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Pokémon Sleep updates to Version 1.0.13, issues updated information for next week's Eevee Week 2023 in-game event

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Pokémon Sleep Updates
Pokémon Sleep has received an update to Version 1.0.13. This new update adds a number of new features to the game, including several changes designed to help players earn additional candy to level and evolve their Pokémon. Additionally, some updated information has been released regarding Pokémon appearance rates for the Eevee Week 2023 event.

Version 1.0.13 Patch
In addition to the new features, the Version 1.0.13 update implements several quality of life changes, and resolves several other gameplay bugs, including some bugs specific to Android users. The full patch notes for this update have been copied below:

Update Contents said:

New Features​

  • Changes to allow a player to receive five candies of a randomly selected Pokémon capable of evolving with a Linking Cord when they use a Linking Cord from the bag screen.
  • Changes to the research community specs so that when a player receives research data from friends, it will be possible to occasionally receive two candies instead of one.
    Note: The higher your closeness with your friends, the higher the chance you’ll get two candies.
  • Adding new Relaxing Sounds and alarms.
    Note: You can download them from the sleep tracking screen.
  • Adding a notice on the Sleep Research Results screen when the researcher is already at the max research rank, explaining that research EXP is converted into Dream Shards.
    Notes: The current highest research rank is 50.
    We are currently working on the development of events and other opportunities to use Dream Shards in a new way.
  • Changes to Sleep EXP specs so that, if a helper Pokémon has reached its max level, any extra Sleep EXP earned through sleep research will be added to the “Sleep EXP Bonus Gauge.”
    Note: Each time the Sleep EXP Bonus Gauge fills up (to 500 EXP), you will receive 1 Handy Candy S.
    Example: If you receive 100 Sleep EXP, and all five of the Pokémon on your team are at max level, then 500 EXP (100 ×5) will be added to the gauge, and you will receive 1 Handy Candy S.
    The Sleep EXP Bonus Gauge can be found in the following places:
    • On the “Your Sleep Session” pop-up that displays after sleep tracking. This only applies if you had a max level Pokémon on your team when you finished sleep tracking.
    • From a button on the upper right of the Pokémon screen. This is only viewable by users who have some EXP stored in the Bonus Gauge.
    Note: The current max level for Pokémon is 50.

Game Contents​

  • Changes to show a notification mark on the home screen’s shop icon, as well as the shop screen’s General Store icon, whenever new bundles are added to the shop.
  • Adjustments to the weekly rollover so that if Snorlax have already requested the same kind of food a certain number of times in a row, they will be less likely to choose the same one again.
  • Changes to the Sleep Style Dex so that if a researcher evolves a shiny Pokémon, the evolved Pokémon’s shiny version will count as discovered.

Bug Fixes Specific to Android​

  • On Android devices, the screen brightness within the app reverting to how it was set before sleep tracking, even if the brightness was adjusted after sleep tracking.

Bug Fixes​

  • A closeness increase display of “+1” appearing on the Research Community screen for friends who are already at max closeness.
  • Some texts displaying incorrectly, such as Pokémon nicknames and numbers of items held.

Eevee Week 2023
Eevee Week 2023 Event Updates

Pokémon Sleep has issued some updates and corrections to their information about the upcoming Eevee Week event, which was first announced last week. For your convenience, we've reproduced all the information about the event below, with updated information indicated by text in bold italics.

Eevee Week 2023 starts on Monday November 20th at 4:00am local time, and will run through to Monday November 27th at 3:59am local time. This new event will allow players to participate and gain bonuses regardless of where they conduct their sleep research. As part of this event, players will be able to receive a variety of special rewards, including Eevee Incense, by completing a set of special missions that will be added on top of the standard weekly missions. The following bonuses also will be active for sleep research during this event period:
  • Eevee and its Evolutions are more likely to gather to sleep during sleep research, with the chance of Shiny Eevee appearing
  • Players can encounter a few Pokémon of different sleep types, regardless of their own sleep type
Additionally, special bonuses will apply to sleep research on the night of Eevee Day, November 21st:
  • Eevee and its Evolutions are more likely to gather to sleep during sleep research, with the chance of Shiny Eevee appearing
  • Players will be able to encounter many Pokémon of different sleep types, regardless of their own sleep type
  • Players will receive 1,121 bonus Sleep Points.
Throughout the event, the following Pokémon will also appear more frequently during sleep research:
  • Much Greater Encounter Chance
    • Eevee
  • Greater Encounter Chance (area specific)
    • Greengrass Isle: Jolteon, Leafeon, Sylveon
    • Cyan Beach: Vaporeon
    • Taupe Hollow: Flareeon, Espeon, Umbreon
    • Snowdrop Tundra: Glaceon
Only one sleep style each will be available for Flareon and Leafeon. Other Sleep styles for these two Pokémon are planned to be added in a new area to be added in the future.

Additionally, the main skills of player's helper Pokémon will trigger at a rate 1.5x higher than normal on all days during the event period

Players should also note the following for this event:
  • The daily rollover for the Eevee Week 2023 event is at 4:00am local time.
  • Event bonuses for this event apply regardless of which sitee players conduct their sleep research in.
  • Event bonuses apply only for sleep tracking that begins within the event period, and do not apply to sleep tracking during the tutorial, or to sleep data tracked before the event, even if the player waits to review their sleep research after the event has started.
  • Sleep data tracked during the event will receive event bonuses, regardless of if the player waits to review their sleep research until after the event has concluded.


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