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Create a move for the user above

Corroding Air
Type: Poison
Category: Status

The user emits a corrosive haze that weakens barriers. This also inflicts the target with poison.

(Essentially Defog but also inflicts poison)
Power: 90
Accuracy: --

+3 priority. Never misses. High critical-hit ratio. Has a 5% chance to flinch.
spectral blast
type: ghost
power: 120
accuracy: --
the user blasts their opponent with a ghostly beam of plasma or something. this move never misses and always results in a critical hit. it may also paralyze the target.
(dang, this thread has been gone for a while. used to enjoy it a lot. time to revive it then lol)

Beryl Blade
Power: 100
The user makes a sword of light powered by imagination and various interests to attack the opponent. Deals twice the damage if the opponent is asleep.
Electric Star
Category: Special
Power: 70
The user grabs a star from the sky, electrocutes it, and throws it at their opponent, electrocuting them and likely paralyzing them. May also make them flinch.
Type: Fighting
Base power: _
Category: Special
Accuracy: 90
PP: 5
Effect: Halves the opponent’s remaining HP and erases their positive stat buffs
Slipping Slide
Category: Physical
Power: 60
The user splashes the opponent with rain and turns the battlefield wet, cutting the accuracy of all opposing Pokémon in half. Has an additional 10% chance to inflict confusion.
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