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TCG have any of you had to restart your tcg collections?

Oct 8, 2023
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what i mean by that is, have you ever had to throw out most/all of your cards (due to losing interest, moving house, etc) and then started collecting them again afterwards?
that actually happened to me just today, i threw out most of my cards (except my good rares) when i moved house earlier this year, but today i bought cards again for the first time in over 3 years! i bought a 3-pack set of paldea evolved packs (that came with a random tinkatink promo card) and a tin that had 2 lost origin and 2 fusion strike packs in it as well as a promo rotom-v.
as for what i got from the packs, i got a trainer gallery chandelure from one of the lost origin packs and a full art chien-pao ex and a regular ting-lu ex from two of the paldea evolved packs! i think those are pretty good pulls for what i got
certainly nyo dawn wings incident that's for sure lol.
okay maybe i got a little too into talking about myself there, what about you?
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