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Favorite Polyships?

Hi, Torchic! I hope you don't mind I revive this :notworthy: Those two you mentioned I like too! I am a huge Siebold fan so Feast is definitely up there for me.

As far as polyships I really like, I enjoy MaesilsShipping (Grimsley/Will/Karen) A LOT. I thought of them as friends maybe more since like a decade ago and then in 2020 Masters makes them a team. To say I was elated is a real understatement... I also have been very partial to MysterySkullsShipping (Grimsley/Morty/Shauntal) because my favs... Same deal with LuxuryEliteShipping (Grimsley/Will/Karen/Shauntal) cus AHH!! MY LOVES! :bulbaLove:

Pretty much I like any combo of any of the mentioned characters. I am a fiend when it comes to my favs, haha.
Does anyone have any OT3's/polyships they like?

Personally, I do not specifically support any Polyship. However, I know of one character who is really into it:

Pokémon Poliship.png

OBS: I just don't know if it's reciprocated.
i feel a bit awkward coming in so late but i was thinking abt this thread again because earlier on twitter someone asked me for my favorite ships for each region and one of those ships happens to be a polyship! i've been a really really big shipper of trevor/tierno/shauna since around mid-late 2020! i think it's a trio that are really cute and work well together and get ignored a lot because of how generally negative people are towards the kalos rivals T__T plus the nicknames have always been a cute touch to me(even if this would also apply to the kalos protags as well, honestly sometimes i include calem and serena in the polycule too)

i think the dynamic is sweet as well, i can see both shauna and tierno being very openly romantic and affectionate while trevor is a bit more on the shy side about it...obviously he still loves them a lot and is affectionate with him in his own way. they were very sweet with each other in the manga and anime as well, i'm glad we got to see them alongside each other in the anime. in general even if not romantic i just really like it when official media and fanwork portray these three as a trio.

there are so many more ships i could add here but a lot of them i dont ship in a sense of them all dating each other, a lot of them are polycules where its two or more people having the same partner while not dating each other. honestly i could make entire charts to explain some of my pokemon polyshipping shenanigans.
i loooove the future trio (grovyle celebi dusknoir) in explorers of sky! i can't really put into words why i love them, they're just so silly and have great potential i think.
Probably because I started playing Sword and Shield again: Victor/Gloria/Marnie or Victor/Gloria/Marnie/Hop. A fancfic called Three's A Crowd has gotten me shipping Ash/Dawn/Serena.

For Pokemon Journeys: Goh/Chloe/Horace/Regina.
I don't ship that much poly just because there are way too many possible combinations out there lol but PunkDragonshipping (Leon/Piers/Raihan) is pretty based

(My OT3 is actually non-Pokemon anyway so uh)
I actually have quite a number of polyships that I ship, and a number of other ships that I wouldn't mind combining into polyships, but I'll try to keep this concise, and talk about only my very favorites.

BlueDandelionShipping (Mallow/Lillie/Lana): probably my top ot3, and it's one of my top favorite ships in the fandom overall. From the very beginning of SuMo, I was in love with JellowShipping (Mallow/Lillie), had always liked BlueLilyShipping (Lana/Lillie), and then the ep "Memories in the Mist" especially made me fall in love with AquariumPlantShipping (Mallow/Lana); before that, AquariumPlant had been my secondary ship to Jellow, but that ep really elevated AquariumPlant up into me shipping it just as hard as I did Jellow. And since I already shipped BlueLily as well, it seemed like a no-brainer to just fully commit to shipping all three of them together into the polyship. And now I'm at the point where I honestly couldn't bear to leave any of them out. XD

SunnyLemonShipping (Gladion/Ash/Clemont): both TrustedPartnerShipping (Ash/Gladion) and DiodeShipping (Ash/Clemont) are my top otps for both Ash and the fandom, and are constantly battling it out with each other in my head for the top spot, and so I got tired of that and decided to say "screw it" and just started shipping the ot3 (you may be seeing a pattern here ;P). And while I might not have decided to ship Gladion/Clemont on its own (w/o Ash's involvement), I feel like they can gel well enough to be metamours if nothing else, and would be content with essentially sharing Ash.

Ash/Gladion/Hau (idk the ship name, if it has one; pls lmk if it does!!): TrustedPartner is my anime otp for Gladion, and CuteBonesShipping (Hau/Gladion) is my otp for him in the games, so again, why not get the best of the both worlds in just shipping them altogether? XP I haven't yet seen all of SuMo, so idk what, if any, interactions Hau and Gladion have in the anime, but as of now, my love for them from the games (where it's one of my top game ships) transfers over well enough. And SweetSmileShipping (Ash/Hau) is my 5th fav Ash ship, so I'm not going to complain about them getting to be together as a part of this arrangement as well. XD

Kiawe/Ash/Gladion (again, idk the name, would also appreciate being told it): I think y'all have gotten the point of how much I love TrustedPartner, and ZRingShipping (Ash/Kiawe) is actually my 4th fav Ash ship (my top 5 ppl to ship Ash with being Gladion, Clemont, Gary, Kiawe, and Hau; and fwiw, yes, I am trying to work out the logistics in my head of making the mega polycule, so that I can have and eat all of my cakes ;P) and I love it dearly; I consider ZRing to be my 'secondary' Alola Ash ship (and frequently refer to Gladion, Kiawe, and Hau as Ash's "Alola Battle Boyfriends", #s 1, 2, & 3, respectively). And while I've not fully committed to shipping it yet, BlackenedEdgeShipping (Kiawe/Gladion) is one that highly intrigues me, and I think it has a lot of potential, even on its own, and I'm definitely down to sort of softball ship it as part of this polyship.

Kukui/Burnet/Delia (I'm about 90% certain that this doesn't have a ship name, and that I'm probably going to have to name it myself, as I'm fairly confident that I'm about the only person who ships this, but I'd love to be proven wrong!): listen, one of the absolute best things about SuMo is the father/son relationship that developed between Kukui and Ash, and I could literally cry for an eternity over how much I LOVE this absolutely ingenious decision to make Kukui into the Best Dad Wonder; the anime's portrayal of EternalHoneymoonShipping (Kukui/Burnet) was totally adorable, and I freaking LOOOOVE that Burnet took up a Best Mom mantle right alongside Kukui, and that they've become a united front in being the Best Parent Wonders to Ash, and I adore with all of my might The Fam that SuMo has subsequently developed. But I honestly feel really bad about leaving Delia out of all this, and it really makes me sad, that Ash in Alola has spent more time living with and being a family w/ Kukui and Burnet than he has with his own mother in all the years since he became a trainer. So, this being me, clearly the solution to all this is to ship Delia with Kukui and Burnet, so that they can all combine forces and become the Ultimate Best Parents Wonder Squad, and as a bonus, now Kukui and Burnet can 'officially' be Ash's adopted parents! :D But in all seriousness, while I love EternalHoneymoon too much to ever be able to bear breaking them up, I do already headcanon Burnet and Kukui as bi, and Delia has been in some desperate need of love for years, and so I do genuinely think that they'd all work really well together, both romantically and as a family unit for their kids (and heck, Delia could totally help Kukui and Burnet out with Lei by being the stay-at-home parent, and allow Kukui and Burnet to more freely be the working parents). And I've come to ship this so hard that it's now pretty much an endgame ship in my mind; I'd basically been trying to figure out a ship for Delia for years, but could never find one that I was truly satisfied with. I'm pretty certain that I've finally found it, and now it's hard for me to picture her with anyone else. XD

Penny/Nemona/Juliana/Arven (I haven't been keeping up w/ tumblr lately, so I haven't seen if there's been a name created for this one yet, but again, pls lmk if there is one, along with any others for the sub-ships that I'll be mentioning): this has skyrocketed up my list of game ships, cracking into the top 5, and it's definitely my fav ship to have come out of SV. (ftr, I played as the female MC, and I also prefer to ship femslash whenever possible, so that's why I have listed down Juliana for this ship, and not Florian) Right from the start of the game, I was immediately on board with shipping Nemona/Juliana (which I would consider to be my SV otp), with Juliana/Penny soon becoming my secondary ship. But it wasn't until the end of the Path of Legends and when the Area Zero portion of the game got rolling that I fully started to embrace Juliana/Arven (as I wasn't really Arven's biggest fan initially, but his sad backstory eventually won me over XD). And w/o really getting into spoilers, let's just say that the events that unfolded really made me fall in love with the squad as a whole, and I really loved the bonding between all of the characters (and it also really got me invested in Nemona/Penny in particular XD), and so by the time the credits rolled, I was completely hooked into shipping them all as a polyship, and now I kinda can't bear the idea of leaving any of them out of the polycule. Tho, if I wanted to give Florian some love, in that case I'd probably ship Florian/Arven and then Nemona/Juliana/Penny as an ot3 (what can I say, I always like to have as many gay ships as possible XP).

PunkDragonShipping (Piers/Leon/Raihan): this is actually my 2nd fav SwSh ship. If you know me, then you'd know that I'm all about those Gay Rival Ships, and have yet to meet one that I dislike, so of course I was immediately all over TrueRivalShipping (Raihan/Leon). But towards the end of the game, I also actually started to like IpetamShipping (Piers/Leon), as they had some nice scenes together (at least, to my recollection; it's been a few yrs since SwSh came out now, so forgive me for being a bit fuzzy on the details). And then reading fanfic also got me into eBoyShipping (Piers/Raihan) as well, so naturally, the obvs outcome was for me to start shipping them all together as a poly ship. And imo, it actually works out great, bc I feel that Piers is a nice balancing force to Raihan and Leon, and can stop them from getting too carried away with their competitiveness. XD

DragonQueensShipping (May/Lisia/Zinnia): once again, I just really loved all three ships involved; ContestQueenShipping (May/Lisia) and AlphaIdealsShipping (May/Zinnia) had some great moments/ship tease in ORAS (which was just on fire with all of the ship teases in general, imo), and I also loved SpecialityShipping (Lisia/Zinnia), as I really feel that Lisia would make a truly fantastic partner for Zinnia, and would be really great in helping Zinnia to find new purpose in her life in the aftermath of the Delta Episode. And really, I think Lisia's got the best head on her shoulders out of all three of them, and would be really good at being supportive as May and Zinnia start/continue their journeys of self-discovery, and adjust to their newfound positions in life, and she would be helpful in grounding them and giving them reminders and clarity on the things that truly matter and are most important in life (which is embodied in the outlook that Lisia espouses about Contests, imo).

I could keep going, but I think I'm gonna wrap it up here, as these are all the ones that I have the most Feels about; a lot of the others would've mostly involved me holding the ships up like that Simpsons Marge meme of her holding a potato and saying "I just think they're neat". (Like Shauntal/Caitlin/Sabrina, as an example) XP
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the NEET trio cuz man it's got so many doujins
It has a name?????? Hell yeah
(I don't personally ship it romantically, but platonic ships my beloved)

Also woah this thread blew up lol. Good ships, y'all! Here are some of my newer ones:

Larry/Hassel/Brassius - What started as Larry/Brassius then became a polyship after Hassel/Brassius grew on me (whereas before I saw them as more platonic. But... there's so much cute art of them.........)
Grusha/Iono/Rika - It just... kind of happened? It works tho
Grusha/Iono/Rika and Sabatogeshipping are peak for me, but the Johtrio polyship is starting to grow on me too. Trying to write them is pretty hard for me though sadly :/
i used 2 reaaallly liek poly johto quartet before johto villain arc changed me... altho i dont care as much abt them anymore but theyr still cute !! i mostly just liek shipping lyra with girls lately
on that topic lyra/kris/dawn are cute too..dawn and kris r liek my main ships 4 lyra so i think all three of them can hold hands Together <3
bettie/paulo/tina r also cute but strictly from a nby lesbian paulo perspective.
the way this caught me so off guard bc ive never heard of anyone else other than myself having the nby lesbian paulo hc let alone polyshipping him with bettie and tina in that context. you're so real for that
IVE HAD THIS HC FOR SO LONG i almost never see anyone talk about paulo let alone this hc or even ships with him... salute 2 u as well soldier...
I've never been that big of a polyshipper, but a few more of them have cropped up in my mind lately. Namely:
  • MorningMoonlightShipping (Gladion/Hau/Elio). I read it moreso as platonic most of the time, but for some reason the idea of them as a trio is just so amusing and I love to see it. I can just imagine all three of them acting dumb together, Gladion pretending to be totally done with their antics but he cherishes them both anyway.
  • EclairShipping (May/Dawn/Zoey). because I mean, have you seen them?
I also went out of my way to give a proper name to TimelessPalletShipping (Ash/Gary/Gou/Horace), because even if it's more of a crackship for me I do love their silly and stupidly complicated dynamic together. It's one of those "this would never work out, but I want to put them together anyway and see what happens" pairings to me :p

Oh and thanks to the wisdom of several people on these forums, I'm now invested in SabotageShipping and hooked on SamisenShipping. you know who you are, you legends
I admittedly am not very fond of a lot of poly ships, but one I do like is Aliana/Bryony/Celosia/Mabel from X and Y. Though we don't know much about any of them individually, I'd like to believe they all fell in love with each other, and it could have worked out in quite a veritable number of combinations, I believe. I also headcanon that they're childhood friends who never wished to part from each other.
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