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Sep 20, 2023
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  1. She/Her
¡Hola amig@s!

I'm Noelle (or Noe for short) and I've been lurking this place for a while. I joined here in part because I'm nostalgic about forums and because I find big-ish Discord servers a bit overwhelming to follow sometimes. Actually some of you might already know me from the Bulbagarden Discord server (or maybe not!).

Anyway, I've been a Pokémon fan since I can remember, though I've had some on-and-off periods of time. It's one of the franchises that really got me into videogames as a kid, and the one that made me start learning pixel-art (oh right, I do pixel-art :slowpoke:). I don't have one single favorite Pokémon, but Tangela, Lickitung, Volcarona, Lord Helix Omastar, Krookodile and Flutter Mane are a few of my favorites.

I could say a lot more about me, but I'm not good at introductions :confused:. Overall, I'm just a nerd who likes Pokémon :3

Nice to meet you all!
Welcome welcome! I definetly understand your feelings towards large Discord servers, I don't like them very much too lol. But it's nice that you've found our forums!! What's your favorite part of Pokémon?
Thank you!

I think the thing I like most about Pokémon (other than the Pokémon themselves) is the world. I love how the Pokémon world is vaguely based on our own, yet so different and weird at the same time... I find it pretty alluring personally.

hello hello! you have great taste in mon (and i love team plasma too!)!
i hope you enjoy your time here! ^w^
Hi and thanks!

They're my favorite evil team by far (alongside Team Skull).

Hey there and welcome to the forums! Pixel-art is pretty fun. (Even though I’m not much of an expert on it lol)

Hope you enjoy it here and hope to see ya around!
Hello! And yeah, honestly I kinda enjoy making pixel-art more than traditional drawing. I don't know if that says anything about me haha (probably not).

Thank you!
I've always wanted to do more pixel art, used to draw a lot on MS Paint back in the day but now it's all about Procreate on the iPad lol. I seriously admire anyone who can make pixels.. they are gorgeous and I'll always love that style. <3

It's nice to meet you Noelle!
Hey there, it's great to meet you! A fellow Team Plasma fan is always a plus, and it's cool that you make pixel art. Tried that when I was younger and it didn't quite work out, so I'm working my way up with simple recolors and the like. Hope to see you around sometime!
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