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Gen V OU team.


The Lark Ascending.
Mar 22, 2009
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I have been a competitive battler for quite a while now, and have been greatly enjoying the Gen V metagame, therefore i decided to take the time to design an entirely new team.

Try to hide your shock, this is NOT a weather team :| However it is designed to work well in the weather dominated metagame. So lets get started


Modest, 252 spA 252 speed, 4 hp.
Choice specs. Natural cure.
Surf, Thunder, Grass knot, trick.

My lead, to the extent that leads still exist after team preview was created. Defeats both politoed and ninetales with thunder and surf respectively. entry hazard pokemon get tricked to leave a sweep open for virizion or tyranitar. A relatively basic lead that i feel works incredibly well against many of the leads of the gen V metagame.
edit: tested, easily 2KO's almost all ninetales, however gets KO'd by solarbeam, therefore i generally switch to hydreigon.

Bulky Physical sweeper.

Impish, 252 def, 252 speed, 4 attack
leftovers, justified.
swords dance, sacred sword, stone edge, iron head.

This thing came about due to a need for an outrage check, a physical sweeper and physical wall, all of which it covers wonderfully. base 129 defence almost rivals dusknoir, and it's speed helps outspeed threats such as gyarados and salamence. This thing eats physical attacks, not being KO'd by gyarados, azumaril, tyranitar, it even survived an unboosted excadrill earthquake. After a swords dance it does massive damage to most pokemon, and the moves are chosen for coverage. Sacred sword is to help against pokemon such as acid armor vaporeon and stockpile quagsire.

Special wall/staller/sweeper.

Hasty. 252 speed, 192 spD, 64 spA.
Thunder wave. Taunt. Fire blast. Dark pulse.

Here we have the biggest surprise of the team, a hydreigon designed as a special wall. Madness you might say, however i needed a special wall to counter pychic pokemon easily, could spread status and stall, and this fit the bill. It's speed means it can paralyse many of my counters, beat most pychics with dark pulse, taunt other stallers that predict offence and fire blast any steel types. Need to run some more calcs to make sure evs are right, but, however weird it seems, it has worked wonders for me!

Special sweeper.

Timid, 252 spA, 252 speed.
calm mind. Focus blast. Giga drain. hidden power ice
Wide lense.

To a large extent Virizion is the centre of the team, who comes in on paralysis, ferrothorn, tyranitar and water pokemon in general, abosrbing most special attacks bar spec'd and set up moves super effective attacks, and KOing with a giga drain, and restoring health. This thing eats sandstorm teams, excadrill and tyranitar have got nothing on it, and are both KO'd with focus blast. Wide lense is there for focus blast accuracy and because i did not want to lose health from life orb. It's speed is the most important factor, outspeeding some of the top threats, and to finish it all off imunity to leech seed is just invaluable.

Physical Wall.

Careful. 252 hp, 184 def, 72 spD
Swords dance, Earthquake, Ice fang, aeriel ace.
Leftovers. Sandveil.

Slightly altered Gliscor Physical wall. Sandveil+leftovers seems to work better than toxic orb+poison heal, as the occasional miss can make the difference between victory and loss, especially against things such as toxic and leech seed. After 2 swords dances i can 2KO ferro, KO opposing gliscor and KO zapdos. Another pokemon that does wonders against sandstorm and sunny day teams, however it does have a strong weakness to rain dance teams, thereofore i keep starmie and Virizion in reserve in anticipation for such pokemon.

Revenge killer.

Adamant, 4hp, 252 attack, 252 speed
Close combat, stone edge, x scissor, earthquake.
Choice Scarf.

Mosterous attack stat helps Terrakion revenge kill almost all pokemon. Main problem is renicules only get's 2ko'd easily by both stone edge and x-scissor, therefore tyranitar and starmie help massively. KOs Blissey, ferrothorn, Zapdos, thundurus. Get's a lot of help from sandstorm too, as can easily survive dark pulses for the attack gain. Won uncountable games 1-4 down with the right scarfed move.

This team is in the most early stages of it's development, i am constantly fiddling with the evs, natures and moves. I am happy with the pokemon themselves, and the team fits together nicely, however i thought i would post here so i can get some help by you lovely people! :)

Also, it has totally ended up with me using the three muskateers. i did not intend it, they just fit what i needed :')

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For T-Tar, if you want to add a little bulk, why not something like:

44 HP / 212 Atk / 252 Spe
108 HP / 148 Atk / 252 Spe

Those HP EVs hit leftovers numbers, not super important, but what is important is they add bulk to both Def and SpD instead of just one or the other. Tyranitar appreciates the power when he is Jolly, so I would try the more offensive one first. I love the bulk T-Tar can offer, but that doesn't really mesh so much with this set. Nattorei shuts your set completely down, so you'll have to find a way to bait and kill it. You have sufficient counters for it, certainly, it's just a matter of checkmating it.

I wouldn't invest in Def to take Bullet Punch without a Babiri berry. If Scizor is around, either run Fire Punch and try to hit it on the switch, or just switch out to a counter and try to eliminate it before going for a T-tar rampage.

On Zapdos, I would do a similar thing, allocate EVs to HP first. There are some cases where you should dump in the defenses first, but in your teams case, you don't have one of those situations. I see you are trying to take advantage of Zapdos' power, but think about what you are trying to counter with it. I have used both physically and specially defensive Zapdos, and both are effective (If you can keep Stealth Rock away).

I just made this one up for Modest:

252 HP / 128 Def / 96 SpA / 32 Spe

You could allocate the Def EVs to SpD if you want to come in on those things instead. I would also get Roost on there over U-Turn. If you want to go more offensive, leave Modest and add some speed and dump the rest in HP. You will have to playtest this to see if you need a little more power or more defenses. I think using 248 HP EVs will let you switch into SR an extra time if you aren't taking other damage, but that won't come into play much and 252 HP gives a nice lefties number.

Same kind of EV thing for Gliscor. If you want to try and be mixed defensively (I'm not sure how advisable that is), you could do something like Careful with 252 HP / 40 Def / 216 SpD. That would be better than what you have now. It is much more efficent, look:

Calcs for your 60 HP / 196 Def / 252 SpD spread:

0 SpA Bold Vaporeon Surf - 62.7% - 74.5%
72 Atk Adamant Gyarados Waterfall - 55.6% - 66.7%

Calcs for 252 HP / 40 Def / 216 SpD spread:

0 SpA Bold Vaporeon Surf - 56.5% - 66.7%
72 Atk Adamant Gyarados Waterfall - 54.8% - 65%

The max HP spread takes physical hits *slightly* better, but you gain a lot of bulk on the special side.

Some other small things. Terrakion needs his last 6 EVs. Virizion only has one Wide lensable move, so I would at least test other items like Leftovers. You will generally scare Ferrothorn away immediately. Something that worries me is that you have no Steel types. Without a Dragon resist an unfavorable matchup against Latios, Garchomp, etc could mean catastrophic damage.

Keep at it :)
DDTar is pretty much impossible to use use in this metagame. Consider replacing it with a defensive variant that can support your team by setting up Stealth Rock. Defensive Tyranitar also helps you out against Choice Specs Latios, a major threat to your team.

Gliscor should run a more physically-inclined defensive spread with Taunt over Aerial Ace. Taunt allows you to beat Nattorei and stop random things from setting up on you or healing themselves.
Looks like half a sandstorm team to me. As for zapdos, i would stick to thundrus, since prankster lets it use t-wace with priority, and it hits harder (or equal, not sure). I can see why you would use zapdos though, with heat wave and more bulk. Its your choice really.

Your team seems to have alot of walls without recovery. I see you run arial ace on gliscor. This is why people run toXic orb: It lets you poison yourself, fling it, and use acrobat. Its better than hoping for a lucky miss usually, and also regains more health per turn. And it makes it immune to other statuses. If you do stick with lefties sand veil, use roost, so you can heal yourself. But if you want a sweeper like Glicor, use Garchomp. It has sand veil and lefties, hits harder (alot harder) has better STAB than Arial Ace (lol) and can use SD as well.

Do what they said about TTar. It cant touch scizor and gets killed by Roobishin and Azumaril as well. Not to mention its set up bait for breloom and virizion.

Starmie cant hit 9tails too hard with Sun weakened Surf can it? Just pointing that out.

IMO your anti weather team is a sandstorm team with other weather counters. Its good, but has alot of adjustments to be made and concepts to be thought over for their viability.

Oh yeah, one more thing. After Starmie has tricked its specs away, how do you deal with the SkarmBliss combo. Gliscor isnt 2koing skarm even at +6 with those moves, and Virizion is simply poisoned.
Fantastic feedback guys, thanks.

Troggy those ev suggests are great, the ev investment just for bullet punch scizor is useless i now see, so switching will have to be my option for a scizor. Gliscor and Zapdos evs i shall try aswell, Gliscor has shown some major special Defence weaknesses which i need to work on :/

DDtar has been working brilliantly for me... kept as a late game sweeper it can check the flying dragons and landorus, while beating reunicules and lati@s. I want to keep the 3 attacks so don't feel i have space for stealth rock, however i may think of employing it elsewhere.

Garcomp over Gliscor could work well, however at the moment my gliscor is keeping outraging dragon's in check with ice fang, especiall garchomp.
Also the comment about a steel type is very true, i could replace gliscor with excadrill?

oh sorry i missed the 4hp evs on terrakion, now edited :)

oh also skarm bliss, skarmory is killed by both Zapdos and Starmie, while blissey is taken down with a close combat from terrakion, a boosted stone edge from ttar, or a boosted earthquake from gliscor. While they're both still around, i can beat them through prediction, zapdos' u-turn against blissey and the use of setting up attack on gliscor and ttar
however at the moment my gliscor is keeping outraging dragon's in check with ice fang, especiall garchomp.

zapdos' u-turn against blissey and the use of setting up attack on gliscor and ttar

Gliscor has good bulk, but if you are planning on walling Outrages with something that doesn't resist dragon, you should probably take HH's advice and give Gliscor a more defense oriented EV spread and nature. Keep in mind that unboosted Gliscor Ice Fang is pretty weak, so you could end up losing against dragons in some situations.

U-Turn is a pretty useful move, but to play a defense oriented Zapdos without Roost is selling it short, in my estimation. I'm wondering if perhaps Magnezone would be a good fit instead of Zapdos. Magnezone can help get Scizor and Nattorei out of the way, resists Dragon type attacks, has good bulk, and shares Zapdos' electric typing. Maybe you could try a bulky Magnezone or something. It does give you another EQ weak, though.
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oohhhhhhh interesting proposition troggy....magnezone....that needs a try.

What set would you suggest? I'd think somthing relatively defensive, perhaps even 252 hp 252 spA, thunder, hp ice, flash cannon.....explosion maybe? Virizion, starmie and gliscor all are relatively good at taking earthquakes, starmie less so, but still i think the earthquake weakness is not a totally crippling factor.

And yes i definately will take your advice on Gliscor's defence.
Yeah, make sure you outrun CB Scizor, though. Don't use Explosion. How about Thunder Wave | Electric Attack | Hidden Power | Your Choice (Sub, Magnet Rise, Flash Cannon, Reflect, Light Screen, etc). Not sure I'd run Thunder given your T-Tar. If the overlapping EQ weak is too much of a problem, you could try using an Air Balloon.
mmm, i'm experimenting at the moment, i think bulky evs with thunderwave, thunder (seems to be working well for me atm) hp fire and sub.

Item wise, i'm experimenting with absorb bulb just out of curiosity for new items, but i think air ballon would work wonders. Also, ability? Study is good but get's beaten by any entry hazards at all, i'm trying analytic out of interest.
you should probably take Coolking's advice and give Gliscor a more defense oriented EV spread and nature.


Anyway, I think an EV Spread of 252 HP / 184 Def / 72 Spe with an Impish nature would work. If you don't mind losing to max speed, beneficial nature Tyranitar and potentially other Gliscors, feel free to run max defense or invest the extra EVs wherever you see fit.
Don't you want to use Magnet Pull on Magnezone? I don't even know what Analytic does, but I suppose I'll look it up :3


Anyway, I think an EV Spread of 252 HP / 184 Def / 72 Spe with an Impish nature would work. If you don't mind losing to max speed, beneficial nature Tyranitar and potentially other Gliscors, feel free to run max defense or invest the extra EVs wherever you see fit.

That's what I get for not looking back up there to see who said it :p
No that is good advice, i shall add in the evs you suggested, i'm just currently trying to find a replacement for zapdos tbh, a special wall that can also do damage thats not a pink blob?

reunicules is calling out to me...especially as he won't mind sandstorm. However this then leaves me open to swords dance and dragon dance outrage sweeps :/

so far testing has resulted in Starmie being an outstanding lead, Virizion and terrakion being definite keepers, and once i finalize gliscor that will be a definate.

therefore i just need to decide if Tyranitar really is for me, and a special wall thats not a pink blob. Cobalion could be interesting as a bulky physical wall/sweeper....i'd end up with all the muskateers lol :')

thanks so much for al your help guys :')
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