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Welcome to the Beach!!

Sep 10, 2019
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Ahoy ahoy!

Corsola Beach is our new section, where we're hosting a space for our new partners at Corsola Cove, a competitive-focused Pokémon fan community!

Basically, this area is a space for fanworks and such (memes, art, videos/etc) pertaining to the Pokémon competitive scene to be posted! Our new partners should have some more info about the space as they shuffle onto the forums! o7

As for more information about the partnership as a whole, I'll leave that to an official announcement post (which will be linked here once posted), but we're excited to have more friends to welcome onto the forums(^_-)-☆

Thanks for your understanding, and here's to a fun time with our new Corsola friends~~!
Hey Hey and Ahoy! I'm Proxy, otherwise known as Saturn, Head of the Project and I'm super excited to be here on the Bulba Forums!

What's Corsola Cove?
We're a Creator Hub with a love for Making and Promoting Original Content originally based in Competitive Pokemon spheres but now looking to branch out and bridge the gap between the Casual and Competitive Creators!

So what do we do here?
We serve primarily as a creator hub and competitive discussion space, focused on using our platform/budget to highlight and promote the Creators in our community and help them make connections. Go ahead and post your stuff in Coveposting (Competitive memes), Shiny Coveposting (General Pokemon memes), Theoryboat (Fakemon ideas), Crystal Cavern (Fanmods and Fangames) or Sand Stream (Youtube/TikTok/Streaming videos). The team and I are regularly browsing the forum, and we'll be highlighting and showcasing the best submissions on our Twitter (@CorsolaCove) and our Youtube (Corsola Cove).

Where do I go now?
If you wanna talk about Competitive Pokemon going-ons, head on over to The Shore, or read up on our news column THE WEEKLY WAVE where we cover a new VGC topic every week with special guests! If you're an independent creator looking to put yourself out there, post your talents, your availability status, your portfolio and your info in Coral Reef! Or if you just wanna hang out and chill here, we have the main thread Corsola Cove where you can ask us about the project and what Corsola has planned in the future!

Anything else?
We have a Discord as well! Come hang out with us and join the Corsola Cove Community! Don't hesitate to add your own threads for different kinds of content like Art, webcomics, music composing, and more! We wanna know what YOUR hidden talent is and what kinda content YOU make! Finally, the most important rule of all for The Cove, Don't Be Selfish! React to other people's art, ideas, or videos. Don't leave them hanging just to show off your own stuff. We want to foster a community where fledgling and experienced creators can be appreciated! Thank you for checking us out! Saturn out~
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