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How much have you changed since childhood?

like, surprisingly a lot for someone who really isn't very far along in life. Obviously there's the pretty big fact of me nyot being a girl anymore (which despite all the decently obvious hints towards it I didn't see coming until I just randomly realised one day) but when I was about 10-11 I would hang around some serious jerks who would constantly post slurs and bigotry under the guise of "lol edgy humour!!!" that I would parrot because I was very young and just thought I was making new friends and this was their sense of humour and once they all completely shunned me (I made it maybe a bit too obvious that I was an 11 year old with nyo understanding of social anything) I kind of just, realised that I really hadn't been talking to the best people at all whatsyoever and dedicated a pretty big chunk of my time to trying to unlearn the shit they had said. (plus they were just kind of annoying and they were all weirdly obsessed with having cropped NSFW pfps and posting NSFW in the general chat and stuff like that.)
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