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Best and Worst Pokemon English Dub Endings (Anime/Movies) to You?


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Jul 25, 2022
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Best dub Movie ending:

"The original’s ED….is actually not as good as the dub’s in my opinion. The dub’s was similarly moderately high in tempo, but with an air of somberness in its lyrics. The original’s is a bit overly happy with no real somberness to the lyrics."

I actually agree with her and disagree with Dogasu, this is the only time an English dub ending has impressed me enough to go over the Japanese ending (4Kids kept all 54 of 54 pieces of the OST in Movie 8's dub including the Mezase Pokemon Master instrumental made specificially for the Lucario film in their final outing here with Pokemon's dub, but as per normal protocol for the dub through all its 23 Movies save Movie 6, the ending is a different insert song- and I actually think this is the ONE time the English dub managed to surpass the ending present prior- Puffy Ami Yumi's Hajimari no Uta/Song or Origin is far too cheerful/happy and not somber enough for the deaths of Lucario & Aaron/Arlon to have true meaning, the dub's has much more depth shockingly).

Best dub Anime ending:

(Not my favorite dub OP, but my favorite credits/ending done, fits very well to me)

Worst dub Movie ending:

(Sung by the same guy who did the DP Rap I also hated personally as trivia, I just really hate Chris "Breeze" B's take in lyrics and his singing style is really obnoxious to me and nasally as well)

Worst dub Anime ending:

(Just...no comment, annoying)
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Until We Meet Again for the reasons mentioned in OP.

Make a Wish from Jirachi Wish Maker, I'm still amazed they were able to keep some original audio in it.


Go Pokemon Go - Sounds like it was made in less than a week. Everything about this is just BAD. Lyrics, instrumental, singing, you name it.

Celebi-RATE - Just kinda cringey.

Living in the Shadow - Same reasons as OP.
I think Pokemon Go is a bit overhated, the chorus is a bit nostalgic for me and it had a great interpretation in Latin America.

My movie favorites would be The Power of One, If only tears could bring you back, Make a Wish (though it has an unfair advantage of being a direct dub), We will meet again and I Choose you (my personal favorite). The ones I didn't like could be This Side of Paradise as it was a bit cheesy (but not to the extremes of its Japanese counterpart) and Living in the Shadow was weird...

As for the instrumentals, We Will be Heroes has that ending vibe and Under the Alolan Sun is good in all versions. With You and The Challenge of life weren't bad either. I don't think we have a truly bad one.
The instrumental for Adventures in Unova rocks, it's arguably better than the opening theme for that season imo.
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