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Favorite Memories/Experiences with Scarlet and Violet?

Apr 27, 2022
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We're now mere weeks away from Scarlet and Violet's one year anniversary of release on November 18th. That kinda got me thinking, what have been some of your experiences/memories of the game thus far that really stuck with you?

For me, I think it was launch weekend just experiencing the whole game in real time with my friend group. Just all of us discussing tidbits and where we found which new mon so the rest of us could find em and the like. The whole rush of experiencing a new Pokemon gen is always something else.

I also need to give a shout-out to finding a shiny Skiddo mere hours in. This was my first full odds shiny since Heartgold 10ish years back so that was really special for me.
Oh jeez, it's almost been that long already?

Hard to say... I guess getting to know the characters and the surreal experience in the endgame that I'll try not to talk about too much. Falling in love with all the Pokemon (especially Koraidon) and getting lost in my first open world game trying to figure out where in the world I was supposed to go next.
the ending of the main game is something i will never forget. it may not have been a writing masterpiece, and pokemon plots hardly are, but i gotta say even if your (generally speaking) standards are low for that kind of thing, it's... difficult to be rather critical of the ending.
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