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Casting Call


Ongo Gablogian, the art collector
Mar 1, 2015
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Heyo F&G :D

Firstly I wanna thank @Fitzy3386 for the name of the game as I struggled for a bit with it, so thankyou!

The aim of the game is super simple. A poster will ask for a description or criteria for a character, and then the next poster will give a character then give their description for someone to answer, and so on and so on! The character can be from any form of media, whether it be a video game, tv show, anime, movie, etc etc. The characters can be opinionated aswell, it depends on how you define the description.

Poster 1:
Give me a silent protagonist?

Poster 2:
Link from Legend of Zelda

Give me a martial artist?

Poster 3
Ryu from Street Fighter.

As you can see it's extremely simple.

I'll say, give me a character whose alignment changes from good to bad?
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Gotta be Frank Abagnale Jr from Catch Me If You Can

A character who is misunderstood?
Satori Komeiji of the Touhou Project; loathed by others in-story for simply being a mind-reading youkai to the point that she became a shut-in.

A sauropterygian creature (You can just say regular plesiosaur characters or Loch Ness-based characters)
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