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Don't miss Pikachu Ditto's return to Pokémon Café ReMix in the Pikachu or Pretend? event – Mimikyu's Tea Party outfit available in Pelipper Delivery

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Continuing the game's Valentine's celebrations, more sweet content is currently available in Pokémon Café ReMix, with the return of Ditto Pretend Pikachu in the new Pikachu or Pretend? Slow Cooking event, and Mimikyu's new Tea Party outfit in Pelipper Delivery. Special log-in stamps and new challenge sheets are also available to help celebrate Valentine's Day!

Ditto Pretend Pikachu
Pikachu or Pretend?

In this event, which is continuing through to February 15th at 9:59pm (PST), players will have to reach certain scores in Slow Cooking in order to climb ranks and earn points for the Swap Shop, which features the returning Ditto Pretend Pikachu. Players who have purchased the Premium Course Pass will receive a +10% score bonus. Points earned can be traded for a large variety of rewards, which include:
  • Ditto Pretend Pikachu (x5,000 points)
  • Ditto Cookies (x500 points each)
  • Milestone Cookies (x500 points each)
  • Cyndaquil's Kitchen Notes (x2,000 points each)
  • x11 Mimikyu Express Delivery Ticket (x5,000 points)
  • Max Level Tickets (Lvl. 5) (x60 points each)
  • Max Level Tickets (Lvl. 10) (x280 points each)
  • Max Level Tickets (Lvl. 15) (x480 points each)
  • Skip Tickets (x30 points each)
  • Heaping Helping Tickets (x600 points each)
  • Stamina Shards (x50 points each)
  • Golden Acorns (x50 points each)
  • Helping Paws (x650 points each)
  • Vertical Whistle (x1,000 points each)
  • Horizontal Whistle (x1,300 points each)
  • Leader Bell (x500 points each)
  • L-sized Tarts (x300 points each)
  • Rare Tart M (x3,000 points each)
Mimikyu: Tea Party
Mimikyu: Tea Party now available in Deliveries!

Players are currently able to deliver to Mimikyu: Tea Party through Special Delivery in Pelipper Delivery. This Special Delivery will remain available until February 27th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Tea Party: Mimikyu's specialty is Entrées, with a maximum puzzle score of 448. Its Special gimmicks are Bubbles, Marshmallow and Ketchup. It requires 90 points to use its Café Skill, which clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks to the upper left and lower right diagonally, then replaces diagonal Pokémon icons with the most common Pokémon. Receives Puzzle Score +3% for each Outfit Grade obtained, also receiving Starting Skill in Outfit Grade 2 and Score ++ for Marshmallow in Outfit Grade 4.

To access Pelipper Delivery, players must have completed Main Order #5.

Golden Acorns
Special log-in stamps and challenge sheets are available!

Valentine's Day Special Stamp Board
Continuing the Valentine's Day celebration, a special Valentine's Day stamp board is now available, offering up to 6 XL Tarts if players log-in for 10 days. This special stamp board will be available until February 19th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Valentine's Day Challenge
Bake a special chocolate cake with this new challenge sheet, where players will receive rewards from clearing certain gimmicks and chain combos, as well as using certain Pokémon. Rewards include up to x6 Hearty Tart M, x12 Hearty Tart L, x1,400 Milestone Cookies and x20,000 Golden Acorns.

Glaceon featured in February's Goals!
The Pokémon chosen for February's Goals is Glaceon. As usual, February's Goals feature two separate courses. The Standard Course available to all players offers rewards such as Stamina Shards, Tarts, Golden Acorns, Heaping Helping Tickets and Milestone Cookies. Access to the Premium Course can be purchased for USD $8 (or the equivalent in local currency), and features x5 Axew, x9 Heaping Helping Tickets and x30,000 Golden Acorns, on top of the included Standard Course rewards.

Glaceon specializes in Entrées, with a maximum puzzle score of 409. Its Special Gimmicks are Chocolate, Pumpkin and Honey. It requires 80 points to spawn its skill, which clears Pokémon icons and gimmicks to either side and replaces a few surrounding Pokémon icons with megaphones, then sets them off. Raising its Outfit Grade rewards +3% bonus puzzle score for each grade, with the fourth grade giving an additional Score + for Chocolate.

Pick a Staff! Pikachu Pack
New packs available in the shop!
Pick a Staff! Pikachu Pack
For USD $10 (or the equivalent in local currency), players can receive x15,000 (paid) Golden Acorns, and a special Recruitment Ticket which allows players to pick a Pikachu outfit The selection of Pikachu outfits available in this pack includes:
  • Pikachu: Farm Fresh​
  • Pikachu: Welcome 2022​
  • Pikachu: Fancy Dress​
  • Pikachu: Fancy Tux​
If the player already has the chosen outfit, it will instead raise the chosen outfit's Outfit Grade by one. This pack will be available until February 15th, at 9:59pm (PST).

Cyndaquil Kitchen Note Pack
A value pack is currently available for USD $1 (or the equivalent in local currency), granting players who purchase it x1,600 (paid) Golden Acorns and x1 Cyndaquil Kitchen Note! This pack will be available until February 15th, at 9:59pm (PST).


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