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Lost dub of Pokémon movies


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Nov 21, 2022
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  1. He/Him
Sometime in the late 2000s, "Miramax International" released 04 Pokémon movies on DVD (Movie 04 to Movie 07) featuring dual audio Arabic and English.
However this Arabic dub is quite rare and difficult to obtain, in fact many fans don't even know that these movies were dubbed to Arabic.

There is literally no information about this dub anywhere on the internet, nor any info on how to obtain these movies.

I first came across this dub around 2013 when I stumbled on YouTube on a short clip form the 5th movie (Latios and Latias) dubbed to Egyptian dialect Arabic (this clip has since been deleted). I was quite surprised to hear this dub since it sounded more sophisticated to be a fan dub, so I assumed at the time that maybe just some local Egyptian TV station decided to dub a Pokémon movie for some reason and didn't think much of it.
It wasn't until last year that I randomly found the entire 7th movie "Destiny Deoxys" dubbed to Arabic (this time to standard Arabic) on a torrent website, but there were no info about the dubbing studio or the cast of voice actors available on the credits, the only voice that I was able to identify was The narrator/The professor who seems to be voiced by Lebanese actor Pierre Dagher, unfortunately Mr. Dagher doesn't seem to have any sort of online presence so I was unable to obtain any further info about this dub.

The only info I could find was this picture from an outdated website that sells movie DVDs and had the 04th movie listed among other animated movies dubbed to Arabic, mostly Disney movies which makes sense since Miramax was owned by Disney around the time these movies would have been released, and would also explains the Egyptian dialect dub since Disney typically dubs its movies into Egyptian dialect instead of standard Arabic. (I would also theorize that Disney purposefully gave these Pokémon movies a limited release since it has always viewed the Pokémon franchise a competitor and dubbed these movies merely out of contractual obligation).

Naturally I searched for the other movies on different torrent websites but found nothing, I even attempted to contact the user who uploaded the movie to see if they own the other 3 movies but the user has been inactif for while. And also I emailed Miramax several times to obtain information about this dub or how to obtain these movies but didn't receive any answer.

The problem is that since ShoPro is extremely aggressive when it comes to sharing copyrighted materials, any piece of media related to Pokémon gets instantly deleted once it's uploaded anywhere and this factored in many Pokémon medias becoming rare or even completely lost.

I uploaded the 07th movie to archive.org so it would be preserved. Until I obtain the other 3 lost movies. Hopefully.


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