 50 at random. The only exception is your starter, which will always have a number of 25.

-Nickname that Pokémon however you want but you have to put that number at the end of its nickname.

-At the end of every turn, check the HP percentage of your Pokémon, and if it ever goes lower than the number on its nickname, you have to place it forever on your PC once the battle ends (it can still finish the current battle).


•In Gen 3 and 4, click "Start" on Double Battles to show the HP in numbers.

•Only calc when you truly need to, the calc that you should do to know the HP percentage is:
[Current HP] ÷ [Max HP] x 100

•I strongly recommend playing easy games since depending on your luck this challenge can become extremely difficult.

For a reminder, the regular Nuzlocke rules are:

-Only catch the first Pokémon of every area

-If a Pokémon faints you have to place it forever on the PC

And the Hardcore Nuzlocke rules are:

-Only catch the first Pokémon of every area

-If a Pokémon faints you have to place it forever on the PC

-You can't use items, held aitems are allowed

-You can't overlevel the next Gym Leader / Champion ace Pokémon

-Play on Set Mode

-You can't use Legendaries / Mythicals

-A white out equals a failed challenge

Anyways, I will start posting mainly on the BulbaBlogs sub-forum, where I will post all the rulesets and attempts that I make on them. I will also post on other sub-forums, so see you around the forum!^^
Welcome. I have never considered using Chimecho in a playthrough considering how late it is obtained and how rare it is, but it looks like fun, I may consider running it sometime...
True, I used it because I had on the PC and thought "why not?". I burned Skarmory with Banette which allowed Plusle to set up a couple double team and agility to then baton pass it to Chimecho.
Welcome!! Challenge runs seem fun LOL, I've never actually done one before but from what I've seen on YouTube and stuff I think I'd like to try them out sometime! It's neat that you make your own omfg... guess I'll need to check out some of your threads in Blogs!
Thanks! I made the post on the Blogs but the replies (which are where I post the actual rules) are still under mod approval, feel free to check them later! ^^
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