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Pokémon TCG Live receives maintenance this week on March 19th, ahead of update to Version 1.12.0 and the March 21st digital release of Temporal Forces

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Pokémon TCG Live - Scarlet & Violet— Temporal Forces
This week, the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live will be receiving an update to Version 1.12.0 ahead of the release of Scarlet & Violet— Temporal Forces and the 2024 Standard Format rotation. This update will resolve a large quantity of issues impacting on both gameplay, and general app stability both in and out of matches. As usual, the update will be preceded by an 8 hour long maintenance window, which is scheduled to start at 8:00am (PDT) / 3:00pm (UTC) on March 19th.

Most notably, the Version 1.12.0 patch will implement an update to how Ranked Ladder Rank Points are calculated, making it easier for players to reach higher leagues. The full Patch Notes for 1.12.0, as posted by the developers on the official Pokémon Community Forums, can be found below.
Version 1.12.0 Patch Notes said:
  • Added support for the Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet—Temporal Forces expansion.
  • Added support for the 2024 Standard format rotation.
  • Rebalanced the Ranked Ladder Rank Points for winning and losing matches, and decreased Rank Points needed to reach higher leagues.
  • Implemented error messaging to players when the game client requires a restart.
  • Implemented and improved certain card holographic VFX.
  • Updated the interactions between “at end of turn” and “until end of turn” effects.
Battle Pass
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the incorrect amount of Battle Pass XP was granted when redeeming rewards.
  • Mr. Mime (MEW #122): Fixed an issue where the effect of the Mimic Barrier Ability incorrectly blocked damage from the player's own Pokémon.
  • Aurora Energy (SSH #186): Fixed an issue where the player was not required to discard a card when attaching Aurora Energy using an effect.
  • Ditto V (SHF #050): Fixed an issue where the restriction on using the V Transformation Ability only once per turn did not transfer to the selected Pokémon.
  • Torracat (SIT #031): Fixed an issue where the Gritty Claws attack effect did not protect against attacks that bypass effects on the opponent's Pokémon.
Code Card Redemption
  • Fixed an issue where redeeming code cards for Pokémon TCG: Black & White booster packs did not display the correct booster pack name.
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally players were unable to use the Home tab to navigate to the Home screen after conceding a match.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS devices where the game experienced slowdowns when loading into the main menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the game became unresponsive when logging in on certain devices running iOS versions older than v14.5.
  • Fixed an issue where errors in matchmaking were caused by wearing certain pieces of avatar customizations.
  • Fixed an issue on the desktop client where the game became unresponsive when opening the Settings menu right before a tutorial match.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could become unresponsive when navigating to the avatar customization page after starting up a new client.

Following the update, Scarlet & Violet— Temporal Forces will become available in-game from Thursday March 21th, at 10:00am (PDT) / 5:00pm (UTC). Players logging in from this date will be able to start obtaining and using cards from this new expansion, and will have access to a new Scarlet & Violet— Temporal Forces Battle Pass. All players who log-in to the game over the period of this Battle Pass will receive a free deck based around Raging Bolt ex, together with a selection of Scarlet & Violet— Temporal Forces booster packs, and tokens that can be used to purchase individual cards in game. By purchasing the Premium Pass, players can also unlock a deck based around Iron Crown ex, together with additional tokens, in-game card sleeves, and coins that can be used to purchase other cosmetic items for player's decks and avatar.

Progressing through the various tiers of the free Battle Pass will unlock a variety of booster packs and cards for players decks, including multiple copies of Sandy Shocks ex, a Mew ex, a Squawkabilly ex, and an additional Raging Bolt ex, as well as a variety of useful trainer cards including the new Prime Catcher. Players who purchase the Premium Pass can also unlock, amongst other rewards, Special Illustration Rare versions of Iron Crown ex, Iron Hands ex, and Iron Valiant ex, and a full set of the Ultra Rare full art print of Ciphermaniac's Codebreaking. Players who reach Level 50 of the Premium Pass will receive a forth Special Illustration Rare copy of Iron Crown ex from Temporal Forces.

The Raging Bolt ex deck in the Scarlet & Violet— Temporal Forces Battle Pass includes the following cards:
Raging Bolt ex deck

Pokémon: 9 cards
  • 2 Raging Bolt ex (Temporal Forces 123)
  • 2 Garganacl (Paradox Rift 104)
  • 1 Naclstack (Paldea Evolved 122)
  • 3 Nacli (Paradox Rift 102)
  • 1 Radiant Greninja (Astral Radiance 046)
Trainers: 41 cards
  • 4 Arven (Scarlet & Violet 166)
  • 2 Boss’s Orders (Ghetsis) (Paldea Evolved 172)
  • 2 Iono (Paldea Evolved 185)
  • 2 PokéStop (Pokémon GO 068)
  • 4 Earthen Vessel (Paradox Rift 163)
  • 4 Energy Sticker (151 159)
  • 4 Gutsy Pickaxe (Astral Radiance 145)
  • 4 Nest Ball (Scarlet & Violet 181)
  • 4 Trekking Shoes (Astral Radiance 156)
  • 3 Rare Candy (Scarlet & Violet 191)
  • 3 Ultra Ball (Scarlet & Violet 196)
  • 2 Switch (Scarlet & Violet 194)
  • 1 Super Rod (Paldea Evolved 188)
  • 2 Ancient Booster Energy Capsule (Paradox Rift 159)
Energy: 10 cards
  • 7 Basic :F: Energy (SVE 006)
  • 3 Basic :L: Energy (SVE 004)

The Iron Crown ex meanwhile includes the following cards:
Iron Crown ex deck

Pokémon: 13 cards
  • 2 Iron Crown ex (Temporal Forces 081)
  • 4 Iron Thorns (Temporal Forces 062)
  • 4 Iron Valiant (Temporal Forces 079)
  • 3 Miraidon (Temporal Forces 121)
Trainers: 32 cards
  • 4 Ciphermaniac’s Codebreaking (Temporal Forces 145)
  • 4 Professor’s Research (Professor Turo) (Scarlet & Violet 190)
  • 2 Boss’s Orders (Ghetsis) (Paldea Evolved 172)
  • 2 Iono (Paldea Evolved 185)
  • 4 Electric Generator (Scarlet & Violet 170)
  • 4 Switch Cart (Astral Radiance 154)
  • 4 Techno Radar (Paradox Rift 180)
  • 2 Nest Ball (Scarlet & Violet 181)
  • 2 Super Rod (Paldea Evolved 188)
  • 4 Future Booster Energy Capsule (Paradox Rift 164)
Energy: 15 cards
  • 11 Basic :L: Energy (SVE 004)
  • 4 Basic :P: Energy (SVE 005)


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