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Gen IX Leak/Rumor Repository Thread

Nov 7, 2017
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LAST UPDATED: August 24, 2022

UPDATE NOTES: updated the "NEW dex" image

Deleted some of the images for riddle tweets
Moved a couple rumors to the Garbage bin
Added images for New and Returning pokemon


here's a pastebin I found that someone else is updating: Scarlet Violet Leak Comp 7/20 - Pastebin.com

I'm just kind of burnt out at the moment and I've been finding it difficult to keep up with all the info the sources post. Also trying to avoid major story spoilers.
Hello All,

The intention of this thread is to make it easy for people to find and review the countless amount of random posts that people from all over the internet try to pass off as a leak; real or fake.

I do not wish to upstage the Leaks and/or Rumours Thread. Please continue to use that for discussion of leaks. It can be found here: Leak Discussion Thread


Images are made by me. I will try to keep them up to date the best I can.


Khu has revealed the exact number of new lines and the exact distribution (may still be some error for misinterpretation).

NEW dex entries: 103-105
Regional forms: 4

39 new pokemon lines
6 new legendaries
5 new (cross-gen) evolutions
14-16 'Paradox' Pokemon

8 3-stage pokemon
9 single stage pokemon (not legendaries)
21 2-stage pokemon
1 pokemon with a split evolution

As of writing, we have at least minor info on all but 2 lines; however, we don't know which group all belong to for sure.

In the image below (the NEW Pokemon spoiler), I left blanks for a 3-stage line and a single stage line. However, there are 5 pokemon that could swap around. They are:

Chilli Pepper - not 100% sure it is a 3-stage; could be 1 or 2
Kamen Cricket - could be 3-stage
Electric Bird - could be 3-stage
Rock Type - could be 3-stage
Lemur - could be 3-stage

Edit: last two stages are a big bird (Ootori) and a rat (nezumi) HINT: parental bond

Chili Pepper is not a 3-stage and swaps places with a fairy type. It is unknown which fairy type.
Rock type is confirmed to be a 3-stage line
Fairy Hammer may not actually be part fighting

AUG22 : Updates to dex. Hammer is 3 stage

Oyakata is probably ground type

Ai ai and nezumi confirmed to be 2-stage
Kamen Hopper is probably dark or dragon
Hake fish is dual type
crab is rock type


Oyakata is a catfish and is water type not ground
Spider is two stages
Hake fish confirmed stand alone
The evolutionary status of all pokemon is pretty much known now.
Hydreigon (or maybe zwelious) has a future paradox form




With so much info coming from multiple sources, I will be putting most everything in this write up; I think. This includes info stated by Khu and the 2nd leaker. Unless I say that Khu said it; it was supposedly said by the 2nd one (you know which one I mean. Don't make me say it.)

Note: please keep in mind that some of this info may not be entirely accurate for a number of reasons (lost in translation, telephone effect from 2nd person, etc.) I do my best to not include something unless I am reasonably sure it came from one of the two sources, but there is always room for misinterpretation and error.

Centro is now also saying some things on behalf of the 2nd leaker. I will cite him when appropriate, but also as little as possible

  • Region-name translation: Parudeya/Paldea. (パルデア)
  • 3 cities and 9 towns (as well as additional Points of Interest)
  • More than 400 in region dex
  • Gym Leader types are Bug, Grass, Water, Ice, Normal, Electric, Psychic, and Ghost


According to Centro the leaker has told him there are between 120-140 new pokemon

EDIT: Khu is claiming the leaker counted the data list in which somethings may be repeated? So number may be inflated.

From Khu, the breakdown is:

2 regional forms + regional evolution
5 cross-gen evolutions
8-9 time warpped pokemon
7-8 Rfakes
6 legendaries (from leaker) no third legend. box mascots + quartet

With a minium of 120, this means that there are 90 completely new pokemon that are not legendaries.

Info on existing
  • Lechonk has split gender evo
  • Pawmi evo is electric fighting
  • Smoliv becomes an olive tree
  • Starters are Grass/Dark, Fire/Ghost and Water/Fighting
  • [JUL18] Confirmed that number of feet for starters. Sprigatito3 has 2. Fuecoco3 has 4
  • [JUL20] Pawmi is a 3 stage line and has a 1PP move
  • Sprigatito3 is a jester mixed with a gentleman thief
  • Sprigatito has a god-like Hidden Ability
  • Quaxly3 mixes dancer and peacock
  • Fuecoco2 has a egg on its head
  • Fuecoco's hidden ability is "meh"

Completely new [updated july 18]
  • Dolphin pokemon
  • Flamingo Pokemon
  • Ostrich Pokemon
  • [JUL18] Ostrich has hair like cleopatra and is psychic type (unknown if dual type or not)
  • feminine Pokemon that holds a hammer
  • Ghost Dog
  • Khu says there are two additional dogs
  • Khu says there is a Spider Pokemon
  • Khu has said there is a Japanese [Beetle] Pokemon?
  • One of Khu's riddles hints heavily at an electric frog
  • Leaker Liked one of the new fire types a lot
  • Bike Pokemon?
  • Flower pokemon from image teasing gimmick
  • Coin-mon
  • There are 4 non-box art Legendaries (confirmed as "sub" legends like the tapus or lake trio)
  • [JUL18] An earthworm pokemon (could be related to pokemon that looks like dugtrio or entirely new)
  • [JUL18] New Crab pokemon
  • [JUL18] 3 new dog pokemon all have evolutions
  • [JUL20] icicle pokemon (2 STAGE)
  • [JUL20] salt rock pokemon (2 STAGE)
  • [JUL20] New engine pokemon (2 STAGE)(SEPARATE FROM BIKE POKEMON)
  • [JUL20] Parakeet
  • [JUL20] bug/??? dual type dung beetle with two stages
Cross Gen Evos (5)
  • Primeape
  • Dunsparce gets an evo (does not fly)
  • Girafarig
  • Pawniard or Bisharp (not sure if split)
Regional Forms (2)
  • poison type RF wooper + new evolution (regional split evo like Runerigus)
  • New Tauros form that is black
Time Warpped aka Past and Future forms (not official name) [8-9]
  • Do not evolve
  • Khu says they are OP
  • Have different names and their own dex number
  • Past Amoongus
  • Past Jigglypuff (maybe igglybuff?)
  • Past Misdreavus
  • [JUL18] Past Volcarona
  • [JUL18] Past or Future Salamence
  • Future Delibird
  • [JUL20] Future Volcarona
  • [JUL18] Future Gallade
hints from Khu
  • A 2nd Psuedo-legend
  • Future "hard-core queen" (lopunny maybe?)
  • 1 undescribed Future form (assuming it's balanced for version exclusives)
RFakes (as described by Khu) [7-8]
  • New pokemon that looks like dugtrio, but not dugtrio <from the second leaker
  • Khu describes it as a pink eel with diglett's face
hints from khu
  • Rfake gen 1 mon that lives in the sea (loses it's water type; becomes land based)
  • Rfake gen5 mon of a bug type that loses its bug typing
Confirmed NO
  • NO new fossils
  • NO peacock pokemon (but Khu says Quaxly3 has peacock elements)
  • NO new whale or shark
  • Golduck, Sunflora, Komala and Delibird DO NOT get new evolutions
  • NO new Eevee evolution

  • 2nd Leaker liked the story; it made them cry (also seen people just use the phrase "tear-jerking")
  • Eevee subquest that fans will enjoy
  • "is the champion female" "half yes half no" (double champions?)
  • 60 hrs to complete main campaign
  • There is school stuff in addition to gyms.
  • Gyms can be completed in any order
  • Need to complete 3 'paths' to beat game (school, gyms and flags?)
  • Red haired rival is Female
  • [JUL20] Ice gym leader is a snowboarder

STORY AND CHARACTERS as hinted at by Khu
  • Gym Leaders and Elite 4 all have occupations (confirmed by leaker, I think)
  • Something similar to the Lake House movie will be in SV
  • Something similar to Detroit become human will be in SV
  • Titan R: BW/XY/SwSh: F, F, M
  • Titan V: クローズ (Crows)
  • Titan C: 456 (assumed to be hinting at a female champion)
  • There's a Gym Leader teased in trailer 1 that has a tear mole (a beauty mark? actually don't know what tear mole means) [NOTE: possibly referring to the flamenco dancer picture seen in player's house] < Looks to be something else
  • There's an e4 member that reminds Khu of Takarazuka

Other features and tidbits
  • Time warping is a feature in SV! (Applies to Pokémon but not characters)
  • Lots of hats and glasses, but clothes seem to all be variations of school uniforms
  • You can change your hair early
  • You can ride the legendaries (run, climb, fly, swim)
  • [JUL18] no more daycare; new system for eggs
  • [JUL18] raid battles return with multiplayer
  • [JUL20] alphas return with a new name
  • [JUL20] mass outbreaks return

Confirmed/deconfirmed pokemon in region dex

  • Koffing/Weezing
  • Houndour/Houndoom
  • Skwovet/Greedent
  • Komala
  • Teddiursa
  • Garchomp
  • Rotom
  • Sunflora
  • Goodra
  • Misdreavus
  • Gogoat (confirmed by Khu)
  • Wigglytuff (confirmed by Khu)
  • NO Aipom
  • NO Toucannon
  • NO Minior
  • NO Milotic
  • NO Jynx
  • NO Metagross
  • NO Furfrou
  • NO Swoobat
  • NO Wailord
  • NO Golurk
  • AUG08 - NO absol



Riddler Khu has a pretty proven track record and posts regularly. I just want to make it easy for people to find the latest version of his riddles especially since his twitter is now private.

edit: I have added descriptions to each riddle summarizing possible theories and/or explanations, or just simply adding context. Please note that some could not be 100%. I'm happy to add additonal commentary if needed.

This seems to be a follow up to the coin-mon, object riddle.
There are currently two interpretations of this riddle. One is that each key represents a Key on Klefki. The other is that each refers to things that are collected.
See post: Leaks and/or Rumours Thread for breakdown

It is unknown if it references both on purpose or the overlap is a massive coincidence.

Khu posted some code for people to debug and said the # of lines with bugs = # of new bug pokemon. People have found 4 bugs. Khu also said that the code gives hints to their descriptions. One is the Japanese style he mentioned earlier. Another one seems to be either a Stink Bug or a Dung Beetle

Character is from an anime. Her name is Misaka Mikoto. She is an "esper" with electric powers. She is obssessed with a frog and the song is called Frog's Song.
It is believed that this is hinting at an electric/psychic frog



(the 2nd Leaker who wishes to remain unnamed)

[AUG04] Edit: removed the image of Penny and the water tera form hat

Yay! we have a most likely true section. I have marked them as most likely true because they have received what seems like corroboration from Khu. Otherwise, I mainly want to group them together since it's a bunch of images from the same source, a twitter user. (not the one in the water marks. Those were added by someone else)

Gym Leaders.jpg

ghost leader.jpg

Top one is the back of the final quaxly evolution in some kind of crystal form? The bottom left is part of Sprigatito3. The bottom right is a new pokemon and hints at a new gimmick



It's hard to tell, but it has fangs








NOTE2: definitely fake, just funny how much it tangentially got right:
Poison/ground wooper (not pure poison) new evo is presumably a split one.
New evo for dunsparce but not a variant
we are getting some kind of 'variant' for tentacool
Salamence has a Paradox form
And Bisharp doesn't have a variant but it does have a new evo that could change typing.

Note: according to sources, these RFs aren't possible. Sounds like Dunsparce is a regular evolution. Only two RFs. There are "other forms" but they don't evolve.

Original Post date around March 6 2022. This suggested that we would be getting Wooper/Quagsire variant and evo and dunsparce variant and evo before Khu riddled it. For now, we should remain skeptical, though


NOTE: 99% fake. Even if the cockatrice is suppose to be fuecoco, the duck in armor definitely doesn't match what wer know about quaxly. And the cat thing was probably referencing Sprigatito which we know is not a barbarian. Meanwhile, we've learned about lots of the new pokemon and have not seen any mention of a a slug/leech, a new lizard or a churro

Actually originated from 4chan
I decided to bump this one up at least temporairly. It piggybacks off a lot of things that Khu has said, but I don't think that and it's iffy origin is enough for it to be "confirmed" fake.


Garbage Bin
For Fakes that are totally wrong with no wiggle room

NOTE: please keep in mind that the existence of this leak has still never been actually proven.
NOTE2: this one is fake because Khu has confirmed the 1/3/5 rumor is wrong
Full Google Doc

The Background
There is something afoot in the Asian Pokemon community, a leak that’s been spreading like wildfire that hasn’t yet gotten its foot through the Western fanbase’s door... until this post.

You see, in recent days on Pokemon forums hosted by the Chinese tech conglomerate Baidu there has been quite a stir over a certain user’s supposed SV leaks, a user we’ll dub “The Uncle”. As it turns out, The Uncle was the one who first relayed the information about a new Kami based on Genbu, the Pokemon we’ve since come to know as Enamorus. Now they’re back with a vengeance with a host of claims about Scarlet & Violet that even dispute common interpretations of Khu’s recent riddle (more on this later). For now, let’s check out...

The Claims
These can be neatly divided into two categories.

General Game Design
-SV will be pulling heavily from old and scrapped ideas, the game concept has been gestating for a while in contrast to what the 2022 release date would lead you to believe.
-New gimmick is described as "similar to job changing from Final Fantasy but with types"
-Storyline has vague similarities to BW, involves two fueding families who rule the region with one of the two (this number is conjecture on my part as they were compared to Cheren and Bianca) rivals getting the opposite mascot legend

New Pokemon and Forms
-SV will have one of the largest new Pokemon selections in a very long time, around the ballpark of Gens 1/3/5
-Starter final types are Grass/Dark, Fire/Ghost and Water/Fighting, essentially the PLA types but with Grass and Water switched
-The mascot legendaries are Dragon/Fighting and Dragon/Electric
-In addition to the brand new Pokemon surge, regional forms will also still be around. One of them will supposedly be based on Ratoncito Perez, the Spanish mouse version of the Tooth Fairy (While no indication as to what Pokemon it is was given I am convinced this is a Dedenne form as Ratoncito Perez is effectively a Spanish reskin of Le Petit Sorris, the French Tooth Fairy mouse equivalent Dedenne is based on)
-The other claimed form is for, surprise surprise, Tauros. Supposedly Fighting type and Minotaur-based, unclear if it’s a regional or a straight up cross-gen evo (worthwhile consideration in a post-Ursaluna world)

To top all this off, the leaker claimed further hints lie within PLA although no explanation was given as to what these hints are or what they allude to.

Confirmed fake by Khu

NOTE3: image removed. This leak was probably fake because number 3 doesn't really describe "Rfakes" or paradox forms, but even so, it didn't provide any additional insight.
NOTE: I added the numbers and boxes to make it easier to reference them.
NOTE2: I do not know 100% the true origins of this leak or when it was posted or by whom. Not that it matters. This leak is kind of really safe.

1. Image is the Tower of God, from a Korean Webtoon about a tower with 135 floors. The badge is the Tranquility Badge given by Erika in Pokemon Masters; perhaps hinting at a Gym replacement feature. Perhaps something similar to the towers from Isle of Armor. A tower has already been seen in the second trailer.
2. Man made pokemon and they are being added to existing pokemon to make man-made versions of existing pokemon. Fakemon are "X" Pokemon from the fangame Pokemon Xenoverse. This riddle is likely related to Khu's riddle about regional fakes. Keep in mind that this image does not necessarily mean that Raichu, Tyranitar and Bisharp are getting these "regional fakes" as normal Tyranitar has already been shown, but it could be a form change, or both could exist.
3. This is just hinting at the legendaries having 5 forms (in addition to base form?) 5 modes of transportation
4. Picture of a Pit Crew (racing) and the Drifloon mini game from Legends (maybe a racing side game?)

NOTE: Nemona is shown wearing the same clothes as you; meaning she's from the same "school" or whatever.
NOTE2: none of the rivals are from 'other' school. no ice psuedo mentioned. legendary trio is not possible.

: Schools in scarlet based on oranges,
schools in violet based on grapes

: Schools enforce side quests to graduate -- gyms, elite4 and champion still in the games

: trainer's rival is from opposing school

: region champion based on Gaudi, basilica architect

: antagonist team loosely based on "black legend" of espana - stole goods and treasures from Spanish ships and opposed catholicism religion in Spain -- very philosophical

: dark-type mon based on "el coco", carries a black bag and has long black hair covering most of its body

: fire phoenix psuedo in scarlet, poison dragon pseudo in violet

: bronzor variant ghost-grass, new siren mon ghost-fairy, new ghost witch mon, grass baby troll mon evolves into giant troll grass-normal

: 3-legged dark-psychic dog, normal-dragon with big mouth, ice-fairy cyclops = legendary trio (Note: not sure if this the box mascot trio or something like the regis)

: new battle mechanic = glass/vidrio crystal, gives mons resistance to certain weakness types, very similar to Crystal Onix

notes: while this Rumor did pick the 'right' types before Khu confirmed the starter type riddle; it could have piggybacked off of the Uncle 'Leak'.
Nemona does appear to be a 'classmate' (is school even confirmed?), but that's a really easy guess
Smoliv is normal grass type. It remains to be seen if it or its evolution works at the Pokemon Center
No mention to the version exclusive professors
NOTE2: confirmed fake because there is no regional flygon, heracross or seismitoad.
The headmaster of the school is the professor, his assistant helps you during the adventure.

Rival is a classmate.

1th gym is ground, 7th change between scarlet and violet

RF: tauros+evo (mount), flygon, heracross, seismitod

Legendaries works like 7th, different pokemon but same origin

starters: grass-dark, fire-ghost, water-fight

Pokemon center pokemon is normal-grass


NOTE: this rumor is vauge nonsense, but it sounds like gyms are back alongside school exams; not a replacement

main city is where you always come back. Similar to Legends Arceus but as a real open world.
Big building (Sagrada Senpaiilia alike) is actually a school.
Main teacher acts as a Pokemon Professor
Some classmates are the rivals (similar to kalos friends)
Open world, you can go outside the city to explore everything.
Teachers gives you main quests as homework, once you end one: go back to school.
Finishing main quests advances the plot and makes you able to face the next 'final test'. Final tests are the ones that act as gyms/trials in this game.
There are other cities and towns and you can visit them whenever you want to, but the events won't activate until the teacher gives you the quest for that city/town.
The main villain is from the school.
The legendary plot is introduced at the end of the main story. Connected with the main villain.
At the end of the plot you graduate from school.
Graduates can access the region's Pokemon league.
Main plot ends once you're the champion, as always.

The use of the phrase "only one" legendary is not entirely accurate
Also, the rival name is wrong. Also, Also, Professor name is wrong.
NOTE: number of cities is wrong and description of starters doesn't match reliable sources

NOTE: Professor name is wrong
Lol; I must have read this one a dozen times, but I only just now realized it says the legendaries are a panther and a jaguar which is wrong

NOTE: I edited the text on this one, so it's "just the facts" so to speak. Ellipses indicate removed text
NOTE2: Neither professor is Clave; legendaries were revealed

... I work for the translation team that's working right now on the next trailer. I suppose it will be live on may, probably around the last two weeks ...

  • Region name is Luzia...
  • New Professor is called Clave...

  • A rat that looks like a Ratatta's cousin with huge fangs, normal type (Fanrato) that evolves to a bigger purple and brown rat with a mask on it's face normal/poison based on the spanish flu (Ratenza)
  • A little minotaur type of thing, fairy type, that looks like that monster from the movie Pan's Labyrinth (Hadaun)
  • A turtle water/grass, just a turtle (Mauretle)
  • A flying type based on the Acor...
  • ... The trailer shows two major cities ... at least one gym can be seen
  • The new gimmick is hinted ... It feels like it's adding a secondary type to moves
  • No mention to new regional forms
  • No mention to the legendaries, but the trailer ends with a black huge bird flying across the sky ...

Full Image with all text

NOTE: Legenaries are not a Minotaur or a Griffin

My friend works at The Pokemon Company in their marketing department and said he's seen most of the games already. You are free to believe me or not, but I 100% believe him. Here's what he's shared with me:

  • 85 new Pokemon
  • 25 regional forms (some of them are new evolutions)

There WILL be a paid DLC. However, unlike the SWSH one, this one will be released in 3 parts with more new Pokemon and regional forms.

The Scarlet legend is a Minotaur, and the Violet legend is a Griffin. The is a third legend that is a dragon with 3 heads to start. He said he saw concept art where the dragon had up 9 heads in total.

He thinks the generation will be longer than usual compared to the other games. I'm going to ask him later if he can share more info on the gameplay and gimmick.

Hi, me again. I just finished messaging with my friend again. Here's some new info he's shared with me:

There is a new ability called Regenesis, which is unique to the 3 headed dragon. Each time it sustains damage, it grows 2 new heads and its attack and special attack stat are increased. This stops after 3 turns (9 heads)

There is a new mythical that will be distributed upon the games launch. It's Fairy/Ice and looks like a small angel with clouds as its wings and an ice crown. He said it's really cute.

Regional forms: Sharpedo + new evolution. Chandelure line is now psychic/electric.

He said he doesn't know what the gimmick is for this gen at this time.

NOTE: Two of the starter typings are not possible per Khu's Starter riddle, but the region name will likely also be wrong too.
NOTE2: Neither rival name matches Nemona

Hungry Munchlax Leak: r/PokeLeaks - New (fake) leak found on 4chan about all the story and things in the game
Leaker claims that they will try to "share more in the coming weeks before the marketing picks up again" - this was 2+ months ago

Just the Demo Guy

Edit: note: most statements are now completely wrong

To no one's surprise, I'm moving this dude to confirmed fake. It's recently come to my attention that Koa Games, the company that he supposedly applied to, is a smartphone development studio in Japan that, as far as I can tell, has no western presence. I can't even confirm that it still exists. It was acquired by GameFreak a few years back, which is maybe why he chose them to create the fake job page. I kind of wonder if Koa is a previous name for ILCA?

Recap: r/PokeLeaks - Recap of all the possible leaks from @PresidentofRea1 on twitter

- New trailer end of march/beginning of april with box art and new gameplay

- The rivals are Paula et Ciel. They're nice rivals.

- New pokémons are cute

- He hasn't seen any regional variants for the moment (he's early game)

- There are gyms

- Region name is Quedaluna

- Professor is named Enebro

- Paula is the professor assistant

- The first evolution of fuecoco is named Cenicoco and is only fire type : "Cenicoco is a slightly bulkierFuecoco. Transitions to havingfour legs instead of two whichan enlarged lower jaw. Thewhite portion of its face getspink and yellow floral markings.Not sure if this is indicative ofan extra typing yet."

- New mouse pokémon named Scurmor, dark type : "Scurmor looks like a hopping mouse. It has two forms, one where it's curled into a ball with its tail sticking out. Its tail has a very hauntr-esque face on it. Once it takes a hit, it switches to a standing form where it bounces on its tail. Very dark color palette. Mostly dark blue and grey."

- The region is separated in half : Greater Quedaluna and Veritas Island, where you can find the game legendaries

- The star on the japenese logo is the new gimmick and is called the Opuest Geode that completely inverts type matchups for a few turns when used

- Scarlet legendary is a rooster and Violet legendary is a bat

- Evil team is named team Howl : They’re fixated on technological advancement and think that traditions get in the way of progress

- The game looks good enough

- PLA catching is not back. Sw/Sh catching's back

- Grapes and Oranges are a tradition of the game : "It’s a celebration of progression and hope for the future."

- Battles are in the overworld, like PLA.

still posting as of writing, but has tried to pass off fan music as real; then deleted the post
Edit: Twitter is down
Reddit Summary: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokeLeaks/comments/te35hi/recap_of_all_the_potential_leaks_from/?sort=top

SVGuy on Twitter. The account posted a bunch of random info then tried to pass off an extremely poor "screenshot" as real; then admitted they were lying. I believe their account no longer exists.
Here is a compilation of almost everything they've said just for reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/PokeLeaks/comments/tm2hik/a_compilation_of_supposed_leaks_from_the_twitter/



For Riddles that are no longer necessary to review

Putting Khu's comments here since I'm combing it into the write up.
These are small bits of info that aren't necessarily full Riddles:

  • Eevee is available in the game
  • Gogoat is available in the game
  • Wigglytuff is available in the game
  • Not all starters are currently available
  • Not all pokemon not in gen 8 are currently available
  • (emphasis on currently)
  • There is a "Japanese style cool" Bug Pokemon
  • In the response to the meaning of "extra RF" post he said: "F is what you should care about, not R." edit: F means Fake
  • The legendaries have [five forms] (five forms written as instructions to write 五形)
  • In response to another Twitter user saying "I will not rest until Dunsparce has an evolution. Please, Game Freak." Khu responded, "Mark this one".
  • Sprigatito stands up when it evolves and most likely has a feminine design per Khu's descriptions
  • Sprigatito has a "god-like" Hidden Ability
  • More than 1 object-mon
  • 4 [feminine humanoid] designs (pokemon in the vein of Tsareena)
  • at least 2 [masculine humanoid] designs (pokemon in the vein of Incineroar?)
  • This actually is a riddle, but it wasn't a picture riddle. Khu made three tweets that was presumed to be a reference to the the riddle, "what has a head, a tail, but no body". The answer is a coin. The riddle was about an object-mon, so there is most likely a coin based object-mon.
  • There is a new dog pokemon

  • Gym Leaders and Elite 4 all have occupations
  • Something similar to the Lake House movie will be in SV
  • Something similar to Detroit become human will be in SV
  • Titan R: BW/XY/SwSh: F, F, M
  • Titan V: クローズ (Crows)
  • There's a Gym Leader teased in trailer 1 that has a tear mole (a beauty mark? actually don't know what tear mole means) [NOTE: possibly referring to the flamenco dancer picture seen in player's house] < Looks to be something else
  • There's an e4 member that reminds Khu of Takarazuka

Once a Khu riddle has been officially "solved" by being revealed by marketing; I plan to move them here. I will also try to provide extra details about what the answer was and why.
[JULY18] Alternatively, I also move riddles here when I feel like, apparently. I'm impatient and trying to remove clutter of things that resonably won't provide additional insight.

SOLUTION: pokemon have a hidden 3rd Tera type that they change to

No one is certain what 3 types could mean, only that it refers to Pokemon types (fire, water, grass; etc.) Could be for Pokemon or Moves. Is related to the regional "gimmick"


Based on comments by Khu this is likely hinting at Lechonk's evolution

SOLUTION: Lechonk's evo is white when shiny (better when white)

The interrpretaion of this is that the legendaries have multiple forms for riding multiple terrain. There may be more to it, however.

NOTE: 2nd leaker has confirmed that the legendaries will be rideable for flying, climbing swimming, and 'running' or what have you.

The picture of the bull and matador seem to be hinting at a regional Bull. Either Tauros (from gen 1) Miltank (gen 2) or Bouffalant (gen 5); because they match the numbers
The number circle contains the hex codes for the Water Type Color and the Ground Type Color. It is unclear if this means a water/ground type gets a regional form or a pokemon becomes water/ground; however, Water/Ground types are only found in gens 2, 3, 4, 5: the numbers included in the circle with ?s. This has lead people to believe its either Quagsire, Swampert, Gastrodon, or Seismitoad.

ANSWER: First one is Tauros. It has been confirmed by leaker. 2nd one is wooper. Confirmed by leaker and it loops because the animal wooper is based on is called a wooper looper in japan

Anime is Stein's Gate. Item the character is holding is a character called an Upa. Upa is also the japanese name for wooper. Upa has been colored in to make it resemble modern depictions of it. Text is a reference to Spirited Away.

SOLUTION: regional wooper confirmed

SOLUTION: Wooper has a new evolution

There are currently 2 theories

Book is called Rikuoh. It means "Land King" It is believed to be a play on Riku jyoh which means "track and field"
Book is about a company that makes tabi (split toed socks); that decides to start making running shoes.
Tabi Socks could be a play on Tabby Cat.

All of this taken into consideration seems to imply a Cheetah pokemon:
King of the Land could refer to the fastest land mammal; the cheetah. Or specifically "King" Cheetahs which have a different coat pattern.
Track and Field could refer to a pokemon that likes to run or very athletic (such as a cheetah)
Tabby share a genetic link to king cheetahs (which causes similar fur patterns)
A company going from tabi socks (tabby cat) to making running shoes (running = cheetah)

The second theory is that the book title is a play on quagsire's name which is 沼王 [swamp king] in Chinese

SOLUTION: image was a hint to Fidough, a literal bread dog

Possible Explanation: "Since we're in Spain this time around, and this is related to the coin objectmon, it's almost definitely a hint at the Spanish real, also known as pieces of eight. There are six slices here, so maybe you've gotta catch/collect six slices to get a full coin? That'd fit with the traditional Pokémon party size." Credit to LemmaEOF: Source Post

F = fake. Refers to a diglett look alike pokemon

Eventually translates to a sentence that reads: F Means Fake; referring to the Extra RF Riddle


It is believed that the interpretation for this should be that the Gen 9 starters secondary type correlate to the type of the gears in top right which are Dark, Ghost, and Fighting; so Grass/Dark Sprigatito, Fire/Ghost Fuecoco and Water/Fighting Quaxly

Leaker has confirmed types of starters

The currently accepted answer is that this Riddle was hinting at the Box Legendaries being Dragon/Fighting and Dragon/Electric (the gears are: fighting, dragon, and electric)

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Oh thank you so much. We had something like this on the first page of I think the gen 7 leak thread but I understand why people who make the leak thread may not have the time/interest in updating it
Oh thank you so much. We had something like this on the first page of I think the gen 7 leak thread but I understand why people who make the leak thread may not have the time/interest in updating it
No problem, it's something I've wanted as well. I've started with the most "stand-out" leaks, but I'm combing through a ton of other random leaks, mostly from 4chan of course, and trying to decide how much of it is worth transcribing.
Haha, some of these "leaks" are really funny and interesting to read. The most funny of the whole thing, is that these leaks all say different things about who the legendaries are and what they are like. One says "its only one Legendary", whereas another says "Its a rooster and a bat". You can kind of tell they are just screwing around at this point.

The only real leak I'd likely take as truth, and which sounds the most reasonable by far, is the Uncle leak, the one where it said that the Legendaries are Dragon/Fighting, and Dragon/Electric. (Strength vs Speed maybe?) .

Any other "info" here sounds bogus, especially the ones where the region's name is longer than the usual five letter word. This has never been the case, however, seeing as all regions, dating back to the first gen games, always had region names with five letters, not less or more than that.
Haha, some of these "leaks" are really funny and interesting to read. The most funny of the whole thing, is that these leaks all say different things about who the legendaries are and what they are like. One says "its only one Legendary", whereas another says "Its a rooster and a bat". You can kind of tell they are just screwing around at this point.

The only real leak I'd likely take as truth, and which sounds the most reasonable by far, is the Uncle leak, the one where it said that the Legendaries are Dragon/Fighting, and Dragon/Electric. (Strength vs Speed maybe?) .

Any other "info" here sounds bogus, especially the ones where the region's name is longer than the usual five letter word. This has never been the case, however, seeing as all regions, dating back to the first gen games, always had region names with five letters, not less or more than that.
Uncle leak is also pretty BS too because for a leak that's "been spreading like wildfire" it sure is impossible to find.
i didnt realize there were this many leaks lmao. people gotta stop it with the specific pokemon names and shit. feels a lil too obvious
That Stellar State leak is most likely fake on the technicality that the games only have one legendary.
eh; first time for everything. I agree it's unlikely , but It will get proven false for certain soon enough.

I'm trying to keep personal bias out of it otherwise I'd also put the Luzia leak in most likely fake too for spending way too much time talking about inspiration and being way too aware of other leaks. And for potentially piggybacking off of a Proven Fake with the region name being one letter off of Lusia from PeaceKeeper McGee.
Uncle leak is also pretty BS too because for a leak that's "been spreading like wildfire" it sure is impossible to find.

I know. That said, in comparison to the other rumors, it has more subststance that make it easier to believe for a first time viewer. I don't like to believe this one myself either, given that I'm hoping the Legendaries are actually more based on the concepts of Night/Dusk and Day/Dawn, given how easily the titles of the games can allude it.

The idea that the Legendaries being part Electric and part Fighting, gives me more of a "Speed" vs "Strength" feel, which sounds lame in comparison to Dusk and Dawn.

Quoting myself from the Legendaries thread to share my idea:

Maybe they have a twilight theme going on? Like Dawn/Day (Scarlet) or Dusk/Night (Violet). After all, we already had sun, moon, sea, earth and sky themed Legendaries, so concepts such as Daytime/Dawn and Night/Dusk could work. That and Violet's title design seems to invoke a night sky theme, whereas Scarlet's color look to be aiming at a rising dawn theme.

Dawn/Day Legendary = combination of Fire, Psychic and/or Fairy type

Dusk/Night Legendary = combination of Ice, Dark and/or Ghost type
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That Stellar State leak is most likely fake on the technicality that the games only have one legendary.
I’m 100% sure it’s fake, but b2w2 and usum both technically have one legendary with different forms no? I don’t think it would be out of the question to do that for the first entry of a generation
Just here to say because it came to mind, I swear the grades part of the Invisible Pokemon leak was also the part of the plot of a gameboy Yu-Gi-Oh game. Doesn't effect its legitimacy just thought that was funny.
The Sama region leak can be confirmed fake. We know the starter types because of Khu.

Sprigatito gains the dark type. Fuecoco gains the Ghost type. Quaxly gains the Fighting type.
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Well, everything was fake (no surprise really) and while the "no gyms" does not directly have any points against it yet, I also realized it doesn't really reveal anything, so...

Here's to future fake leaks trying to extrapolate more info based on the new trailer. Will probably condense the Fake section later.
Where can I see the past Khu riddles?
Do you mean like one's for Legend's Arceus?

I have pretty much all the one's for Scarlet/Violet. There's a couple of recent one's I haven't put in yet like his comment about the "cool japanese bug" and the legends have 5 forms. (I'm thinking of just having a seperate section for one off comments from him. I think I will do that now.)

I moved the "Masters" one to the bottom section since it was only about the legendary types and it's more or less "officially confirmed" now. It's also only the most recent version, the other versions would be redundant because it's the same image with less info.

The only other thing that's not here is all the cropped pictures of pictures of the legendaries, but that was just leading up the collage, so I don't think it provides additional info (and all the images make it hard to edit the post).

If I'm completely missing something, I'd love to know. He posts so much, sometimes I just forget by the time I'm able to update.
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