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Gym Leaders VS Evil Team

Feb 16, 2018
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  1. He/Him
This is a question I have been thinking about. Since the player (who is like 10 or so) are the one to take out the evil team, it makes the Gym Leaders look incompetent (mostly the early gens since those a fully organized crime groups since the current gens have us taking on more street thugs and bullies). My question is this: Which Gym Leader would do the best against their region's evil team?

I'm talking:
Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders VS Team Rocket
Hoenn Gym Leaders VS Team Magma and Team Aqua
Sinnoh Gym Leaders VS Team Galactic
Unova Gym Leaders VS Team Plasma
Kalos Gym Leaders VS Team Flare
Alola Kahunas VS Team Skull
Galar Gym Leaders VS Team Yell

I know, I left out Paldea. It was on purpose.
I mean, Piers can probably just tell the members of Team Yell to calm down and stop being a bunch of brats, I guess?

Most of the regions' leaders would probably be fine against the admins and low-level zubat grunts, but I think the Galar situation can be defused without any issue at all.
I mean, Piers can probably just tell the members of Team Yell to calm down and stop being a bunch of brats, I guess?

Most of the regions' leaders would probably be fine against the admins and low-level zubat grunts, but I think the Galar situation can be defused without any issue at all.
I'm asking who would be the most prepared in terms of type match up agains the evil team.
if we're talking strictly type-matchups...

kanto - sabrina on her own would probably one-shot most of team rocket? don't they use mostly poison-types?
johto - the above, but jasmine for obvious reasons
hoenn - if we're talking ruby/sapphire, then wallace on his own can easily take on team magma and honestly? maybe team aqua too, idc. you dont need the entire hoenn gym leader squad to take on archie and maxie lol
sinnoh - basically johto all over again because byron resists most of team galactic's pokemon, plus i don't imagine he'd have a terrible time against cyrus given his type speciality?
unova - gonna be honest, team plasma is kind of a blur to me at this point, i don't even remember what pokemon they even use. if we're talking BW, iris shouldn't have much issue? idk though. ghetsis himself i can imagine giving some gym leaders a hard time, here.
kalos - ngl, i can see lysandre giving most kalos gym leaders a really hard time. i don't see their pokemon as anything impressive, even if some of them can mega evolve, lysandre's pokemon seems strong enough to cause headaches. for the purposes of this hypothetical, i'm ignoring the grunts as they should be easily dealt with
alola - quite easy to see trial captains and kahunas stomping over team skull, even guzma wouldnt stand a chance against olivia for type-matchup reasons. aether foundation is a bit trickier, lusamine can be a pain but the captain and kahunas are strong enough that i don't imagine she'll be too much trouble
galar - see above, although tbh chairman rose puts up quite a fight so he'll be a challenge for most galarian gym leaders, so it's hard to to tell how they'll fare against him.

am i understanding this thread right??
Tbh most of the sinnoh gym leaders would either do supereffective damage or neutral but stab damage to team galactic. However, Gardinia would get crushed by all the poison types that grunts and the admins have, plus Cyrus's many flying types, and Fantina would struggle against Cyrus's dark types and all of the puruglies/glameows.
I think from a story perspective Volkner (together with Flint?) could have had some interesting interactions with Cyrus. He clearly has a soft spot for his old home town and Volkner's depression arc has similarities with Cyrus' depression except with a happier ending and a better message (relying on friends like Flint while Cyrus dismissed his admins/friends despite their loyalty).

I also think Wattson could have played an interesting role in taking down Team Aqua/Magma, considering his connection to the Sea Mauville and Infinity Energy.

Another interesting plot could have been Iris vs Shadow Triad if the theory about them being Cilan and his brothers came true. Assuming she has a similar friendship with him that she has in the anime, Iris could have developed trust issues and blamed herself for the destruction of her town in White 2 (since she tried hard to preserve the town's cultural heritage in White 1). Would have added more story differences between the versions and maybe even served as build-up for Iris to become the champion to protect her people.

Another missed opportunity is Blaine and Team Rocket. What does he think about Rainbow Rocket Giovanni having a Mewtwo since he helped Fuji create it? Maybe they could have borrowed story elements from both the anime (Fuji's motivation to save his child) and Blaine's much more interesting manga counterpart. Could have been a plot in FRLG or LGPE as well.
All of these match-up predictions are based of each region's first game (so RBY, GSC, RSE, Diamond/Pearl, and so on)

For Kanto, Sabrina would have an easy time considering the Psychic type's match-up against Poison. Ironically, Giovanni has a similar match-up against his own organization. Erika however would have a hard time even if her Victreebel and Vileplume are part Poison-type.

For Johto, Jasmine won't have much trouble at all, and Morty can use his Ghost-type Pokémon's moveset flexibility to its fullest potential. That said, there aren't any Gym Leader in Johto with a bad matchup against Team Rocket. Perhaps Bugsy if his Scyther is knocked out.

In Hoenn, Team Aqua obviously won't fare well against Wattson, and Brawly has favorable matchups against the Dark-type Pokémons used by their team, namely Carvanha and the Poochyena/Mightyenas. Flannery and Roxanne are the worst at dealing with Team Aqua.

Team Magma however, gets trounced by Wallace/Juan, and despite the type advantage she would normally have, Roxanne would have to deal with Numels, which are part Ground-type and can beat Rock-type Pokémons. This time around, Wattson has a bad match-up against Team Magma.

Team Galactic is an interesting case : the grunts have various but somewhat weak Pokémons, the Commanders have a specific ace to fall back on, and Cyrus's team is very diverse. Let's focus on the more notable members this time around.

- Maylene would have no trouble dealing with Mars's team : her Meditite beats Zubat/Golbat, and while speedy, Purugly falls to Lucario. Bronzor is a bit problematic, but since it's part-Steel type, it's not as much of an issue here. Byron just straight up walls Mars's team. Gardenia once again has some trouble, and her Roserade can at least match Purugly's speed.
Jupiter's team isn't that different, switching up Purugly for a Skuntank. Roark can do a lot here since his Geodude and Onix are part-Ground type and can use super effective damage on Skuntank. Byron isn't as hard of a counter since Skuntank carries Flamethrower, and while Gardenia is once against at a disadvantage, joining her is Fantina, whose Ghost-type Pokémons falls to the stinky Pokémon.
Unlike his colleagues, Saturn has a more diverse team at least in Diamond/Pearl, most notably with a Kadabra and Toxicroak. Fantina would be the best here since her Ghost-type can deal with both Kadabra and Bronzor. Toxicroak can be dealt with using Psychic. Gardenia and Maylene have the worst match-up here. Not much would change if we take Saturn's Platinum team, which replaces Kadabra with Golbat.

- Cyrus's team is very diverse, but all of them have something in common : all of his Pokémons have a weakness to Rock-type moves. This would seemingly make Roark the perfect candidate to take on Cyrus, but the latter has a Gyarados in his final battle. Instead, we need to look at Volkner for a better match-up, since all his Pokémon but Weavile (and Houndoom in Platinum) have a weakness to Electric-type moves. Gardenia stands no chance here.

Like Team Galactic, the grunts have diverse Pokémons, and this time around, N and Ghetsis also have diverse teams and Colress specializes in Steel-type Pokémons. For simplicity, I'll focus on their last battle in their debut game this time around.

- N's team is diverse, and starts the battle with one of the box legendaries. None of the Gym Leaders would truly have a good match-up against him, but Clay has the best chances since his Pokémons beats 3 of N's (Reshiram/Zekrom, Carracosta and Klinklang). Even then, his Pokémons are beaten by said Carracosta and Vanilluxe. The Striaton Trio would stand no chance against the box legendary, since their respective ace are resisted by it.

- Ghetsis's team has claimed many victories, and it's no different against the Gym Leaders. To be honest, none of them have a favorable match-up, Lenora especially since she'll need to get past Cofagrigus. The "best" Gym Leader here would be Burgh and Brycen, and that's only because their team would have trouble against Bisharp, but not against everything else, hitting for neutral damage and being two of the Gym Leaders to somewhat threaten Hydreigon, and even then it would be a stretch to consider them having a favorable match-up.

- Colress's team mainly consists of Steel-type Pokémons with the exception of Beheeyem. This makes Clay a great candidate to battle Colress, though his Magneton and Klinklang have held items that makes them more defensive or removes a weakness until it gets hit respectively. Brycen however would have a hard time since Ice is beaten by Steel, and Roxie can't hope to win here. Marlon won't have a good time either, but that's mostly because Colress's team has both a Magneton and a Magnezone.

I'm getting a bit dizzy with all those match-ups so I'll stop here for now.
Reviving the thread hehehe

Anyways a headcanon is that the Island Kahunas track down Guzma and try to ask him what’s happening, (I don’t remember S/M so I can’t remember if team skull ends up apologising/disbanding) turns out he has big trauma and does bad things to cope and they help him be better and help him through trauma

ANYWAYS 2.0- as for fighting, they’re basically gym leaders verses a buncha misfits, so unless they have access to Ultra Beasts (which won’t happen unless Guzma goes fully crazy (which I will make a fanfiction abt)) the Kahunas will definitely win.
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