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finally posting an introduction after one bajillion years

Jun 28, 2021
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  1. They/Them
tonda gossa!
i'm tazmily menace, starmen.net lurker extraordinare.
i will not shut up about claus mother 3, xylitol nova cookie cookie run ovenbreak, g-man half life, and delamain cyberpunk 2077. especially delamain. that's blatantly obvious, ain't it?

my first pokemon game was pokemon x, and i've loved the series ever since. as for my favorite games in the series, it's pokemon black/white and their sequels, as well as, well, pokemon x and y.
aside from pokemon, half life, cookie run, the MOTHER series, and cyberpunk 2077, i also really like problem sleuth, vocaloid, OFF, number stations, black butler, mob psycho 100, undertale, and deltarune.
i'm also making my very own MOTHER fangame, by the by... the process's tiring, but i think i'll manage. er... m-maybe.
i promise to be active on here some more. perhaps.

that's all from me for now, i s'ppose.
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