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Review BW103: The Isshu League Higaki Conference Gets Underway! Satoshi VS Shooty!!

Began to watch the league's episodes with very low expectations.

There haven't been many good battles in these series, and the slow animation they seem to stick to (they must be thinking adding more 3D is better...) even in gym battles makes me believe that trend will continue in the league battles as well. God, I miss the battles of Diamond & Pearl.

And what's this crap of being only allowed to use ONE Pokémon in the eliminatory matches? Best Wishes has had a bitter taste for me so the sooner it ends the better, but I still like when the battles aren't rushed like hell. At least the League battles need to be intense.

Shooti stopped being interesting as soon as he showed to be a bratty version of Shinji. My hype for a final match between him and Satoshi died after that Junior World Cup from before.

Sorry for being so whiny with my posts lately, but it's shocking how quickly the current series went downhill up to this episode.
I'll see if I change my mind by the end of BW 108.
Personally I don't mind Trip losing in round 1 solely because it sounds like an interesting concept to eliminate 1 of the biggest threats early and shows irony in his character that despite how much stronger he is then the competition he could easily lose because of his narrow minded strategies. My only real problem was with how him and Ash didn't get a full battle I mean if they had a full battle then that would have brought up Ash's statistics in this league but in the fact they had a 1 on 1 actually brought down Ash's potential league statistics and regardless gave him less wins then in the past regions.
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