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Episode Titles List

Dec 29, 2002
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  1. He/Him
Looking for someone to create a list of episode titles (Japanese, English, and maybe other languages too), that can also serve as an index to the episode guides on the Pedia. Hell, even a framework to put them in would be enough. Probably best to split the workload for something like this anyway.
I think we should number episodes by Japanese broadcast order, that is to say, the EP038 Electric Soldier Porygon episode is followed by EP039 Pikachu's Goodbye / Forest of Pikachu; and AG100 Mossdeep Gym! Solrock and Lunatone! is followed by AG101 Man of the Sea! Elite Four Drake Enters!!.

Holiday Hi-Jynx / Jynx's Christmas and Snow Way Out / Onix as Bivouac I think should be unnumbered, since they were broadcast significantly out of order, and on Monday instead of Thursday as usual. But on the other hand, they aren't side stories either...

As for the specials... There are a whole bunch of inconsistent numberings. Leading to the question should Hoso specials be numbered together with the earlier ones or not? Counting only side story episodes aired during the Hoso timeslot gives us 18 - starting at Brock! Save Pewter Gym! and ending with Sky-Galloping Legend: Richie and Moltres! What of the OVAs? They were never even broadcast...

A potential upcoming problem is the 3-parter Opening! Grand Festival!! - if they do all air on the same day as Pokeani predicts, should they be counted as 1 or 3?
Yep, as to what Zhen said about episodes. With everything else, I think we don't order them, we just have perhaps a box at the bottom with links to other special eps.
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