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Rules The NEW Writers' Workshop Rules + Info Thread!

Sep 10, 2019
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Welcome, one and all, to our Writers' Workshop!! We're delighted to have you here, and hopefully see you around! We welcome basically any kind of written fiction content, Pokémon or not! This thread is here to help get you started with posting whatever you have in mind, and also has some guidelines for you to follow in doing so!

If you're wanting to check out our RP section's rules, you can do that here!


1) You must add content warnings when applicable!
Please keep in mind that all threads need to be be labelled with a warning prefix on their title — EVERYONE, TEEN, or MATURE — and threads that have possibly inappropriate content (which includes, but isn't limited to violence, sexual content, and strong language) should contain content warnings describing the content. More info here!

2) Please keep your threads organized!
In order to make the Workshop a place where readers can enjoy others' works, we'd prefer it for you to keep your works in an organized manner! Here are some guidelines for doing so:
  • Please make the first post of your thread part of your work! This could be something like a table of contents/index, a teaser, or just your actual written content itself.
  • If you're going to post something that isn't your full, written content first, please don't forget about it! Try to post it within a week or so, or simply just within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Don't create separate threads for new chapters of a story! Let's keep those in a single thread. In the case of unrelated one-shots, those can generally be kept separate, but please exercise your discretion properly — if your works are part of a collection, they should be likely kept in the same thread!
  • If your work is made fully in a foreign language, we ask that an English translation be provided for the convenience of our readers! Works with moderate usage of foreign languages don't need a translation — obviously, forum rules still apply no matter what language you're posting works in!
3) Some written works may fit better elsewhere!
We tend to accept lots of different fictional fanworks here, whether they're Pokémon or not! That being said, things like Let's Plays, gameplay documentation, and fan theories would fit best in our Blogs section — essentially, when in doubt feel free to ask one of our Workshop staff members for guidance! Basically, we recommend asking yourself if you'd feel good about posting your work to a dedicated fanfiction (or fiction writing) site, and going from there.

4) Plagiarism is not allowed!
As a community, Bulbagarden firmly stands behind all of our artists and creators — this means not tolerating plagiarism, including the usage of AI media in our creative spaces. The usage of AI tools for writing prompts as well as grammar checking is permissible, but any works that have been written wholly or partly using AI will not be allowed. Please consider making an effort to use your creative mind and respect the creations of the hardworking writers of the world!

Additionally, please don't post content written by others or use others' OCs (original characters), unless if you have explicit permission from the original creator. In all cases, crediting others is required!
  • Brief references to other fanworks or characters are fine, but we strongly suggest to ask the creator(s) for permission when possible — they have a right to choose how their scenarios and characters are used by others.
  • Please make sure to credit your co-author(s) if your fic is collaborative!

Workshop Directory!
✧Our Workshop Archive features lots of completed fics by our authors, well-known or not!

✧Check out our updated Ratings Guide for help with putting ratings and content warnings on your fics!
✦If you need more help with doing that, our Ratings Check Board is also free for you to use, too!​

✧If you're interested in being a part of our community a bit more, check out our Review League thread, where you'll possibly be able to earn prizes for reviewing fics!! Our Review Game is probably in need of a revamp, but if you're looking to get a quick review, all you'll need to do is review the previous poster's requested fic and then post yours! We even have a Review Prompt Thread if you're unsure of what kind of fic to take a look at!

✧On the topic of prompts, we also have a Weekly Prompt Thread for writing, too! It's been going on for a loooooong while (seven years to be exact!) so there are so many prompts for you to take a look at!!! I highly recommend it, o/

✧Our General Chat Thread is a well-frequented pocket of the forums, and for good reason! Lots of writing-adjacent discussion takes place here, so feel free to say hi anytime!


As for our Written Word section, that's where you'll be able to get writing help and such! Basically, feel free to talk about writing as a whole there — we have lots of knowledgeable users here, so even if you're a beginner (or even if not!), feel free to say hi and ask questions!

Reviews are always welcome, even if you're not a writer yourself — look out for a guide on reviewing soon!

In the end, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!! Our current moderation team is: myself (@lisianthus), @Welkamo, @Hydrogenium, @guzmania, and @LightningTopaz — we're all happy to help out! Feel free to ask questions in this thread, too!
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