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Hisui's possible connection with the Grand Underground

Poke Dragon

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Apr 30, 2018
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I have thought of this while playing Brilliant Diamond and being distracted by the Grand Underground: Hisui might have had a custom of burying Pokemon statues, possibly beginning at the end of the game that takes place in when the cooperation between humans and Pokemon began. For what reason were the statues buried? It's unfortunately not known, it can be touched upon, but whether it will be is a whole another thing entirely.

The reason why I believe in this connection is because the boxes in which the statues come out from definitely look man-made, and I highly doubt Arceus would bother wasting its energy to create something for humans in a time in which most Pokemon were not even acquaintances with people.
That would certainly be a neat and credible explanation for the statues - though personally, I suspect we may never get a real answer to that question and we're not expected to think too hard about how they got there (not that I mind, it's great fun hunting for them).
Unless I'm mistaken, didn't the Underground Man say at some point that he was the one who dug out the first tunnels? If PLA takes place like 150+ years in the past, it would be kind of unlikely for tunnels to be there, no?

I hope for some kind of cave spelunking or archological dig style features in its place, it would fit in pretty well with the exploration themes the game is trying to go for.
i think that like many things in pokemon, the statues are just there for no reason. pokemon is a series that doesn't often invent new lore for something in a previous game. i would like to see something resembling the underground, but i doubt it'll have anything to do with the statues we dig up in BDSP.
Well, it turns out the game did briefly touch upon the statues during the tunnel sidequest involving Alpha Onyx. Just that nothing about the statues being buried was stated.
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