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MATURE: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps - Chapter 100

Prologue: Chrono Island


The acest of trainers
Apr 17, 2010
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How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps

Alaska Acevedo never wanted to be a hero. Or a warrior. Or an icon. Or anything as ridiculous as that (well, maybe an icon). When she left to go on her journey, she simply wanted to prove you don’t need a starter to become a Champion. Unlike her childhood rival entering Kanto's biggest new reality show. Unlike the famous trainers who brought war to her doorstep. It was just meant to be Alaska and her Pidgey against the world.

Yet the gods have other ideas. As Alaska blogs her way across Kanto, she is drawn into a web of revenge, manipulation and violence. For a new war is brewing, with old enemies emerging from the shadows, up against a wounded region unwilling to fight another battle. It falls on Alaska to save the world - whether she wants the job or not.

Warning: Contains frequent uses of coarse language and descriptions of violence that some may find unappealing.

Prologue: Chrono Island (Here)
Blog One: Introduction

Arc One: The Beginning
Chapter One: One Step Forwards
Chapter Two: Love Thy Neighbour
Chapter Three: The Bird and the Seed
Chapter Four: Leaving on a Grand Adventure
Blog Two: Route This
Interlude One: Darkness Rising

Arc Two: A Forest and a Friend
Chapter Five: Falling Through Autumn
Chapter Six: Sandy in the Forest
Chapter Seven: A Battle of Wits and Wings
Chapter Eight: Revenge is Best Served in a Double Course
Chapter Nine: That Buzzing Feeling
Chapter Ten: If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of the Hole
Blog Three: Toil and Trouble
Interlude Two: Evil Brewing

Arc Three: First Challenges
Chapter Eleven: Sorta Ready to Rock and Roll
Chapter Twelve: Follow the Shadows, He Said!
Chapter Thirteen: Trust This to be Unlucky
Chapter Fourteen: More Bang for your Buck
Chapter Fifteen: Down and Dirty in the Dirt
Blog Four: Celebrate the Good Times
Interlude Three: Thoughts of a Champion

Arc Four: Allies and Enemies
Chapter Sixteen: This Places Needs a Sweep
Chapter Seventeen: Climbing the Ladder of Success, and Kicking Your Competition in the Face as You Do So
Chapter Eighteen: In Mid-Plight with Paras
Chapter Nineteen: Let's Go Digging - for Answers!
Blog Five: A Right Pickle
Interlude Four: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Arc Five: Beneath the Surface
Chapter Twenty: Playing the Training Game
Chapter Twenty One: A Bitch on a Bridge
Chapter Twenty Two: This is Why I Failed Science
Chapter Twenty Three: Life Swap, Pokemon Edition
Chapter Twenty Four: My Monkey, My Enemy, My God...
Chapter Twenty Five: The Water's Fiery Mistress
Blog Six: So That City Went Well
Interlude Five: Six Degrees of Villainous Separation

Arc Six: Sparks of War
Chapter Twenty Six: Breeding... Sexy
Chapter Twenty Seven: Why Can't the Lights Be On
Chapter Twenty Eight: Getting Stoned
Chapter Twenty Nine: The Bronzed and the Bothersome
Chapter Thirty: Oh Zap!
Chapter Thirty One: Electric=MassCarnage2
Chapter Thirty Two: A Taste of Things to Come
Blog Seven: The Bright Side of Life
Interlude Six: Remnants of a War Zone

Arc Seven: The Power Game
Chapter Thirty Three: Oh the Analogies!
Chapter Thirty Four: A Shiny New Puzzle Piece
Chapter Thirty Five: Tart, Slapper, Cow, ETC
Chapter Thirty Six: Alaska Acevedo and the Electric Factory
Chapter Thirty Seven: How to Piss off Kanto in One Very Easy Step
Chapter Thirty Eight: I'll Drink to Your Death
Blog Eight: Yesterday Made Me Feel Old
Interlude Seven: Anger and Anticipation

Arc Eight: A Brush with Death
Chapter Thirty Nine: The Hungover Games
Chapter Forty: An Arrow of Hot and Shock
Chapter Forty One: Smells like Lavender... and Death
Interlude Eight: Meanwhile
Chapter Forty Two: A Surprise Around Every Corner
Chapter Forty Three: Dealing a New Hand
Chapter Forty Four: The Discovery Room
Blog Nine: Ghost of my Former Self
Interlude Nine: The Murderers and Their Victims

Arc Nine: A Time for Change
Chapter Forty Five: A Tunnel Too Far
Chapter Forty Six: Breakfast at Jericho's
Chapter Forty Seven: Fifty Shades of Green
Chapter Forty Eight: The Grass is Always Meaner
Chapter Forty Nine: It's a Freaks Game
Chapter Fifty: Change
Chapter Fifty One: The Mind That Never Sleeps
Chapter Fifty Two: How Alaska Got Her Groove Back
Blog Ten: Victory Thy Name is Alaska
Interlude Ten: Batted, Broken, Beating

Arc Ten: Sandy
Chapter Fifty Three: Take a Gamble
Chapter Fifty Four: Leaving the Earth Behind
Chapter Fifty Five: Life's a Beach
Chapter Fifty Six: Something Fishy This Way Comes
Chapter Fifty Seven: Washed Up
Chapter Fifty Eight: A Dose of Reality
Chapter Fifty Nine: The Tale of Sandy Samson
Blog Eleven: The Paths Untaken
Interlude Eleven: Six Degrees of Madness

Arc Eleven: In the Lion's Den
Chapter Sixty: Waking Up to a Brand New Death
Chapter Sixty One: Shock in the City
Chapter Sixty Two: Science Behind the Madness
Chapter Sixty Three: Parental Consideration Advised
Chapter Sixty Four: Fun Times at the End of the Tunnel
Chapter Sixty Five: Saving Private Acevedo
Chapter Sixty Six: Teenage Bitch
Blog Twelve: #YODO
Interlude Twelve: Motivational Speaking

Arc Twelve: Looking to the Future
Chapter Sixty Seven: A Game of Strategy
Chapter Sixty Eight: That Psychic Feeling
Chapter Sixty Nine: The Least Sexy Chapter
Chapter Seventy: A Neighbourly Chat
Chapter Seventy One: Keep Your Friends Close
Chapter Seventy Two: The Short Walk
Chapter Seventy Three: A Test Too Far
Blog Thirteen: I Should Be So Lucky
Interlude Thirteen: Doing it For Themselves (100th Total Chapter)

Arc Thirteen: Survivors
Chapter Seventy Four: No Escape
Chapter Seventy Five: Need A Hit
Chapter Seventy Six: Feel Me Now
Chapter Seventy Seven: Falling
Chapter Seventy Eight: Addicted to You
Chapter Seventy Nine: Poison Paradise
Chapter Eighty: Intoxicate
Blog Fourteen: Taking Over Me
Interlude Fourteen: Champions in their Field

Arc Fourteen: Fire and Ice
Chapter Eighty One: A Dream of Wars Gone By
Chapter Eighty Two: The Rules of Someone Else's Game
Chapter Eighty Three: Look at Me
Chapter Eighty Four: The World Keeps Spinning
Chapter Eighty Five: A Million Things I Haven't Done
Chapter Eighty Six: One With the Wind and Sky
Chapter Eighty Seven: She Had it Coming
Chapter Eighty Eight: Walk to the Fire
Chapter Eighty Nine: Nobody Will Oppose
Blog Fifteen: Staying Alive
Interlude Fifteen: Face to the Dawn

Arc Fifteen: War Games
Chapter Ninety: How Far We'll Go
Chapter Ninety One: Another Day
Chapter Ninety Two: Feel the Burn
Chapter Ninety Three: Sandy's Choice
Interlude Sixteen: Classless
Chapter Ninety Four: No Education
Chapter Ninety Five: No Dark Sarcasm
Chapter Ninety Six: No Thought Control
Chapter Ninety Seven: No Arms Around Me
Blog Sixteen: Wish You Weren't Here
Interlude Seventeen: Bricked Up

Arc Sixteen: The Final Pieces
Chapter Ninety Eight: The Morning After
Chapter Ninety Nine: Soul Sisters
Chapter One Hundred: So Here We Are
Chapter One Hundred and One: Scorched Earth
Chapter One Hundred and Two: Fiery and Furious
Chapter One Hundred and Three: Exposition Analysis
Chapter One Hundred and Four: Lucky Number Seven
Blog Seventeen: War Wounds
Interlude Eighteen: High Security

Arc Seventeen: Homecoming

Arc Eighteen: Everybody Dies OR The Irreversible Conclusion


Prologue: Chrono Island

September 7th, 2008

There is nothing like a building spontaneously combusting to confirm your suspicions about its occupants.

For two years, the residents of Chrono Island had wondered what went on behind the blue-grey doors of the mysterious factory. The two-storey building was tucked away at the bottom of the island, hidden by trees and far from the main town, but it was still a sore point for the locals. No one knew who worked there or what its purpose was, but every week someone would show up at the supermarket or a town meeting with a new story of figures skulking around at night and large boats arriving at the private dock.

So when the factory suddenly and without warning exploded, no one was particularly shocked. Of course, they were taken aback by the explosion – on a quiet Saturday afternoon where the only thing people were waiting for was the high tide, to have the earth quiver and a giant plume of orange-tinged smoke rise up from the trees was a little surprising – but once the initial shock passed, most people agreed that it had only been a matter of time.

It took a few hours for firefighters and their team of Blastoise to put out the flaming building, and by the time investigators were allowed in, most of the town had gathered on the forest's edge to watch. They were all stunned by the sight that awaited them: most of the walls had collapsed, the roof had completely caved in, and half the floor had been blown apart. There were no signs as to what had caused it, and everything that remained had been burnt black with ash, but that didn't stop the crowd standing around the melted barbed wire fence from speculating.

"I always heard they were making supplies for the Celadon Game Corner."

"Wasn't that run by Team Rocket?"

"Barry was fishing when the explosion happened. Told me he saw three people come running out of the building just before it happened."

"Well, Steve says he saw the Champion flying away on his Charizard, and those friends of his were there as well."

"Oh my lord, that would explain it – I told Mary she was being silly when she said she saw that Leaf girl and her Blastoise swimming away. Do you think they did it?"

"I've said it before and I'll say it again, Team Rocket is just the beginning. We are getting closer and closer to the apocalypse with every passing day!"

"Shut up, Carol, no one asked you."

As the locals gossiped and squabbled over rumour and heresy, Detective Inspector Arthur Reynolds focused on the facts at hand, even if he imagined what the townspeople were saying was true. This was no gas explosion, whatever had happened here had come from a device or machine, the cracked crater proved that. Though as Reynolds cast his eyes over the charred rubble, he knew the decimated machines that were scattered around him like soldiers on a battlefield would be far above the intellect and expertise of their forensics department.

We might as well pack up now, there's no way in hell we're going to find out who's responsible. Reynolds felt a tang of guilt even thinking that, but he had seen enough over his career to know it was a fact. As the only arson expert in the Sevii Islands, he had been called to the scene barely minutes after the explosion had shaken the island. He'd been here for nigh on six hours, but he had known as soon as he arrived that everything there was to see was already laid out before them.

Reynolds tore his eyes away from the ash-filled hole and turned his gaze to a nearby office. "John!" He barked, and was pleased that, even after all these years, his hoarse voice was able to command attention from everyone around him.

A young, blond man rushed over eagerly, like a Growlithe returning to its trainer. "Yes, sir?" He asked with unnecessary vigour. Arthur gazed down at the junior officer and internally sighed. He had been like that; bright-eyed, cheery, hopeful. But now Arthur was nearing retirement, his hair and sagging eyelids giving away his age, and his joy for the job had long faded. He had seen too many horrors, most of it over the last few months, and had been thinking about the next stage of his life when the call through that afternoon, a reminder that his work was not done with him yet.

"We should wrap things up for the night. We are losing light, and we are never going to find anything turning over ash in the dark."

"Shall we keep people on site to guard?" John asked.

"Err, you and Wilson can, and I'll see whose on duty to take over later," Arthur said, and John nodded and rushed off. The detective watched him go with exasperation before following after, giving the ruins one last look as he walked stiffly back to his car. Whoever had done this, whether it was Rocket or the Champion, was long gone and out of his reach, literally and figuratively. With no bodies to make it a murder inquiry, the case would sit on his desk unsolved for years, long after the site had been cleared and everyone had forgotten about the mysterious factory that one day vanished.

If the inspector had taken a moment to look back before heading down to the police boat docked at the pier, he might have seen the ground where he had just been standing move. As it was, no one noticed as one of the floor tiles slowly rose upwards, shifting aside ash and rubble. The townspeople distracted by scandal and the investigators dulled with boredom paid no attention as the tile was shoved onto a pile of ash, leaving a hole in the middle of the floor. The two hands that shortly followed were utterly ignored, as was the man they belonged to as he pulled himself up into the factory.

If anyone had paid him any attention, they would have assumed immediately he was a scientist. The man's profession had seeped permanently into his appearance, his lab coat, dark glasses, pale complexion, and slicked back hair turning him into a walking stereotype. The only thing that broke his costume was the fresh, shining wound over his left eyebrow and the many scorch marks muddying his coat.

The scientist hovered beside the hole for a moment to ensure he had not been spotted before scuttling towards what had once been his private office. Though it was more open air now that all four walls had collapsed, leaving only a cracked desk and half melted filing cabinet behind. The sight made the scientist groan into his clenched teeth. He frantically pushed rubble off the desktop, keeping a watchful eye on the disinterested officers, until he found his laptop buried beneath. The discovery momentarily filled his heart with joy, but he only had to hold it up to the fading light to see the hard drive had melted.

"No, no, NO!" The man hissed, and he threw the useless device aside. He had seen this coming; the attack had happened quickly and without warning, and his enemies had made sure to target his computers. He knew that every digital copy of his work was gone, and it took all his willpower not to scream to the heavens.

Angry, helpless, he turned towards the melted cabinet. Similarly, much of the contents had been destroyed in the fire, but in the bottom drawer, there were several folders and a mobile phone that had escaped the flames. Relieved, the scientist turned the device on, the ruins of his office briefly illuminated by blue light before 'GIDEON'S PHONE' appeared on the screen. Footsteps in the distance told him he could not celebrate here; he grabbed what he could and ran back to the hole as stealthily as possible.

Only once the tile was back in place did Gideon turn the lights on. The dim bulbs illuminated the metal bomb shelter that was now home. He had built the room years ago in case of situations like this, but he had never thought he would actually have a need to use it. The room was tiny, made smaller by the number of belongings packed into it: a table, scientific equipment behind clear cabinet doors, an overflowing bookcase, two beds, a fridge, microwave and oven, and an outdated computer and small TV. It would be enough, but Gideon had little interest in comfort when, for the second time in his cursed existence, he had potentially lost his life's work.

"Let's see what the scum have left me with." He began sifting through the folders, trying to contain his rage. He could not afford to start over again. The lab had not been perfect, but it would have served the purpose of rebuilding the Rocket empire, carrying on Giovanni's legacy – his legacy. Now the few meagre resources he had managed to save from their former strongholds were gone, all his plans, formulas and strategies turned to ash. Gideon hoped there was something meaningful in the folders, but as the minutes went by he found only instructions for machines he could not possibly rebuild and plans for defunct projects he had no hope of resurrecting alone.

"USELESS!" Gideon roared and threw the folders across the tiny room. Papers became loose and scattered in the air, landing in a mess on the floor. Gideon sat on his rigid bed watching them fall. Starting over was not impossible, but with no plans, no resources, with nothing to build on, the statistics were not in his favour.

Gideon looked at the ceiling, wondering what might happen if he went back up there and handed himself in. He began calculating how many of the locals he could kill before they got to him when he noticed a strange light; it was purple and moving as though alive, and had not been there when he had gone up before. He stared at the floor and spotted the source instantly: it was a computer disc, but to the untrained eye it could be a portal to another world. It shone unnaturally, the glowing pattern swirling and moving in a way no normal computer disc should. Yet, as Gideon sank to the floor, grasping the circle as though it was some holy item, he remembered just how abnormal it truly was.

"Operation Lavender…" Excitedly, Gideon flung papers aside until he found the ones he needed. He remembered now; how he had buried the project, hidden it away so no one could find it. Gideon told everyone he would destroy it, but he had kept every bit of data, all of which was here: all the instructions, all the resources he needed, all the places to go and people to find, it was all here. This was all Gideon needed to complete Giovanni's master plan, the reason for everything they had done.

Grasping the disc in one hand and the papers in another, Gideon fell to the floor, laughing. The children had tried to end him again, they thought they had succeeded. They may have won, for now, but they had handed Gideon exactly what he needed to destroy them all, and ensure that, once and for all, Team Rocket would reign supreme.
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Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps

Super Glitch: Thanks for pointing that out ;)
Gastly: Yes, it will be. And I am glad you like it
Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps


I like it. I'll be reading.
Blog One: Introduction
Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps

Blog One: Introduction

Hello there, internet dwellers.

I figure I should start this off by introducing myself: the name's Alaska. Alaska Acevedo, to be precise. I am of a mere thirteen years of age, and I currently live in Viridian City, Kanto. I have black hair, I'm short-ish and that's all you lot need to know *glares at all you creepy perverts*

So, if you have come across this blog, you are probably wondering what this is all about. Most people don't really put 'conquer' in the title of something, unless they are plotting something diabolical like taking over the world or making sitcoms with laugh tracks.

Well, you'll be pleased to hear, I am not planning anything evil… unless you work for Silph Television Inc.

I'm getting ahead of myself here. Let me set the scene for you all…

Back in 2008, as you all should know, Kanto had a little, shall we say, giant criminal conglomerate issue on our hands. A group called Team Rocket tried to take over the region for, ya know, reasons, and pretty much trashed the place in the process. It all came to a head with a huge battle at the Indigo League, which resulted in a trio of trainers winning. How a bunch of thirteen year olds won I'm not quite sure, but they did, so there you go.

One of them was this guy called Red. Short for Edward, apparently. Anyway, since the Champion before him died during the battle, Red was given the title and he has held it ever since. The only title I've ever had is "Most Beautiful Handwriting" back in Year One, but I only had that for a few days (bloody Susan Smith!)

One of the other 'warriors', Leaf, which unfortunately isn't short for anything, is the current gym leader of Viridian City. The original leader was a guy called Giovanni who, awkwardly, turned out to be the head of Team Rocket, which, as you can imagine, which a bit of a shock for the neighbours. He got replaced by Blue, the third member of the little trio that beat Giovanni, but then he kind of died afterwards…. ANYWAY, Red and Leaf have been dating since then, and they are pretty much the power couple. They are so big they nearly got their own celebrity couple name, but 'Led' and 'Reaf' didn't really help sell magazines in the end.

This probably seems irrelevant, but bear with me!

Around the same time, the Silph Corporation, that big research and development company who most likely made the laptop or phone you're currently on, launched their own cable station as part of their rebranding post headquarters being destroyed. It has really taken off, mostly because of all the reality show franchises they started: Survivor: Mt Moon, The Amazing Evolution Race and Kanto's Next Top Breeder – don't lie, we all know you've watched one of them.

And now they have begun this new one: Indigo Dreams. The premise is that three teenagers will be given one of the three regional starter Pokémon (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle), get entered in the Pokémon League, and then a camera crew will follow them around Kanto as they battle the gym leaders and take part in extra challenges to test their skills and win bonus prizes. They start right here in Viridian, and when they return to battle Leaf last, the trainer with the best scores from the challenges will automatically be allowed to battle Red.

Now, everyone is really excited about it. From what I can tell from , the entire world will be glued to this show. It has never been done before, and it has already been sold to Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh – even Unova, and we all know everyone hates them (soz any Unovians out there). I too boarded the hype train fairly early on as I have always wanted to go on my journey, but then one person had to go and ruin it all.

Chloe Carmichael.

Chloe is this, to put it nicely, bitch that lives down the road from me. I could go on for several pages and a couple hundred thousand words describing specifically the kind of person she is, but I'll summarise. Chloe is the type of girl who spends every single weekend throwing extravagant sleepover parties for all her friends. They paint toenails, do each other's hair, try on clothes, sing karaoke – all paid for her by her doting parents.

She sounds repugnant, doesn't she?

For the sake of honesty, the lack of invites did use to upset me deeply as a child. Chloe and I never got along for whatever reason, the way children just clash, and she made a point of excluding me at every opportunity.

I guess the clash came from being entirely different people. I am a very simple, non-materialistic girl. I do have a PokeGear, as practically everyone does, and I own some CD's and DVD's, but I don't flounce about, waving my parent's money around and acting like a Barbie doll that got brought to life. Chloe has had everything handed to her, while I took up a part time job at the local PokeMart just to earn pocket money. A part of me has always resented her for that, and Chloe has seen that in me and likely been punishing me for not falling at her feet every time she passes.

Despite our differences, I must thank Chloe. You see, when I learnt she was going to have the opportunity to potentially battle Red for the Championship, I had to ask myself: why does she get all the glory once again? Why can't someone regular, like, I don't know, me get a chance?

Five years ago, Giovanni destroyed much of Viridian. He turned the city that had shielded him into a statement of his power, a warning to all those that were going to stand in his way. He lost, the city began to recover, but it has made things harder. My mother worries about what might happen if one of her children went out on a journey, while I know that she needs my help to repair the life we used to lead. When I was ten, my parents gave me a Pidgey for my birthday. Paige, as I nicknamed her, has been my best friends ever since, but never before have I ever considered taking her on a journey.

Until now!

Chloe 'Daddy probably bribed the producer' Carmichael and her fellow stars are going to have everything handed to them: TM's, HM's, money, travel, the works. Worst of all, they are being given a starter Pokémon each. Some of the rarest Pokémon in the land, trusted to the care and judgement of Pokémon Professors (a system built on nepotism), these Pokémon have become symbols of only the mightiest trainers. Red began with a Charmander, Kris with a Chikorita, Wallace had a Mudkip – everyone thinks you can only be the very best if you get given a starter.

Paige and I are going to prove them wrong. There is a fire burning within me, and I won't stop until I prove to the world you don't need a fire breathing dragon, sword wielding otter or walking forest turtle to conquer the Championship. I'm going to win, and I'm going to do so with the help of a slightly irritating bird. What could possibly go wrong?

So, I have just eight gyms standing between me and glory! Do you think Paige and I will be able to 'conquer' Kanto? Please post your thoughts and encouragements, and some cash donations won't go astray (don't worry, I'm joking… well, not really...)

Until next time, fare-thee-well kind readers, and I hope to see some of you on our journeys.

Alaska A.

Version One below:
Blog One: Introduction

Hello there, internet dwellers.

I figure I should start this off by introducing myself: the name’s Alaska. Alaska Acevedo, to be precise. I am of a mere thirteen years of age, and I currently live in Viridian City, Kanto. I have black hair and I’m short: that’s all you lot need to know *glares at all you creepy perverts*

So, if you have come across this blog, you are probably wondering what this is all about. Most people don’t really put “conquer” in the title of something, unless they are plotting something diabolical, like taking over the world or making more Disney sitcoms.

Well, you’ll be pleased to hear, I am not planning anything evil… unless you work for Silph Television Inc.

I should probably explain a few things first.

Back in 2007, this guy called Red began the champion of the Kanto Pokemon League. And for SIX years he has held the title. The only title I’ve ever had is “Most Beautiful Handwriting” back in the Year One, but I only had that one for a few days (bloody Susan Smith!) ….

Anywho, Red has been the big boss for ages. He is dating this girl, Leaf, also for six years, and they are awesome! People even tried combing their names together, but “Reaf” and “Led” don’t really sell magazines, do they? Leaf herself is current gym leader of my hood, Viridian City Gym. Her cousin, this guy called Blue, had it for a few years, but than this big thing happened over in Cerulean Cave, and he ended up dying…. Awkward…

This probably seems irrelevant so far, but bear with me!

Several years ago, Silph Co, this big scientific company, began work on their own cable station. It has actually been a pretty big success, and they have managed to grab all of the best dramas from overseas.

But, they are also famous for having great reality shows. “Survivor: Mt Moon”, “The Amazing Evolution Race” and the international hit “Next Top Breeder”.

But now they have begun this new one: Indigo Dreams

The whole purpose is this: three teenagers, two boys and one girl, would be given one of the three regional starter Pokemon (Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle), would get entered in the Pokemon League, and then a camera crew would follow them around Kanto. At several cities, there would be some challenges for them to undergo to test their skills. And at the end, the best trainer would be selected to challenge the Elite Four, and eventually Red.

Now, everyone is really excited about it. It has never been done before, and it has already been sold to Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Isshu! I too was excited about it, as I have always wanted to go on my journey, but then two words ruined it.

Chloe Carmichael.

These are the two most disgusting words on the planet!

Chloe Carmichael is this bitchy snob who lives down the road from me. She spends every single weekend have sleepovers for all the girls in the town… except me. I, apparently, am too much of a ‘downer” and my jet black hair doesn’t allow for me to “fit in.” I used to always cry about it when I was younger, but as we all matured, I learnt about what they did: painted toenails, did each others hair, tried on clothes, and played karaoke games, which Chloe always won.

I am a very simple, non-materialistic girl. I do have a PokeGear, as practically everyone does, and I own some CD’s and DVD’s. But I don’t flounce about, waving my parent’s money around and acting like a Barbie doll that got brought too life. I work at the local PokeMart for a living, and I get a special discount on stuff. When I was ten, my father gave me a Pidgey for my birthday. My and Paige, as I nicknamed her, have been great friends ever since, but we’ve never had the courage or the cash to go on our own journey.

Until now!

When I learnt Chloe “Daddy probably bribed the producer” Carmichael would be given the opportunity for a journey, I realised something: why shouldn’t I be allowed to go on one? I have said up enough pay, I have waited long enough! Paige is growing more and more restless, as my mother doesn’t like the idea of me letting her out to fly. So, I am going to go out on my own journey, but I don’t just want to show Miss Priss up.

I have noticed that trainers who always get the regional starters end up becoming champions! Red got a Charmander and a PokeDex from Professor Oak, and now Chloe and her male castmates are getting them as well. I want to take on the league with Pidgey as my starter, and I don’t even want one of those overused, overrated, over-wanted little critters.

So, I have just eight gyms standing between me and glory! Do you think Paige and I will be able to “conquer” Kanto? Please post your thoughts and encouragements, and some cash donations wanted go astray HA HA!

Well, until next time, fare thy well kind readers, and I hope to see some of you on our journeys

Alaska A.
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Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Blog One

I like it. ^^ You do a good job of portraying what I would be like if I weren't constantly.....Me. xD I'm excited to read more.
Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Blog One

Thanks Alasaka :D I hope to have Chapter One up sometime in the next week
Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Blog One

Looking forward to it.
Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Blog One

I am glad you are :D

So, did anyone else like the first blog? Any tips on how to improve it for later ones?
Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Blog One

Hahaha, that was really cool. Very well written, I like the idea of Red and Leaf being like the big celebrity couple, the backstory you've got is cool and Alaska going on a journey with just a Pidgey is quite cool too.

I'm interested to see how the prologue will be fitted into this and, basically, I can't wait to read some mroe!
Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Blog One

Wow--I LOVE how you characterize Alaska here! If this blog were real, I would totally read it! Her disdain for Chloe made me want to laugh in places.

If you don't mind, I want to try my own spin on the blog idea...
Chapter One: One Step Forwards
Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Blog One

Gama: Thanks :D The prologue will come back, sort of, before the next blog ;)
Topaz: You can use the idea, I am honoured you have chosen me to base something on :D

Here we go: the story now officially begins!

Chapter One: One Step Forwards

"Pidgey Pidgey Pidgey! Pidge Eeee Eeee Eeee!"

"I'm nearly done Paige, jeez!"

Alaska Acevedo was tapping furiously, the keys of her laptop threatening to fly off from force, as she rushed to finish the last sentence of her first blog post.

"And… done!" She announced, and clicked the 'enter' key. The screen turned white for a second as the page updated itself, before reloading and revealing the freshly posted blog. Alaska quickly read through it again, making sure there were no typos less she face the wrath of an Internet troll, before smiling. Finally, after three years of putting it off, she was going on her journey. And this blog was going to be what fuelled her feet.

"Pidgey Pidge Pidgey!" A Pidgey squawked loudly and rammed into Alaska's head, as though battering her out the door would make them leave faster. The tawny coloured bird had been in a state ever since Alaska had told her they would finally been leaving, and was now resorting to tugging at her trainer's collar in order to get her to move.
"Alright, alright, I'm coming!" Alaska couldn't blame Paige for being so excited. While most people she knew, neighbours, cousins, older siblings, had gotten emotional about leaving home, she would be shedding no tears. After putting it off for so long, Alaska couldn't wait to leave this house, this city, this life behind.

With a sigh, Alaska stood in the middle of her bedroom, bag hanging from her shoulder, and gazed around it for what she hoped would be the last time. The bare white walls and the tatty single bed were the same as they had been for about eight years. Asides from her desk, the only piece of furniture was her home-made bookshelf; her childhood had been spent reading endlessly, but now her well-worn books hadn't been touched for a year. She had lived in this room her entire life, yet none of this was her. Nothing spoke to who she was. If Alaska wanted to carve an identity for herself, she was never going to achieve that here.

She couldn't blame her parents for this, of course. It was not their decision to let Team Rocket tear their town apart; rather, Alaska thanked them every anniversary, so happy they had dragged her away on that camping trip, thankful that they had avoided the eruption, the tanks, the battle that had literally rocked the region. However, there was no denying how crappy their current situation was: the damage to their house had not been significant enough that they had to leave, but it meant they couldn't apply for compensation either, forcing all their spare money to go towards keeping a roof over their heads.

Alaska shook her head, snapping out of her thoughts and pushing them to the back of her mind. Don't start thinking like this, it's not their fault – I just have to take this chance and make my own name. With a final glance at the few meagre possessions she owned, Alaska hoisted her bag onto her back, let Paige settle on her shoulder, and left the room behind.

One thing Alaska would not miss was opening her door every morning to the sight of peeling wallpaper. The décor was bottom of the priority list post-Rocket, and with her mum working two jobs to make ends meet and keep her siblings in school, the tidying was right down there as well. Alaska made her way down the hall, a stench wafting from the bathroom, her feet kicking up dust in the carpet. While she knew her mother was upset to see her go, Alaska knew the thought of one less mouth to feed, less pressure on the finances, was a secret relief that Robin Acevedo would never say aloud.

"Dad, are you up?" Alaska stepped into the front room, unable to ignore the cracks crawling up the walls and ceiling even in the dark. She got no response, but that was not unusual. She gazed into the kitchen, ignoring the dirty plates piled high in the sink waiting for the weekend, looking for any sign of him.

"Pidge." Paige pointed with a wing into the living room. The curtains were drawn, disguising the ruins of their back yard while blocking out the midday sunlight. You could barely see anything in the gloom, but the flicker of the tiny TV screen was just enough to illuminate the deflated figure staring blankly at it from the couch.

"Hey Dad, I'm just going to register," Alaska called, tentatively approaching her father. William Acevedo did not look up from the screen. Alaska frowned and glanced at Paige, who awkwardly avoided her gaze. "I'll back this afternoon when Mum and Freddie are home. There should be some leftovers in the fridge for lunch." A noise halfway between a grunt and a sigh emitted from his mouth, but Alaska had no idea if he was responding to her or the pop star dancing on screen.

I can't stay here any longer; I can't keep watching this. He had been in this state for so long Alaska wondered if her memories of him were just childhood fantasies, embellished by her desire for the father she thought she once had. The William Acevedo she remembered had been tall, powerful, the life of every room he walked into. He had always put his family first, and had been one of the first people to come back to Viridian and help search through the rubble for survivors.

But the destruction had changed everything for them. When the Pokémon Centre was rebuilt, new automated systems were used to maintain upkeep. People had to be let go, and her father, once the most popular engineer on staff, couldn't adapt to the technology. They couldn't sell the house, not when the land was so damaged and too out of the way to be of any good for the companies. Meanwhile, every job in the town was snapped up by better skilled people migrating from Cinnabar and Johto. There was nothing for William to do but sit around, slowly shrinking in upon himself, and after three years was now just a shell of the man he once was.

Alaska watched him for a few minutes, wondering if he would say something; a kind farewell, a warning of what might be out there, some encouragement for the trip ahead. But William didn't look up at her once, and finally Alaska had no choice but to turn and leave.


It had been five years since the changes had begun, but Alaska still had trouble recognising her own city. She and Paige left the outer edges of Viridian behind, the neighbourhoods that had escaped the brunt of Rocket's carnage, and were soon emerged within the new world that had sprouted up in the heart of her childhood home.

With so many houses destroyed, and with an influx of Cinnabar natives displaced by the hell that had happened there, construction companies had basically been handed the keys to the city. Brick cottages and wooden bungalows with big backyards had been replaced by concrete townhouses, copied and pasted in neat little rows throughout Viridian. It had once been rare for a building to be over two stories, but now small apartment blocks loomed over everyone, a reminder every way you turned of how much it had changed.

For the greater good my arse, Alaska thought bitterly. She looked around it all with contempt, every step easing her guilt over leaving. Three bronze heads shone in the midday sun, visible above every house, and Alaska felt their empty eyes watching her as she tried desperately to avoid them.

The second she left the city boundaries, Alaska felt free. There were no houses on Route 22: only a wide open road, bordered by untampered fields and golden brown cliff faces. The sound of the running stream was like music after the general noise that constantly swelled inside Viridian, and it was all topped off by the snow-capped peak of Mt Silver in the background. The only sign of change was the road, a long, liquorice black strip of tarmac tarnishing the open country. When it was opened, the head of the Pokémon League had said it was a symbol of progress, but with the cracked earth horribly juxtaposing itself alongside, the only thing it symbolised was a band-aid.

However, Alaska wouldn't let herself feel down any further. She was finally here, finally walking this path not as a little girl playing in the grass but as a proper trainer out to start her journey. The sun shone down on her, marking the clear path ahead. There was no one else around; most people signed up on either the first of January or June, and Alaska would have been amongst them a few weeks back had Indigo Dreams not been announced first.

This is better, she thought, looking around at the undisturbed patch of nature. I don't want to be just another name going through the system. I can't just going to fade away into the background, not if I want to prove my point.

"Pidge Pidge Pidgey!" Alaska snapped out of her thoughts and looked up: Paige was flying high above her, doing loop-de-loops and making the most of being free.

"Don't tire yourself out too much – we've still got eight gyms ahead of us!" Alaska yelled. Paige responded defiantly by making even broader loops and picking up speed. Alaska laughed, and she kept watching her, not paying attention to the path ahead. She was so distracted that Alaska only looked down when she felt something brush against her legs, and she froze as she realised where she was.

Everyone knows what happened when you stepped in the long grass. It was one of the first things Alaska had been taught at school: wild Pokémon lurk amongst the green, living out their lives in their natural habitats. They were taught of how Pokémon had agreed to let humans expand their settlements and move around their homes as long as the long grass went untouched.

Alaska could remember how humans had thought they had won, but really Pokémon had the advantage. They could hide amongst the grass or in the surrounding trees, camouflaged by the thick green plant; if a human entered their territory with bad intentions, the Pokémon would know, and the Pokémon would strike first.

As long as you meant well, and if you had your own Pokémon to protect you, Alaska knew that nothing bad would happen to her. Yet this was the first time she had felt the long green blades brush against her, the first time she had even been near a field without her parents or teachers warning them. She gazed around; a Ponyta was chewing some grass near the trees, squealing Rattata were marked by shaking patches in the grass, a Linoone leapt from a tree and dived into the sea of green.

I'll be back, Alaska thought, stepping out of the grass and moving around the field. She glanced up at the trees and saw a pair of beady eyes watching her, but they disappeared as soon as they had appeared. I have to have a good team if I want to win, and I certainly want to fight. But I need to be a trainer first; it has to be official.

The final ten minutes of the walk were much more uneventful. The trees and grass thinned until only a few scraggly bushes remained, and Alaska was too tired to enjoy the view anymore anyway. It turned out a red polo shirt, denim jeans and a ratty pair of trainers was not the best set of clothes to go walking in, while her tatty black bag was digging into her shoulders despite having little in it,

"Next time I embark on a journey, Paige, I seriously have to work out more first," Alaska wheezed to her starter, who had grown tired of flying and now sat on her shoulder. Paige nodded in agreement, a tad too judgementally for Alaska's liking, but all that was forgotten when she looked up and took in the Indigo League Headquarters.

It was one of the most beautiful buildings she had ever seen. The earthy brown walls made it look like it had been carved out of the cliffs itself. A grand stone staircase led from the route up to the glass doors, flanked by magnificent marble pillars that were taller than any building in Viridian. Mirrored black windows added a touch of modernity, but the main attraction was the Indigo League logo, emblazoned in the centre of the roof: the silhouette of a trainer with a PokéBall on his chest, surrounded by flames, leaves and water drops, all this on a magnificent golden badge. Red had had it rebuilt exactly how it had been prior to Rocket destroying it, and Alaska couldn't be happier to be here, staring up at the building that had inspired so many trainers. Even the Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle references couldn't dent her pride.

When I'm Champion, that figure will be a kick ass bitch surrounded by a tornado and feathers, Alaska thought, grinning broadly at Paige. The Pidgey was obviously stunned, her pink beak hanging open. Alaska would have laughed in any other circumstance, but she couldn't; not here, not now.

"Are you ready?" Her voice was quiet, anxious. Paige could hear the frightened tone and turned, her own face a little anxious. But after a moment, she puffed out her chest and nodded firmly, and that was all the encouragement Alaska needed.

"Let's do this then," she said, and took her first step onto the stairs.

When the sliding doors parted, Alaska found herself inside the grandest entrance hall she would likely ever be in. The walls were the same colour as outside, complimented by a rich red carpet mirrored in the ceiling. The size was made more apart by the sparse furnishings: only a dozen black leather sofas and armchairs sat against the walls, while four big desks were spread around. Gazing at the two to her right, Alaska saw one was a mini medical centre, as a nurse sat attentively behind, while the second was selling supplies, manned by a bored looking boy barely older than her.

"This place is fucking huge," Alaska whispered to Paige as she gazed at the crystal chandelier above them. Her voice echoed back to her, and the half-dozen workers all looked up at her. Alaska felt embarrassed, but she took it on the chin and boldly walked towards the two desks at the opposite end. A guard sat in a cubby to the right of them, next to an open passageway leading further into the mountain.

I'll be back for that one later, Alaska thought. Victory Road lay beyond, and she knew that eight badges were needed to get past. A scandalized middle-aged woman was manning the desk to check trainers had the requirements, and Alaska flashed her a beam as she instead stepped up to the registration desk.

"Hello there," the man behind the wooden bench said with a smile. "How may I help you?" He was going grey, had half-moon glasses perched on his crooked nose, and was wearing an old green jumper to which a name badge reading Steve was proudly attached.

"Steve, you have the great honour of registering the next Champion of the Indigo League," Alaska said proudly, and the older man chuckled.

"That confidence will get you far, my dear," Steve said as he took her identification. As he explained the process to her, Alaska drifted off, her eyes flickering towards the entrance to Victory Road: how long would it be before she came back here? Would she ever actually make it back here?

Of course I will, nothing is going to stop me, she told herself. Yet the badge checker was looking at her up and down, lips pursed, and Alaska had the uncomfortable sensation she was already being judged.



Her voice echoed throughout the empty valley; Pidgey and Spearow flew up in fright from the nearest tree. But Alaska didn't care: she had her Trainer Card, she was being processed; she was officially an Indigo League trainer.

"We can finally compete in gym battles now; we can take part in the next League Championship; I can challenge Red to a battle!" Alaska cried, practically dancing down the road. "And we are going to do this together – you and me, Paige, showing everyone what we can do."

"PIDGEY PIDGE!" Paige cried, and she twirled about in the air, flapping her wings so vigorously that mini-Gusts were whipped up. Alaska laughed and followed beneath her, clutching her card like it was her life source. Finally, I've wait so long for this. Nothing is going to stop me now. Its clear roads from here on – PAIGE, stop that!" The Pidgey stopped just seconds before she dive-bombed a school of Goldeen bobbing on the lake's surface.

"Pidge Pidgey Pidge!" Paige huffed, turning and soaring instead towards the trees. Alaska looked apologetically at the annoyed Goldeen and chased after her Pokémon.

"I know your happy as well, but now isn't the time to celebrate, we need to head home!" She shouted. Paige just poked her tongue out and dived through the branches of the tree. Alaska sighed and walked up to its roots, trying to get sight of her. She grabbed Paige's PokeBall, ready to withdraw her if she didn't come out. However, Paige's chirping had stopped, replaced with an annoyed growling instead.

"Paige…? Are you alright?" Alaska asked, tensing up slightly. She stepped to her left, trying to get a better view, when something brushed her leg. In the same moment, a loud screech erupted from the trees: Alaska jumped, stumbling further into the grass in her fright, and watched as Paige soared out from the leaves. A ball of white fluff lurched after her, falling just short of grabbing her talons and plummeting to the ground instead.

"What the-" Alaska gasped as she got to her feet. The ball jumped up, limbs and a tail appearing, and Alaska took the creature in: it was small and furry, with stick like arms and legs and a thin but curved trail; its nose was snout like, and its eyes were beady with a nasty edge, glaring at Alaska from either side of its brown nose.

It's a Mankey, she thought. "You were watching me from the trees before, weren't you?"

"Man-KEY-KEY!" The Mankey screeched, and slashed at Alaska. She jumped backwards so the long claws just missed her. It was shocking, but Alaska realised what they had unwittingly stumbled into.

"Paige, this is our first battle," she said, looking at the angry bird flapping beside her. "Are you ready for this?"

"PIDGE!" She cried boldly, glaring at the Mankey, who was poised, ready to strike again.

"Alright then – QUICK ATTACK!" Alaska yelled, grinning broadly, and Paige set off like a rocket. Alaska tensed up, waiting to see how her orders played out, and knew her journey was truly about to begin.

Chapter One: One Step Forwards

“Pidgey Pidgey Pidgey! Pidge Eeee Eeee Eeee!”

“I’m nearly done Paige, jeez!”

Alaska Acevedo was tapping furiously at the keys to her laptop, finishing the last sentence of her first blog post.

“And… done!” She announced, and clicked the ‘enter’ key. The screen turned white for a second as the page updated itself, but than Blog One had been posted. Alaska’s eyes quickly scanned through it, making sure it was perfect, and then she smiled to herself. Finally, after three years of putting it off, she was going to go on her journey. And this blog was going to be what fuelled her feet.

“Pidgey Pidge Pidgey!” Paige the Pidgey squawked loudly, and fluttered around Alaska’s head. The tawny coloured bird was excited to be going on the journey as well, and began tugging at the collar of Alaska’s shirt, trying to get her to move.

“Alright, alright, I’m coming!” Alaska laughed, and she stood up, grabbing her rich purple laptop, which has a blue Silph Co logo on the back.

Alaska looked around her cramped room as she stood up, while Pidgey fluttered overhead. The walls were a simple white, with nothing attached to them. Her single bed was in a corner, with her green and blue sheets in a mess. A home-made bookshelf was in the corner, but Alaska had grown out of most of the books on the shelf. Her desk was also homemade, and the chair she sat on had to be borrowed from the dining table. The Acevedo’s were, quite frankly, poor. Alaska’s father, William, used to be a technician at the Pokemon Center, but had been laid off due to budget cuts. Alaska’s mother, Robin, now had to work as manager of the PokeMart and a nurse at the Pokemon Center to help ends meet, as William spent all day on the coach, watching whatever was on TV. He hadn’t said a word in over seven months, and his health was deteriorating as he put on weight. Alaska worried what would happen to her family while she was gone, but decided not to let that put her off.

A tatty black bag sat on her bed, which had several changes of clothes, some Pokemon supplies from the mart, a black bathing suit, a bag containing a single person tent, a sleeping bag and pillow, and a novel to help pass the time. Alaska picked up her laptop, slipped it into a hard plastic case, and then placed it in with everything. Paige was already pecking at the doorknob, waiting for Alaska to hurry up.

“You should say goodbye, we aren’t going to be back for a while.” Alaska explained to Paige, as she looked around her horribly cramped room.

“Pidge Pidge, Pidgey PIDGE!” Paige wailed, and began fluttering around anxiously. This was the most she ever got to stretch her tiny little wings, and Alaska felt sorry for her. She quickly grabbed Paige’s PokeBall, zipped up and picked up her bag, and finally opened the door.

The Acevedo household was in a bit of disrepair. The white wallpaper was peeling, the carpet was dirty, and there was dusty forming on a small table, which had several plastic flowers in a jar. As Alaska and Paige moved through the house, they passed the foul smelling bathroom, and came out into the kitchen, which had dirty dishes in the sink, an overflowing rubbish bin, and filthy spots all over the surfaces.

“Dad, are you up?” Alaska called, as Paige flew towards a wooden post that was hers. There was no verbal response, but there was a sudden blare of music. Alaska smiled, and strode quickly towards the family room.

The dark green, mouldy curtains were drawn, the lights were off, so the only light came from the television, with flickering images of a pop star’s latest music video. William Acevedo sat a fading red arm chair, staring at the screen. The man, who had once been fit, handsome and with a full head of hair, had gone downhill in the past few months. His gut now hang out of his singlet and over his pants, his black hair was going grey, and a beard was growing like a parasite over his aging face. William looked at Alaska as she walked slowly into the room, looking a bit uncomfortable.

“Hey. I’m just heading down to the Pokemon League to register. I should be back in an hour, when Mum and Freddie are home, alright?” Alaska explained. William just nodded, and looked back at the television screen. Alaska sighed, and walked out of the room, and soon out of the house.

Half an hour later, Alaska was strolling down Route 22, heading West towards the Pokemon League. It was midday, so the sun was shining high above the route, but it was very quiet. Summer wasn’t usually the time of year people started their Pokemon journeys, so the grassy route was empty. Alaska stared around at the rocky wall that made up Victory Road to her right, while tall green trees and long grass stood to her left.

“Isn’t this beautiful weather?” Alaska called up to Paige. The Pidgey was flying high above her, soaking up the sun and enjoying being out and about.

“Pidgey Pidgey!” She cried, and did a loop-de-loop, making full advantage of all the open air available to her. Alaska laughed, and continued walking. She had left all of her stuff behind, planning to collect it as she headed back into Viridian. All she had with her was her identification forms, which she needed for the registration.

Ten eventful minutes later, where the only real change in scenery was a small pond containing some playful Poliwag, Alaska was beginning to grow bored of walking.

Hopefully I’ll be able to improve over the next weeks, otherwise I’m screwed! Alaska groaned inside her head, and looked up at Paige. The Pidgey was going on ahead, and flew over a row of trees that blocked the league entrance building.

“Oi Paige, wait up!” Alaska shouted, and began running as fast as she could. She was dressed in a plain red shirt, denim jeans and three-year old trainers that were a bit too small, so it wasn’t the best outfit for running. But Alaska ignored this, and tried desperately to catch up to Paige. She turned right, following several helpful signs, and plunged into some long grass.

Everyone knows about the long grass. These patches of green that needed a good mow were the homes of numerous Pokemon. As there was nowhere else for wild Pokemon to wander, without the risk of being ganged up on by trainers, poachers or anything like that, they began building nests in trees, lakes, ponds, the ocean, caves and grass. This way, they were able to have the advantage over trainers, and battle them when they felt like it. People respected their views, so those without Pokemon always stayed clear of these areas, and Pokemon, in return, didn’t attack them.

Alaska was very cautious about stepping into the long grass: you never knew if you’d get no Pokemon or a lot of them. And with Paige flying away, that made it more risky. She took several steps forwards, looking anxiously around. A Ponyta was chewing grass by the trees, while, several Rattata ran by the lake. The Ponyta glanced over briefly, but went back to enjoying it’s lunch. Alaska sighed, and ran briskly out of the grassy patch, before sprinting down the road.

She froze as she approached the League Building.

The Indigo League Headquarters had a fantastic building. It had earthy brown coloured walls, with mirrored glass windows so you couldn’t peer in, and a grand stone staircase, leading up to huge sliding doors. There were several grey pillars supporting an extra part of the roof. And, on this extra part, was the current logo: the silhouette of a trainer, with a PokeBall embedded on their chest, while a jet of fire, several leaves, and a waterfall surrounded them. These obvious references to Charizard, Venusaur and Blastoise brought Alaska’s elation down a bit, and made her more determined to do what she had set out to prove.

“Pidgey Pidgey!” Paige soared happily out of the sky, and landed smoothly onto Alaska’s shoulder. Her pink beak was currently in a cute smile, and the brown feathered Pokemon looked very happy. Alaska smiled, and gave her a hug and a stroke.

“I’m glad that I’ll be doing this with you.” Alaska whispered.

“Eee Pidge!” Paige agreed, and pecked affectionately at Alaska’s ear. She laughed, and began walking up the steps.

A few moments later, the doors had parted, and Alaska was in the grand entrance hall. The walls were painted the same colour as outside, and had a matching red carpet. Black leather sofas and armchairs were against the walls, and there were two desks on Alaska’s right: one had a nurse behind it, with a large metal box and a computer, while the other had a smiling man with a cash register and several stands of Pokemon supplies.

“Wow, this is a really big hall!” Alaska gasped, and looked up at the crystal chandelier above her head. She began walking forwards, and saw what she was looking for: at the opposite end of the hall, there were two guards standing by another set of sliding doors, but next to them were two more deaks. One was for trainers to come and show their eight badges, and have their record checked and confirmed, while the other was a registration desk.

Alaska rushed towards it, with Paige taking off to flutter ahead. The man at the desk looked up as they approached, and he smiled warmly at them.

“Hello there, how may I help you?” He asked. He was going grey, had half-moon glasses perched on his crooked nose, and was wearing an old green jumper.

“I’m here to sign up for the Indigo League please.” Alaska stated, as she stopped in front of the desk.

“Well, it is lovely to see someone willing to do it!” The man said with a beam, and quickly typed something on his laptop. “Now, you will have to fill out some forms, have a picture taken, and then we can make your trainer card, give you your badge case and some PokeBalls to start off with!” Alaska nodded, and smiled at Paige. She was about to become a trainer!

One hour later, Alaska began walking back down the route, practically dancing as she held her trainer card in the sky.

“I’M A TRAINER! I’M A TRAINER!” She shouted, and spun around in her joy.

“PIDGEY PIDGE!” Paige cried as well, and she twirled about in the air, making Gusts of wind around her. Alaska laughed and danced with joy, and looked up at Victory Road.

I’ll be back here, and I will become the Champion of Kanto! She thought, and smiled proudly. Paige began to fly over the grass, causing the Ponyta from before to run away in distress. Alaska heard splashes as a school of Goldeen moved away from Paige, and she walked forwards.

“Paige, don’t annoy the wild Pokemon, they don’t seem to like it!” Alaska scolded.

“Pidge Pidgey Pidge!” Paige huffed, and began circling a tree.

“Come on, just come here and let’s head home!” Alaska shouted. The Pidgey just poked her tongue out, and dived into the branches of the tree. Alaska sighed, and walked towards the tree. It was towering over her, but she had to get hold of Pidgey. But before Alaska could get close, there was a loud screech. Paige rocketed out of the branches, and was followed by a white ball of fluff.

“What the-” Alaska gasped, and stepped backwards. The ball of fluff landed, but limbs and a tail shot out. The Pokemon stood poised, its eyes narrowed over its brown nose.

“It’s a Mankey!” Alaska gasped.

“Man-KEY-KEY!” The Mankey screeched, and slashed at Alaska. She jumped backwards, and the long claws missed her.

“All right, that’s it!” Alaska snarled, and pulled a PokeBall out. Paige flew down to her shoulder, and Mankey glared at the Pidgey.

“No one claws at me and gets away with it!” Alaska yelled. “Paige, Quick Attack!” Paige rocketed forwards, streaks of energy formed around. The Mankey leapt forwards, ready to unleash more Fury Swipes. Alaska simply watched, ready to catch her first Pokemon.
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Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Chapter One

I enjoy making Pokemon relatable characters, and we'll see a lot of those throughout the story ;)
Chapter Two: Love Thy Neighbour
Re: How to Conquer Kanto in Eight Easy Steps- Chapter One

Chapter Two: Love Thy Neighbour

With white energy trailing behind her, Paige slammed into Mankey's stomach; it was not powerful, but was enough to knock him off balance and let her get away again.

"Man Man Man MAN!" The Mankey leapt back to his feet with an angry glare in his eye. Claws glowing white, he lunged. He jumped higher than Alaska had expected, and she gasped as he managed to grab hold of Paige.

"Pidge!" She screeched, and the two fell back the earth. They landed in a heap in the grass, disappearing amongst the green.

"Are you alright?" Alaska asked frightfully, wondering if her first battle was already over.

"Pidgey Eeey!" Paige stuck her head up, clearly battered but still ready to fight.

"Alright, let's not beat around the bush: hit him with Gust!" Alaska beamed proudly as Paige pushed herself back up, refusing to back down. With a loud chirp, she flapped her wings furiously and hit the stunned Mankey with a powerful gust of wind. The wild Pokémon couldn't stand up to the type advantage and tumbled over once again.

"Finish this with Steel Wing!" Alaska shouted. Paige's wings glowed silver and she swooped down instantly, but Mankey was not as weak as Alaska had thought: he leapt back up, his expression as angry as ever, and ran towards the incoming Pidgey with a raised fist. Paige swerved and avoided his attack, and clipped him with her shining wings. Mankey fell for a third time, and this time he seemed to be staying down.

I can use Gust again and probably end this, Alaska thought, but… he is sprightly and strong… I could use a Pokémon like him. "What do you think Paige, should I catch him?" Paige landed on right shoulder, looking judgingly down at the weakened Mankey. She looked uncertain, or perhaps jealous, but after a moment she gave a little nod.

"Alright then, here goes nothing!" Alaska pulled an empty PokeBall out of her pocket. She had waited years to do this, catch a Pokémon all on her own, and Alaska felt a powerful rush at crossing this accomplishment off her list already.

She threw the ball with all her might, and watched as the red and white capsule hit Mankey on the head. He did not protest as the ball turned him into red energy and sucked him inside. Alaska ran forwards as the ball fell into the grass: it shook once… twice… thrice… PING! Alaska froze for a second, uncertain if it had worked, if she caught her first Pokémon. But when there was no movement, she looked at Paige, at the Bird Pokémon beamed back at her.

"BOOYAH!" Alaska shouted, scooping the ball up. "Who just caught their first Pokémon? I did!" She whooped.

"Pidgeeeeeey!" Paige twittered excitedly. Alaska looked down at the ball like a kid in a candy store: her first capture, her second Pokémon, all on the first day of her journey. This is really happening, isn't it?

"Right, nickname… umm… oooh, this is tough, thinking on the spot… umm… Darwin? Do you like that?"

"Pidgey Pidge!" Paige agreed, and Alaska smiled.

"Darwin it is then. Welcome to the team, buddy. Let's get you both to the Pokémon Centre and heal you up – if we hurry, we might be able to catch Mum." Alaska stepped through the grass with Paige by her side, feeling like she had just run a mile. Her feet certainly ached, but Alaska walked through the pain, refusing to let anything ruin her day.

"Oh my goodness! Alaska, HI!"

Except maybe that. A shiver of disgust went down Alaska's spine as those five words echoed through the balley, and she knew instantly whose voice they belonged to.
Mitchell Melton

The Melton's had always been right next door to the Acevedo's. Mr Melton worked for Silph Co. in Saffron City, while Mrs Melton organised volunteer and charity work around Viridian. As Mr Melton spent most of the year in Saffron, whenever Mrs Melton had to go and organise a food drive or a school function, Mitchell would be home alone.
So, back before Alaska got her job at the PokeMart, her mother had suggested she do some babysitting. Alaska didn't mind at first: all the cool people on TV seemed to be doing it, so why not her?

But that was before the first night.

Mitchell was about as hyperactive as an Electrode on drugs. Alaska had brought board games, but Mitchell kept getting bored and began throwing the pieces at her. The next time, Mitchell broke all the DVD's and tried to blame it on her. Then a fun game of tag cost $5,000 when Mitchell knocked over a bunch of expensive vases and broke Mrs Melton's good china plates. Every time Alaska stepped foot in that house, Mitchell would somehow break something, smash something, stain something, burn something – he once flooded the entire upstairs.

It had gotten so bad Alaska had taken the underpaying job at the PokeMart just to escape him. Mrs Melton had tried and succeeded a few times when her funds were low to get her to go back, but it had been nearly a month since their last interaction, and Alaska had hoped with her journey she would be free of him for good.

And now here he was, running down the road towards her, waving and smiling happily. The ten-year-old looked the same as ever: light brown hair, a slightly elongated face, pasty white skin, oversized bag and mismatched clothing. He gave off the impression of a very unstable Raticate, and the way he looked now, he might as well be coming to re-join his species.

"I can't believe it's you!" Mitchell's squeaky voice exclaimed as he ran towards her. Alaska grimaced and looked at Paige for advice, but was stunned to find her gone. She turned and caught the Pidgey glancing at her from atop a nearby branch before looking inconspicuously away.

"Thanks for your support," Alaska hissed, and took a deep breath before turning to face him.

"Hello!" Mitchell jumped to a stop and raised a hand. Alaska forced a smile and gave him the high-five he wanted.

"Why are you here" She asked, not caring if she sounded rude. But Mitchell didn't notice, smiling stupidly and pointing at the league building.

"My mummy told me you were going on your journey, so I decided I would go on one as well!" He explained happily. Alaska's eyes bulged and her jaw dropped, but Mitchell had looked away and didn't notice. "My mum thought it would be a great idea, so we arranged everything, and now I'm travelling!"

"That's great… just great…" Alaska mumbled through clenched teeth, resisting the urge to jump in the stream.
"Have you already signed up?"

"Yep heading back to town now," Alaska explained. Mitchell frowned, but then his face quickly lit up.

"It shouldn't take more than a minute, right?" He asked, but continued before she could answer. "I'll rush over there, do everything, and meet you back here, and then we can start our journey together!" And before Alaska could reply, Mitchell ran off, waving to her as he went. Alaska watched him go feeling like he had just robbed her of something precious. She felt angry, sad and confused all at once, unable to conjure up anything to say. Her thoughts were interrupted by a rustling noise, and Alaska watched as Paige took off from the branch and frantically flew back to Viridian.

"You aren't leaving without me!" Alaska sprinted after her without a second thought. For a moment, she felt a pang of guilt for ditching Mitchell already, but she knew that if she spent more than a day on the road with him, she definitely would jump in the nearest stream – probably with a few stones in her bag, just to be sure.

Viridian was quiet by the time Alaska made it back. It was the perfect hour, between lunch and the end of school when everybody was at work and the streets were empty. Alaska savoured these moments of peace, a reminder of the town she remembered. Today though, she was in no mood for recollection: tired and panting, she collapsed onto a metal bench near the Pokémon Centre, where Paige sat perched waiting for her.

"Remind me… never to run… again!" Alaska groaned, clutching the stitch in her chest. "Pidgey Pidge Pidgey!" Paige looked perfectly relaxed, and Alaska glared at her as she retrieved her drink bottle from her bag and had a well-earned slug. She took the lid off so Paige could have a drink, and then sank back in the bench looking around what had been her home for thirteen years.

Alaska was torn about leaving this behind. She still struggled to recognise the city that lay before her. It had been decimated to such an extent that the memories of returning home, finding everything in ruins was what Alaska always recalled first when she looked to the past. It took a lot of effort to move past that, to forget about what was now and remember what had been before Rocket arrived.

Yet she had lived here her entire life. She had gone to school here, worked here, shopped here, eaten here; Viridian was a part of her. Setting out to cities and routes she had never been to was going to be a huge adjustment, especially when she still couldn't wrap her head around her own city.

Alaska simply sat for a few minutes, taking in the places she wanted to remember. The Pokémon Centre and Poké Mart stood next to each other in the road opposite her: the two had emerged as beacons from the rubble, quickly rebuilt and standing out as the first of their kind in the rejuvenated country. The former was the biggest this side of Kanto, with a bright orange roof and mirrored black windows standing out amongst the browns and greys of the town houses around it. The Poke Mart had been kept the same, sapphire blue roof and white brick outer walls, looking more like a cottage than anything else. It was half the reason Alaska had chosen to work there; it reminded her of what the city had been like, rather than what people wanted it to be.

"Pidge Pidge?" Paige chirped softly next to her, and Alaska realised her eyes had begun to well up.

"I'm fine, I'm fine!" She replied flippantly, dabbing at her eyes. It was silly to get so emotional about this old place. But everywhere she looked, another memory was stirred up, and Alaska had to accept leaving this place behind would be harder than she thought.

Though I won't ever have to see that thing again, she added bitterly as her eyes settled on the shining head of the perpetually frozen Charizard in the distance. The sight of that was enough to dam her tears, and Alaska leapt to her feet.

"Let's go before Mitchell comes back." Alaska took off and began marching towards the Pokémon Centre, Paige following in hot pursuit. She suddenly wanted to leave the city, leave all the memories and devastation behind, go somewhere where she could turn a corner without having to look at their faces, without having to be reminded about –

"Oh fuck no."

The doors on the Pokémon Centre parted few metres ahead of her, and for the second time that hour, a shiver spread through Alaska's body. A group exited, three teenagers flanked by mostly black-clad adults that loomed over them, and one of them was the last person Alaska wanted to see. She turned to leave, but didn't realise just how loudly she had spoken.

"Oh Alaska, there you are! I was wondering when I might bump into you." Alaska froze, body tense, wondering if it was too late to run back to Mitchell. Yet there was no avoiding Chloe Carmichael once she was on the prowl, and the blonde suddenly appeared in front of her.

"You know, I was just thinking about you." Chloe spoke with a soft purr like a classic movie star, flashing Alaska an unnecessarily white smile. "I mean, you're heading off on your own, underdressed and lacking as always, and I'm going to be surrounded by people who actually want to be around me – just like old times, don't you think?"

"Oh, so you pay your friends at school to follow you as well? Well, that certainly explains a lot." Chloe's smile instantly thinned. As the other members of the reality show moved around them, Alaska felt her already brewing rage intensify, and more than ever she was glad to be leaving.

She and Chloe had never gotten along. If she was being honest, Alaska could not remember how their feud had started: she just knew that there had always been something between them. And over time, their mutual hate had simply festered. They were simply polar opposites, and it was only natural for them to butt heads.

It didn't help that Alaska would only have to turn around and see the Carmichael house looming behind the Pokémon Centre, a mansion rising from the rubble in a city suddenly too small for it. The signs of Carmichael wealth were everywhere in Viridian, and Chloe was a walking advertisement for how well her father had done. Alaska doubted the flowery dress and hot pink heels her foe was currently wearing came from the reality show, and the caked-on makeup and hair styled as though she was twice her age could easily have been her own doing.

"Have they handed you your first Pokémon yet?"

"Just this morning – it's all moving very fast, but of course, it's what I expected," Chloe replied, flicking her hair back. "They've even done all the registration for us already. Did you have to walk all the way to the League building to do it? That must have been such a pain, especially in those shoes," she added, smirking and casting her eyes done.

"A hell of a lot more comfortable than those. Are you going to be in them for the whole show, or will you change into something less comfortable for Mt Moon?" Chloe's eyes flashed with anger and she opened her mouth to reply, but a boy suddenly appeared between them.

"Um, hi," he said, raising his hand awkwardly at Alaska before looking at Chloe. "They need you back there, we're filming again soon." Alaska glanced over her shoulder and caught a thin lipped, black haired woman in a tight dress glowering at them from the middle of a camera crew, and she winked at her before turning back.

"I'll be there in a moment, Damian, I am just making sure Alaska here doesn't forget me on her journey."

"Whatever," Damian mumbled, raising an eyebrow as he looked back at Alaska. "Hey, I'm Damian Darme."

"Alaska," Alaska replied enthusiastically, limply shaking his extended hand. She didn't care how friendly he seemed: if he was going on this show, he had to be as spoilt and self- important as Chloe. He definitely looked the part: tall, tanned, wavy, sandy blonde hair, diamond-white teeth and blue eyes, he looked more like a surfer than a trainer. Alaska noticed that his shirt seemed to a size too small. Turning a thirteen year old into sex symbol; so it's going to be that sort of show…

"Aren't you going to introduce me as well?" A second boy appeared at Alaska's side, basically yelling in her ear. Flashing a cheesy grin, he thrust a hand into her face. "Lachlan Lynch, but everyone calls me Lochy."

"Wonderful." Alaska delicately shook his hand. She could see why he had been chosen: short, skinny, pale, red-brown hair and a face full of acne, this Lochy was clearly the comic relief of the group, the everyman the audience could relate to. Though Alaska could tell already he wouldn't win: his type never did, especially not when Blondie and Bitchface were striking a pose around him.

"My, my, aren't we diverse," Alaska quipped, gazing across their skin. "I see you're not trying to win the Sevii Islands audience then."

"Urgh, I don't want those savages watching me," Chloe scoffed. "Daddy said that once you leave the tourist areas, they all just live in huts and wallow in the –"

"Well, they're homes were destroyed, but it's not like you'd have sympathy for anyone with real problems," Alaska fumed, fists balling up. She wanted to throw something at Chloe, just do something to ruin the first day of her show, but she had more important things to worry about. "Well, as unpleasant as this has been, I really need to get on my way and –"

"Oh my god, guys, why doesn't she come to the Trainer House with us?" Lochy exclaimed, flapping his arms and grinning stupidly. "You should come – we're going there so they can test our skills before the show begins."

"I really should be going on my –"

"Come, it would be nice to test our skills on someone impartial," Damian chimed in. "We're all doing it."

"All of you?" Alaska said, pausing as she tried to turn around. The two boys nodded, and Alaska felt suddenly mischievous. She glanced at her rival, and the look of silent anger on Chloe's face sealed the deal.

"You know what, I can wait a little bit longer to leave," Alaska said, smiling back at them. "I'll heal my Pokémon and meet you there."

"Awesome!" Lochy exclaimed. He and Damian walked off, and a glaring Chloe followed in their shadow.

"I will destroy you," she hissed.

"Bring it on," Alaska replied, and she beamed widely at Paige: first day, first capture, and now time for their first proper battle – there was no stopping them now.

Chapter Two: When Good Neighbours Become Good Enemies

Paige flew forwards as fast as possible, and she slammed into Mankey’s stomach, causing the fluffy monkey to roll backwards.

“Man Man Man MAN!” Mankey shouted, and he jumped up, with his claws glowing white. Alaska watched as Mankey began swiping at Paige.

“Pidge!” She squawked, and crash-landed at Alaska’s feet.

“Oh my, are you alright?” Alaska asked.

“Pidgey Eeey!” The Pidgey replied softly, and managed to get up.

“Alright, I want you to use Gust!” Alaska instructed. Paige smiled, and began flapping her wings furiously, chirping as she did so. A strong gust of wind blasted Mankey backwards, preventing the Pig Monkey Pokemon from using what looked like Focus Energy.

“Now finish this with Steel Wing!” Alaska shouted. Paige’s wings glowed silver, and she swooped down. Mankey leapt up, looking angry about being attacked. He glowed a red-brown and seemed to be gaining energy. Paige turned right, so her left wing cut across Mankey, making him stumble, but not doing enough damage.

“Hmm…” Alaska pondered. “I think I should try and catch him now, right?” Paige nodded as she landed on right shoulder, and Alaska beamed.

“Alright then, here goes nothing!” Alaska said, and pulled a PokeBall out of her pocket. This was a moment she’d been waiting for years to do: to catch her own Pokemon by herself!

“Go PokeBall!” She shouted, and threw it with all her might. Mankey had been focusing on conserving its energy, and was startled as the red-and-white metal capsule hit him on the head. The powers within the ball broke down Mankey’s molecular structure, and his red particles were sucked inside. The ball fell to the ground, and Alaska and Paige excitedly ran forwards. The ball shook once… twice… thrice… PING! Mankey stopped struggling, and the ball came to a stop. Alaska froze for a second, and looked at Paige, who was smiling excitedly. Than, Alaska beamed with like a child in a candy store, and she picked up the small ball.

“BOOYAH!” She shouted, and Paige chirped in agreement. Alaska bounced the ball, and began pondering. “I think I will nickname him…. Darwin!”

“Pidgey Pidge!” Paige agreed, and Alaska beamed. She’d caught her own Pokemon, and had started her journey: it was the best day ever!
“Oh my god, Alaska!”

That perfect day shattered, and a chill of disgust went down Alaska’s spine as she heard those four words, and knew whose voice they belonged to.

Mitchell Melton

Right next door to Alaska, between her house and Chloe’s, was the Melton household. Mr Melton worked for Silph Co. in Saffron City, while Mrs Melton stayed at home, though she did a lot of volunteer and charity work around the city. As Mr Melton spent most of the year living in Saffron, whenever Mrs Melton had to go and organise a food drive or a school function, Mitchell would be home alone.

So, back before Alaska got her job at the PokeMart, her mother Robin had suggested to Mrs Melton Alaska do some babysitting. Alaska didn’t mind at first: all the cool people on TV seemed to be doing it, so why not her?

But than she spent her first few hours there.

Mitchell was hyperactive, sort of like an Electrode on drugs. Alaska had brought board games, but Mitchell kept getting bored and began throwing the pieces at her. Next time Alaska went over, Mitchell broke all the DVD’s she had gotten as he ran around maniacally. The third time, a fun game of tag cost $20,000 when Mitchell knocked over a bunch of expensive vases and broke Mrs Melton’s good china plates. And every time Alaska stepped foot in that house, Mitchell would somehow break something, smash something, stain something, burn something, and he once flooded the entire upstairs.

Mitchell’s maniacal behaviour had forced Alaska to get her job at the PokeMart, hoping that her new job would get her out of the poorly paying babysitting gig. But every so often, she would still be forced to go over to the hellish home, and deal with whatever form of misery Mitchell decide to put her through.

“I can’t believe it’s you!” Mitchell’s squeak voice said again. Alaska looked at Paige, but she had taken off into the air, and had fluttered over towards a bush to hide.

“I’m get you back!” Alaska huffed, and took a deep breathe before turning around.

Walking through the long grass was the now ten year old boy she had come to despise, waving and smiling happily at her. Mitchell had light brown hair, a slightly elongated face, pasty white skin, and was wearing mismatched coloured clothing, with a large bag on his back. His face always reminded Alaska of a Raticate, but only cuter. The awkward looking child stumbled out of the grass, grinning goofily, and walked up towards Alaska.

“Hello!” Mitchell said, and raised his hand. Alaska forced a smile and gave him the high-five he wanted.

“Why are you here” Alaska asked, not meaning to sound as rude. But Mitchell just smiled, and pointed over at the league building.

“My mummy told me you were going on your journey a little while ago, so I decided I would go on mine as well!” Mitchell explained happily. Alaska’s eyes bulged and her jaw dropped, but Mitchell had turned around and didn’t notice. “My mum thought it would be a great idea, so we arranged everything, and now I’m travelling!”

“That’s great… just great…” Alaska mumbled through clenched teeth, and she looked like she was ready to stab someone.

“So, have you already signed up?” Mitchell asked, and he was dancing on the spot, eager to move off towards the building.

“Yes, just a few minutes ago, actually. I’m about to head back into town.” Alaska explained, and pointed over towards Viridian. Mitchell frowned, but then his face lit up again.

“It shouldn’t take more than a minute, right?” He asked, but than quickly cut her off again. “I’ll rush over there, do everything, and rush back here, and we can start our journey together!” And before Alaska could reply, Mitchell began running off, waving too her as he went. There was a rustling sound, and Paige flew out of the bushes, and began frantically flying away.

“Hey, if you’re ditching him, I’m coming as well!” Alaska cried, and ran after the chuckling Pidgey. Alaska didn’t want to hurt the young boy’s feelings, but she knew that if she did travel with him, she probably would have found a nice large cliff to jump off before the end of the week.

After ten minutes of sprinting down the open route, Alaska and Paige arrived, tired and panting, back in Viridian.

“Remind me… never to run… again!” Alaska sighed, and collapsed onto an old park bench at the edge of the route.

“Pidgey Pidge Pidgey!” Paige added, and she roosted on the back of the seat. Alaska had a drink of water from a nearby fountain, and let Paige have a quick drink, before looking the city that had been her home for thirteen years.

Across the road from the route was the Pokemon Center, with its orange roof, cream coloured walls and sliding glass doors. Next to it was the PokeMart, a much smaller building, but one Alaska knew much better. There were more houses, some fancy and modern, others old fashioned but homely, the majority painted white, steely grey or a dull brown. The two storey battling center known as the Trainer House rose up above the houses, and many trainers usually stopped in there to get a feel to battling. And then, in the very corner of the city, was the Viridian City Pokemon Gym. It was closed for the week while Leaf re-battled Red for the top spot, so Alaska had no intention of visiting it.

But she did very a little bit of sadness at the idea of leaving. Alaska did like the city, even if it wasn’t that exciting and most travellers passed through fairly quickly. But she did have a couple of friends, and her family was here, and her well paying job.

Mum said most people felt this way, but I didn’t think it would happen to me! Alaska thought sadly, and let out a sigh.

“Pidge Pidgey?” Paige asked, and Alaska looked at her, wiping a small tear away.

“I’m fine, I’m fine!” She replied, and carried on before Pidgey could interrupt. “Now, we better head towards the Pokemon Centre before Mitchell catches up with us!” Paige flew upwards at this, and Alaska laughed. She got up as well, and quickly rushed forwards.


Alaska had been so focused on her sadness that she didn’t notice where she was going, and had walked right into someone. She toppled backwards, and moaned in pain as sharp rocks jabbed her in the back.
“Watch were your goi- oh, it’s you!” A familiar voice sneered, and for the second time that hour, a shiver went down Alaska’s spine. She opened her eyes, and found two figures over her: one was a worried looking Paige, and the other was Chloe Carmichael.

“You, what are you doing here?” Alaska huffed, as she leapt to her feet. “Aren’t you meant to be filming your reality garbage?” Chloe scoffed, and tossed back her luscious blonde hair.

“Of course I am, silly!” She sneered, and laughed loudly and cruelly. Alaska balled up her fists, and examined Chloe, trying to find the best place to hit her. She was wearing a long pink, flowery dress that looked old fashioned but good on her, and was wearing lots of makeup. Behind her, a stern looking woman was talking to a camera crew, while two boys chatted, holding up PokeBalls.

“I’m guessing these are your new buddies?” Alaska asked, smiling, as she looked pointedly at the beer gut on the boom operator, and the flies buzzing around the cameraman’s body. Chloe shuddered slightly, but retained her uptight demean.

“I don’t care for the lower paid peasants!” She said importantly, and clicked her fingers. “Damian, Lochy, will you both come here?” The two boys turned around, and walked towards their female co-star.

“What is it now Chloe?” One boy huffed indignantly.

“Is this one of your friends?” The second one asked.

“NO!” Alaska and Chloe exclaimed at the same time, making Paige leap into the air and caused the boys to exchange puzzled looks.

“This is just Alaska, some loner emo girl from my school.” Chloe explained coldly, and Alaska scowled.

“Watch it Carmichael!” She hissed.

“Now now, no need to get your bloomers in a twist!” Chloe retorted, and Alaska looked ready to attack. The boy who had spoken first stepped inbetween them, smiling warmly.

“I’m Damian, Damian Darme.” He explained. He had sandy blonde hair that a surfer might sport, with tanned skin and dazzling white teeth and blue eyes to match. He looked well built, with a slight muscle underneath his tight fitting T-shirt. He was taller than the others and seemed nice, but Alaska could feel the cockiness and self-importance radiating off him.

“Alaska Acevedo.” Alaska replied, and Damian nodded, shaking his hair slightly as he did so.

“Stop showing off McDreamy!” The second boy laughed, and pushed him out of the way. He was shorter and not as fit, with longer red-brown hair, a sprinkling of acne, and a light brown skin tone that gave Alaska the impression he was trying too hard to be cool. “I’m Lachlan Lynch, but everyone calls my Lochy.” Alaska just nodded, and examined the stars of the show. It seemed the producers had chosen Chloe and Damian to be easy on the eye, while Lachlan seemed like he would be the normal guy/comedic relief/Ron Weasley to these two leads. It was smart choosing, as it would attract different types of people to watch it, and Alaska nodded in her mind at the producers decisions. However, she had her own journey to deal with, and couldn’t waste time with these people.

“That’s interesting.” Alaska replied, nodding with false enthusiasm. “But, if you’d excuse me, I need to get to the Pokemon Center. It was nice meeting you all, and I looking forward to-”
“Hang on a second!” Damian interrupted, and side stepped in front of her. “Are you a trainer as well?”

“Of course not, this Pidgey just stalks me!” Alaska replied sarcastically.

“Pidge Pidge!” Paige laughed, and Damian’s eyebrows narrowed, his attempts at being charming fading away.

“Well, if you’re a trainer, do you want to come with us to the Trainer House? We’re about to go there for our first challenge.”

“It should be a bit of fun.” Lachlan added.

“I’m sure Alaska is far too busy making out with women to come!” Chloe cut in, laughing falsely while glaring at Alaska to leave.

“A lesbian joke, how original of you!” Alaska snapped back, and Damian and Lachlan backed away, sensing the tension from the two. It was clear to both of them that these girls hated each other, and that it would be best not to intervene. Alaska pondered for a moment: should she put her journey on hold for a few minutes while she showed Chloe up?

I’ve waited half my life: I can wait a little longer! Alaska thought.

“Thanks for the offer Damian, I’d be glad to take part.” She said sweetly, and Chloe’s jaw dropped. “I’ll see you all in a minute!” And with that, Alaska walked happily towards the Pokemon Center, glad to delay things if it meant showing her old rival up.
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