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Nov 30, 2023
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Hey everyone! I'm Proxyfreak, head of Corsola Cove. This might be a little sudden for you all so I'll use this opportunity to introduce the project and who we are.

Corsola Cove is a Creator Hub for Original Pokemon Content, aimed at promoting, supporting and sponsoring Pokemon Creators, from artists, to game devs, to modders, to Players, to meme makers, to YouTubers and everyone in between. Its a project borne from my time as an admin for r/Stunfisk realizing how many creative people were coming and going on a subreddit that was largely just known for overplayed Competitive Pokemon discussion. I wanted to interact and interface with these talented people as a Creator myself and use the platform we had to help them get seen and create even more fun original content. We have a big following already on Twitter and Discord, and we're officially debuting a Youtube Channel as well!

So after branching off from Stunfisk we're here with Bulbagarden now to set up base on your awesome forums. We're not just Competitive-focused, Corsola is open for ALL Creators! Make connections, promote yourself, check out the cool projects people are making, and have fun!

This thread specifically is just the general thread for the project, where my team and I can talk about Corsola Cove and chill with both you guys at Bulbagarden and our own community once they're here. Again, we wanna thank Bulbagarden for graciously giving us this space and look forward to working together on many exciting projects in the future!

Yo! I’m Realiztik, I started competing in VGC this year and somehow had Ze Banded invite me onto the team to help write for the VGC content we create. It’s been great helping and cooperating with this team.

I’ve seen some clips from the video production team and they are great! Stay tuned!
Sup I'm N, joined the team as a translator and now I'm working to also bring singles oriented content to go along with the amazing work the vgc guys are doing!
Hey guys! I'm Eve, known as Evelyie, and I'm a translator (portuguese) and also the Discord Leader! Join us here!: Corsola Cove!
hello i am ausma, i am an ou council member with all around competitive pokemon knowledge/ability. i also have a decade's worth of art experience and i've recently been picked up for art/logo stuff for the cove!!
Hey, I'm a bit late, but I'm Erica, a brazilian portuguese translator working for Corsola Cove!!
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