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Fitness routine and daily fitness app tracking


Quaxly Boy
Jun 9, 2012
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In this thread you can talk about all things fitness, diet or exercise, gym plans or done on your own.

You may also post daily updates on any fitness/health tracking apps you may use. Letting everyone else know is a nice way to feel accomplished and supported as you keep doing better day by day!
I can't do heavy workouts frequently because it triggers my ear condition (every time I go to the gym I'm sniffing every 5 seconds and I always wonder what other people there think of me lol...) but I do brisk walks daily, at least 2-5km! It's nice to come home after it and I've managed to stay a healthy weight too. Walking is just great and I'm happy I'm now not busy or stressed enough that I can do it consistently <3
Started weight training back in high school but didn't take it more seriously until after I graduated. I've been working out for 8 straight years, I've gained muscle but at the same time I've also gained weight.

Right now I'm at 5'11 ft 240 lbs but back in high school I used to be at 175, for workout routines I usually go to the gym from mon-fri but I very rarely implement cardio I always do machines and free weights.

If I want to slim down and get to around 190ish I'll need to add in more cardio and be more strict with my diet but of course it's easier said than done, the instructors and experts on YouTube always say that you make your gains outside of the gym and that's through recovery, so getting plenty of protein which includes egg whites,lean meats,oats and fish.

Whey Protein helps a lot too. And then getting about 7-9 hours of sleep to recovery from workouts, most strive to get REM sleep for maximum results, I get around 5-6 hrs of sleep on average so that's another area I need to improve in.
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