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Bulbapedia Edit Request(s)

On the dynamaxing wiki page it doesn't state that a Dynamaxed Pokemon is not affected by the move Follow Me in double battles
On Zygarde's page, Land's Wrath is listed as a former signature move, but no other Pokemon is listed as capable of learning it in Gen VIII. Any reason why?
Idk what this thread is, but I assume it's for changes to the uhh, thing.
So I was looking at stuff on croconaw for an idea I had, and when I scrolled down to moves-it learns water gun twice?
I am bamboozled.


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CC's only listed Ash and his friends, no one else

Oh come on! They would not do it on an episode not focusing on them. Plus two episodes in between were altered. I think the person who reads it now is mostly the one who is the main focus (and secondary focus).

It is a caption error, @BigDocFan. I honestly fail why Ash and his friends are the only ones narrating in episode when none of them are main focus.

I mean why can there still be episodes with Ash and his friends just narrating them. Or some when it is none of them.

"I did too! You need to get your eyes (and ears) checked!" - James in The Ol' Bare and Switch.
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Also, why is Ash’s normal voice used in SM084 dub WTP? Two of the few WTP SM dubs that don’t make sense.
Minor issue, but I noticed what appears to be a typo on Stow-on-Side’s page under “places of interest.”

Ancient mural
At the northernmost point of the town is a large stone wall with a recreation of an ancient mural on it. During the game's story, it collapses due to the damage caused on in by Bede to reveal a hidden chamber containing statues of Zacian, Zamazenta, and the twin kings of ancient Galar.
Isn’t the bolded part meant to say “on it?”
Do you have captions for Dummy You Shrunk the Kids title and WTP and the WTP for Twirling With A Bang?
And the title for Shrunk the Kids.

It is all confusing. If anyone is the specific primary focus, they should read WTP in the dub.
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I also wonder why it isn’t notable to add if it is just Ash and his friends.

I even rewatched it and listened to the audio which backs the captions

What the flipping heck does that mean? @BigDocFan, I wonder if there is a way for the audio.
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