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First details released on the Scarlet & Violet - 151 expansion for the Pokémon TCG, launching internationally from September 22nd

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Scarlet & Violet - 151 logo
The fourth Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion in the Scarlet & Violet series, 151, has been officially announced by The Pokémon Company International. This expansion, which is releasing on September 22nd, will be the international equivalent of the Pokémon Card 151 expansion which released in Japan on June 16th, though early indications suggest not all of the cards from that set will make it over to Scarlet & Violet - 151 internationally.

The announcement of this expansion is kicking off a new "151 to 151" campaign from The Pokémon Company International, celebrating the iconic Pokémon of the Kanto region. No further details of the campaign have been announced at this point in time, however it seems we can expect to see social media posts each day for the next 150 days featuring each Pokémon in Pokédex order.

The Scarlet & Violet - 151 expansion will include the following:
  • 12 Pokémon ex
  • 16 illustration rare and seven special illustration rare Pokémon and Supporter cards
  • 16 ultra rare full-art etched Pokémon and Supporter cards
  • Three hyper rare gold etched cards, expected to be Mew ex, Switch, and Basic Psychic Energy as per the Japanese set.
An exact set list may not be available for some time. Given the numbers announced today, it appears that a small number of cards, specificially two illustration rare cards and one special illustration rare card, are being cut from the Japanese set, though it's not clear which of these cards are being cut and why. It's possible that these cut cards are being saved as promo cards for special packs to be released at a later date, however these cards do not match to any currently announced promo cards for this set.

As with Scarlet & Violet - Obsidian Flames before it, Scarlet & Violet - 151 will be available for players of the Pokémon TCG Live app one day ahead of the physical release, on September 21st. The Battle Pass rewards for this set have not yet been announced.

As usual, Scarlet & Violet - 151 will be available across a variety of formats. This set's Elite Trainer Box features Snorlax, and includes nine boosters together with the usual assortment of energy cards, card sleeves, and other gameplay accessories. Special versions of this Elite Trainer Box will also be available through Pokémon Center in the US, Canada, and the UK. These special versions contain two additional booster packs, and as well as an additional copy of the included illustration rare style promo card of Snorlax, featuring the Pokémon Center logo. Other products releasing for this set at launch include:
  • A Booster Bundle, including six Scarlet & Violet - 151 booster packs
  • A Binder Collection, including four Scarlet & Violet - 151 booster packs. and a nine-pocket album which can hold up to 360 Pokémon TCG cards
  • A Poster Collection, including three Scarlet & Violet - 151 booster packs, three promo cards featuring the iconic Kanto first partner Pokémon, and a full-size, two-sided poster featuring the original 151 Pokémon as well as their card illustrations from this expansion
Several additional products will also be releasing for this set two weeks later on October 6th:
  • A Mini Tin Collection, with each tin including two Scarlet & Violet - 151 booster packs, one coin sporting one of 10 unique styles featuring the various Energy type symbols in the Pokémon TCG and one art card matching the tin
  • Two ex Boxes, featuring Alakazam ex and Zapdos ex respectively. Each box includes four Scarlet & Violet - 151 booster packs, along with their respective double rare Pokémon ex card. Additionally, the Alakazam ex box includes two additional foil promo cards for Kadabra and Abra, while the Zapdos ex box includes a foil promo of Electabuzz and an oversized promo card of Zapdos ex
  • An Ultra-Premium Collection, including 16 Scarlet & Violet - 151 booster packs, one metal hyper rare Mew ex card, one special illustration rare promo card featuring Mew ex, one illustration rare promo card featuring Mewtwo, one stitched-edge playmat featuring Mew, one deck box, one coin featuring Mew and various gameplay accessories
While supplies last, players will also be able to receive special Bulbasaur and Charmander promo cards together with the purchase of any Scarlet & Violet - 151 products from select retailers. Bulbasaur will be available exclusively to Best Buy customers in the United States, while Charmander will be available from Gamestop stores in the United States and Canada from Gamestop, and EB Games stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Product Gallery
Booster Pack and Store Exclusive Promo Cards
Bulbasaur Promo (U.S. only, Best Buy Exclusive)Booster PackCharmander Promo (U.S., Canada, Gamestop Exclusive - Australia & New Zealand, EB Games Exclusive)
Elite Trainer Box
Standard VersionPokémon Center Version

Wave 1 Products
Booster BundleBinder CollectionPoster Collection
Mini Tin Collection
Other Wave 2 Products
Alakazam ex BoxUltra Premium CollectionZapdos ex Box


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