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harley jumpscare


Sep 3, 2023
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hey there! my name is harley, but i also go by paul. and many other names.
im a 19 year old artist from the US of A who really, REALLY likes to draw pokemon trainers. my favorite trainers (currently, at least) are will, aaron, paulo, cyrus and blue.
im trying to take a break from more general social medias because they rot my brain, and what better place to go than a forum? ill try to be at least somewhat active here and post about the things that interest me. which is mostly obscure pokemon trainers. its hard being one of 3 aaron and paulo fans. god help me.
Hey there Harley and welcome to the forums!

You have some great choices for your favorite characters. I see you like Aaron and Cyrus so I assume you’re a Sinnoh fan?

Be sure to check out the Art Gallery as I and many others are looking forward to seeing your art!

Hope to see you around!
Hello there! Welcome. I feel like I know you from somewhere???? :oops:

Reject social media, return to forum. We have a dedicated section for art. It's a cozy place. (I should know. I mod its neighbor, the Writer's Workshop). Hope to see you around!
welcome Harley! I've already checked out your art thread and I gotta say your style is super sharp and pretty, I'm definitely lookin' forward to seeing more of your art. ^^ (Also heck yeah a fellow fan of Blue, you have good taste. Aaron and Will are really underrated characters too!)
Hope ya have fun here; don't hesitate to give us a shout if you ever have a question about the forums! :fingergunz:
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