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Pokémon: Seasons

Should I merge the games into one game?

  • One game named Pokémon: Seasons or Pokémon Change

    Votes: 3 100.0%
  • Two games named Flame & Frost

    Votes: 0 0.0%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
Hey, I got two things:
1. Just in case you didn’t see it, I made a Riddler Khu thread, and the link was an edit, so you might not have seen it, so the link is here
2. I’m gonna implement “staff”, which is pretty much people who are helping out with Pokémon: Seasons! I’m SUPER grateful for those who are in staff (besides me) because this project is really hard, and it’s good to just have friends helping out! Tbh I don’t have anything to give to staff, so it’s mostly volunteer, but staff do have a strong say in what goes in Pokémon: Seasons! Right now the staff is, of course, me, and also Handium, who’s working on art! Yet again, thank you to all my staff (right now this is only to Handium but extends to any future staff)!
FINALLY!!! Looking at this thread, Designing a Pokémon Fangame, by @DigitalGen6, I’ve been put to shame with Pokémon: Seasons. So I delved into California a bit more, and found two things, which appealed to me, and I’m gonna use them for box art Legendary and enemy Legendary! Let me show you what I found…
Box art Legendary: Coyote
I want to emphasize more on the trickster and good for this. It appeals to me thanks to its rich lore, world-making aspects, and trickster nature. I want it to kinda be a tricky peacebringer between the four Legendaries of the seasons Wow, that sounds so cool >w<. When I have more, I’ll share!
Enemy Legendary: Fresno Phantom/Fresno Nightcrawlers
Unfortunately, I don’t have a website or video about the Fresno Phantom, so I had Google’s Gemini ai tell me about it:
Prompt: Tell me all you know about the Fresno Phantom
Reply: “

The Enigmatic Fresno Phantom: Unveiling the Shadows​

The Fresno Phantom, also known as the Black Fog, has haunted the folklore of California's Sierra Nevada mountains for nearly a century. Its elusive nature and lack of concrete evidence fuel its mystique, captivating imaginations and inspiring countless stories. Here's what we know:

Sightings and Descriptions:

  • First reported sightings date back to the 1920s, primarily around Huntington Lake and Shaver Lake in Sierra National Forest.
  • The Phantom is often described as a tall, shadowy figure, sometimes glowing with an eerie light or emitting a humming sound.
  • Some claim it appears near bodies of water or during foggy conditions,adding to its spectral aura.

Theories and Explanations:

  • Paranormal: Some attribute the Phantom to a ghostly apparition or extraterrestrial visitor, seeking explanations beyond the natural world.
  • Natural Phenomena: Others propose natural explanations like unusual fog formations, bioluminescent fungi, or even misidentified animals like bears or mountain lions.
  • Folklore and Misperception: The possibility of cultural embellishment,storytelling exaggerations, and pareidolia (misinterpreting stimuli) also play a role in shaping the legend.

Cultural Impact:

  • The Phantom has become a fixture in local lore, inspiring ghost tours,campfire stories, and even a mascot for the Fresno Grizzlies minor league baseball team.
  • Its enduring presence reflects the human fascination with the unknown and the desire to explain mysterious phenomena.

Missing Pieces:

  • No concrete evidence like clear photographs or videos exist to confirm the Phantom's existence.
  • Scientific investigations haven't yielded conclusive results, leaving room for debate and interpretation.


  • The Fresno Phantom remains an enigma, shrouded in mystery and lacking definitive proof.
  • Approaching the story with an open mind while acknowledging the lack of evidence is crucial.
  • Its cultural significance lies in its ability to spark curiosity, ignite imaginations, and remind us of the unexplained wonders that might lurk in the shadows.

If you're interested in delving deeper, here are some resources:

The Fresno Phantom may never fully reveal its secrets, but its enduring legacy lies in its power to pique curiosity and stir imaginations. It's a reminder that even in our modern world, there's still room for mystery and the thrill of the unknown.”

I just think that these creatures are interesting and want to use them for a “bad guy” Legendary. I’m sure that they’ll have something to do with Team Storm. Maybe it possessed Storm to do this for some nefarious plot, maybe Storm needs them, idk. Let me know what you guys think!
Hey, I’m renaming all the towns/cities. I’ll eventually also change the list, but anyway, here’s the list:
Sprout City: Tabi No Hajimari
Harmony Town: Heibannamono-Raghu Ga Sumu Basho
Blossomville: Hana No Machi
Fluttertown: Oku No Konchu Ga Iru Machi
Verdant Town: Shokubutsu No Kokyo
Pixieville: Subete No Yoi Mono No Shinpi-Teki Na Hinanjo
Oakwood City: Nanimo Zoku Shinai Basho
Blazing Heights City: Kazanroku No Toshi
Dragon Roost Village: Gekishii Kyoi No Toshi
Ember City: Kazan No Chojo No Toshi
Gemstone City: Hoseki No Toshi
Rocky Ridge City: Suna Ni Uzu Mo Reta Toshi
Seaside City: Mizu Ni Sumu Koto O Nozomu Toshi
Sunken City: Mizu To Ittai No Toshi
Volt City: Nidotte Utareru Toshi
Swampstone City: Kesshosei No Dokusoku No Toshi
Battle City: Tatakai Ga Ippan-Teki Na Toshi
Sky City: Sora Ni Todoku Toshi
Blizzard Town: Kori No Machi
Frostbite Village: Kotte Iru Nagusame No Mura
Iron City: Hagane No Toshi
Shadow City: Kage Ga Tawamureru Toshi
Nightshade City: Doku Ga Yoi Toshi
Dream City: Yume No Toshi
Hauntville: Ushinawareta No Toshi

The reason for all the changes is that there wasn’t really a theme, so I changed them all to Japanese phrases! What they mean, well… I’ll leave that for you to figure out :p
Hey, I got two things:
1. Just in case you didn’t see it, I made a Riddler Khu thread, and the link was an edit, so you might not have seen it, so the link is here
2. I’m gonna implement “staff”, which is pretty much people who are helping out with Pokémon: Seasons! I’m SUPER grateful for those who are in staff (besides me) because this project is really hard, and it’s good to just have friends helping out! Tbh I don’t have anything to give to staff, so it’s mostly volunteer, but staff do have a strong say in what goes in Pokémon: Seasons! Right now the staff is, of course, me, and also Handium, who’s working on art! Yet again, thank you to all my staff (right now this is only to Handium but extends to any future staff)!
Ok, I don’t know why the links didn’t appear, but they are: Pokémon: Seasons-Riddler Khu
I can help with character art if you want…?
That would be very much appreciated! Ty! Should I just send descriptions, or what do you want me to do?
Hey! Two more new moves dropping!
Spectral Crush: Ghost-80-Special-100-10-Uses the user’s Sp. Def instead of Sp. Atk
This move is basically a Ghost type Special Body Press

Reeling Counter: Fighting-0-Physical-100-10-The user takes only half damage from the opponent’s attack this turn, and afterwards strikes back with the damage the opponent would’ve done. This move fails if the opponent isn’t attacking
This move basically takes from when your opponent attacks, they leave a blind spot, so you guard yourself and use their own force of the attack to strike back in that weak spot. Honestly, this move could create problems for the metagame. Some good abusers of this include stall sets. While seemingly not the best idea for these sets, as they’re typically bulkier Pokémon, it can actually work well for defensive reasons. You can:
1. Negate a definite threat and strike back hard with that damage they would’ve dealt
2. Negate a weak attack even further, letting you recover HP in the end thanks to Leftovers

Overall, these moves could prove useful. What Pokémon do you guys think these could be on?
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Hey! More stuff relating to moves and abilities, and two about Mythoty

  1. Divine Aspects, Mythoty’s signature ability, now also changed Mythoty’s type to correspond with an Arceus Plate it is holding. This is because I thought that it needed some more work, and Mythoty is supposed to be the one who created Arceus’s egg, after all
  2. Water Protection, Seapsych’s signature ability, now makes Seapsych take 1/8 less damage instead of making it heal 1/8 damage before being hit. I looked at the ability, instantly saw it as too broken, and fixed it
  3. Since we’re now introducing “claw” category moves, I decided to make a claw boosting ability for multiple Pokémon. I mean, we already have the likes for stuff like biting moves and pulse moves. It’s called Sharp Claws, and it makes claw moves deal 1.5x damage
  4. I’m changing Mythoty’s stats a little. I thought that I would boost every stat by 5 (they were previously 125 each) so that Mythoty can actually contend with some of the strongest Pokémon (outside Eternamax Eternatus, there’s no way Im letting someone use that behemoth, not unless it has some drawbacks), Mega Rayquaza, Mega Mewtwo X, and Mega Mewtwo Y, each with a BST of 780
I’m also re-adding the Blank and Legend Plates. I’m also adding a Stellar plate. This’ll make Arceus and Mythoty Stellar. Basically, they have no weakness. Since they have no in-game effect:
Blank Plate: Makes Normal-type moves deal 1.2x damage
Stellar Plate: Makes Arceus and Mythoty Stellar type, makes Tera Blast and Tera Starstorm Stellar type and gives each move that is the first type you’ve used since the start of the battle with it deal 1.2x damage
Legend Plate: Changes Judgment’s and Arceus and Mythoty’s type to whatever’s best when they use Judgment and makes t type they are deal 1.2x damage
Hey, been gone for a while, so I have a lot of new info! Most of its shared on PokeCommunity, but I’ll share here as well! Anyway, let’s get to the important stuff first!

From PokeCommunity, Mars THT and Kyatra joined the team! Mars THT is excellent at giving feedback, music, and pretty much everything else lol. And Kyatra is also really good at feedback and at art! I’m glad to have them here on the team! And welcome! Also…

Pokémon: Seasons now has a Discord! Give me a dm there if you want to join! I’m Nanulak there, btw
This is the lore:
In the beginning, there was a wide trickster Pokémon named Tulamkoywak, and it was a wise Pokémon.
One day, it rose up the lands from the seas to make a new region, one it could call home. Eventually humans and Pokémon arrived, and started to worship it as a creator. Tulamkoywak accepted this, and taught them the way of the land, and they were at peace
One day, four Pokémon, Payaachi, Yokutsvaat, Huwachaya, and Poyaawit came to the region, and started fighting for it over territory. These Pokémon were Pokémon that embodied the seasons. Spring went to Payaachi, Summer went to Yokutsvaat, Autumn went to Huwachaya, and Winter went to Poyaawit. The flashing between the four Legendaries causes great chaos in the region, and it unsettled all
Unknowing of what to do, and blaming it for not preventing this disaster, the humans revolted against Tulamkoywak, out of the evil of their hearts
Through this evil, a Pokémon was born: Yokechaxav, a Pokémon made of pure evil thoughts, desires, and intentions. Naturally, it loved the chaos and loathed Tulamkoywak, who acted as a peacebringer
Eventually, Tulamkoywak was able to calm down the fighting and quell the Legendaries, but not before their fighting attracted a strange meteor
The meteor crashed into the center of Goldenia, and exposed a new material known as Berserkium, a material that made Pokémon grow fierce and aggressive, and Berserk Deoxys, a Deoxys infected with Berserkium.
Berserk Deoxys caused chaos throughout the region, causing people and Pokémon alike to go berserk, which happened to coincide with Yokechaxav's plans
However, a hero stepped up with Tulamkoywak to defeat the two beasts, and bring peace to the land

Unfortunately, the people who turned on Tulamkoywak blurred the details severely, making it relatively unknown. The Draconids still know, however
Since then, life’s lived on like normal. However, Yokechaxav possessed Storm, making him do its bidding to cause chaos, making it stronger and have a chance to get at Tulamkoywak

The story is that you help Professor Sequoia, one of the professors, investigate the seasons. That’s his research. You also help Professor Palm, another professor who investigates the Mysterious Crater and lore of the region. You also help your Champion brother, Kereama, deal with Team Twister, who’s a national security threat
Oh, yeah. The statistics on the Tulamkoywak and Yokechaxav

Tulamkoywak is a Grass-Dark type based off of the Native American Coyote legend. It has an affinity for nature, and is quite the trickster. It’s tricks, however, are to teach people. It’s signature ability, Peacebringer, halves damage from Fairy, Fire, Flying, and Ice type moves. It’s signature move, Eco Blast, is a 100 base damage Grass type Special move that heals 75% of the damage dealt. It’s stats are 100 HP, 70 Attack, 130 Defense, 120 Sp. Atk, 140 Sp. Def, 120 Speed. It’s name origin is Tulamni, the Yokuts (a Native American language) word used to name both season and ecosystem, Koy’um, a Yokuts word meaning playfulness, cunning, and mischief, and Wakcham, a Yokuts word implying a powerful or divine force. Basically it means a Divine trickster of the ecosystem

Yokechaxav is a Psychic-Dark type Pokémon based off of a Native American legend that’s in the archives of my mind rn lol. It was born from evil thoughts and intentions, and it especially loathes Tulamkoywak. It’s signature ability, Chaos Bringer, has a 10% chance to afflict a random status condition on the target when it attacks. It’s signature move, Deceitful Lie, is a Psychic type status move that has the opponent give its positive stat changes to the user and the user give its negative stat changes to the opponent. It’s stats are 110 HP, 90 Attack, 120 Defense, 120 Sp. Atk, 130 Sp. Def, and 90 Speed. It’s name origin comes from Yokecha, the Yokuts word for Deceiver, and Xav, the Yokuts word for Born. Basically it means Born from deceit.
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