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Name a fictional character, and the person below will assign them to an evil team!


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Aug 2, 2023
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  1. He/Him
Basically what the title says! You give out a fictional character (preferably one not from Pokemon), and the person below will say which one of the antagonistic teams (Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Plasma, Flare, Skull, Yell, or Star) they would be the best fit for, and then names another character! (Note: they do not have to be villainous, but it will probably be a little easier to place them if they are.) And thus the cycle continues.

I'll start. As there is no character above me, and Rainbow Rocket comes from an alternate universe... perhaps that would be their best fit!

Now, here's a relatively well-known character: Darth Vader
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star on the grounds that i think its the one most likely to let someone her age join, as the thing is composed of academy students and the academy hosts people of seemingly all age groups

Team Skull. Skulls can be associated with Pirates, and although Team Skull isn’t a pirate group, Luffy’s a pirate. That or Team Aqua, because Team Aqua seems more like pirates to me.

Mr. Krabs
(i could see that too) i think he would try to join them all if he could, but also probably plasma.
well to clarify, "pregame" kokichi, if he existed, almost seems more skull, but he seems more plasma in the actual game.
that being said hes so chaotic i think he would try to sign up for them all just for the sake of ruining everything imaginable

joshua from twewy?
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