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EVERYONE: Meet the In-Kongs


Fallen for a Faller
Jun 5, 2022
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Hey, it's been a bit since I've posted here, but I actually managed to finish a one-shot/short story for once (confetti noises !!!)

Anyways, here's a short Paulina (Pauline x Rosalina) thing, enjoy!!

Rosalina stared at her girlfriend with a confused look, watching her stir her drink with a straw for what felt like the fifteenth time since they had shown up at a local New Donk City cafe. She had never seen her act this way before, so nervous and distracted. Pauline had always carried a refined, stoic disposition, befitting of a mayor, and she had her softer moments when it was just the two of them, but it was rare for her to actually be nervous about something, and the reason was even more ironic.

Ever since their relationship started, the two slowly started to let others know about it as time progressed, just to get the word around in a quick way, and to comfortably accustom those they do tell, as Pauline explained it to Rosalina when she first pitched the idea. They already went through with telling the Mario brothers, the princesses, and most other inhabitants within the Mushroom Kingdom, and so far, things had gone well all things considered, but there was a significant roadblock the mayor was trying to avoid, but knew she had to face it eventually: The Kongs.

Pauline and the Kongs have had a… shaky history to say the least. Being captured numerous times by not one but two members of the family wasn’t exactly the greatest first impression. She wasn’t planning on even telling DK in the first place, let alone his whole family, but Rosalina convinced her to give them a second chance. It had been a while since he probably even thought of dabbling in the kidnapping game, probably much more focused on the safety of his island home for once rather than a girl and some toys. In the end, she decided to only invite DK and his grandfather Cranky, the only two really affiliated with her, and the ones she needed to fully drop off her emotional baggage with, even after reconciliation with one of them. They had agreed to meet here ten minutes ago, and of course they were late.

She closed her eyes for a moment to relax, trying not to unnecessarily stress out, but barely got a moment to at the sound of a crowd growing near the entrance, followed by a couple of familiar voices.

“Hey hey, comin’ through! Clear the way!”

“What’re you starin’ at? You heard the loud buffoon! Clear out or I’ll do it for you!”

In stepped a brown-colored gorilla with an unmistakable red tie marked with his classic insignia, a wide smile plastered across his face. Behind him was a smaller primate, donned in a white beard and dark sweater, shuffling across the floor with his wooden cane, flashing bitter sideward glances at those who were still watching with angry grumbling.

Pauline casted a wary glance at the simians, releasing a soft breath.

“Hello, Donkey Ko-”

“Hey, Pauline! What's up?” he interrupted boisterously, moving to the girls’ side to hold up a hand for a high five; no matter where the ape went, he always found some way to make noise so indiscreetly. Cranky followed and smacked him in the back with his cane, causing him to yelp.

“Will you keep it down?! It’s already bad enough that people can’t take their peepers off of us!”

The large ape scratched the back of his head nervously.

“Right, sorry Cranky.” He focused his attention back to the matter at hand, addressing the girls with a casual wave. “So, what’s the commotion? Got something to talk about?”

Pauline paused, opening her mouth to speak as her nerves already started to build up. Rosalina rested her hands on her shoulder, as if gently encouraging her to go for it.

“Yes. We… Rosalina and I… are together.”

Cranky’s upset scowl shifted to a softer expression as he started to put the pieces together in his head. DK on the other hand wasn’t very good at puzzles.

“Yeah? You’re sitting right next to each other.”

Cranky pinched his temples with a groan.

“I oughta drop you out of a tree, you oaf of an orangutan! Do I have to spell it out for you? They’re in love!”

DK’s eyes lit up a little, the dull lightbulb in his head finally sparking to life.

“Ohhh! Well why didn’t you say so?”

Cranky shook his head but ignored his grandson, letting a rare smile crack across his face as he walked over to stand in front of the two ladies.

“I have to say, I'm real proud of you, Pauline. Glad relationships haven’t been thrown completely out the window with you, hm?” he joked lightly

“No thanks to you,” she replied with a roll of her eyes, but she still let a smile show on her face. It had been a while since the two had even done so much as talked to one another, back when Cranky was in his prime as the original DK, climbing girders and throwing barrels. He had changed quite drastically with age as she expected, but she could still feel his familiar spirit underneath his now wiser, bearded appearance.

“You aren’t… mad about this, right?”

Cranky scoffed, dismissing her comment with a wave of his hand.

“That was all in the past, why would I be? We’ve moved on, and so should you. You can't be carrying all that baggage from the past when you have a fresh new face to spend time with. Speaking of…”

He turned his gaze to Rosalina as if he was sizing her up, but still extended his hand for her to shake.

“A pleasure to meet you, my dear; Rosalina, was it? I’m sure you mean quite a lot to Pauline.”

Rosalina smiled, leaning down to return the gesture.

“Yes... Pauline’s told me a lot about you.” She replied tentatively, reminiscing about some of the… less than pleasant “remarks” Pauline had told her about the Kongs. DK scooped the girls up and embraced them in a tight hug, enough to warrant an unexpected smile from Pauline. Rosalina let out a strangled breath, not expecting the sudden gesture, but managed to make a wary face of happiness as well.

“Alright, alright you moronic meathead! Try not to crush ‘em, will you?” Cranky scolded him lightly, tapping his cane against the ground. “Now c’mon, let’s get going already!”

DK nodded and let go of the two for them to sit down again with a bashful grin towards Cranky. The older primate paused for a moment, wrapping his hand a little tighter around his cane. Looking up at them, he sighed gently.

“Take good care of each other, you two; I mean it. I made that mistake once, and I hope you don’t make the same.”

Without another word, he hopped atop DK’s back, addressing the women with a small nod goodbye.

“See you two later!” DK said, stalking out of the coffee shop and once again leaving the ladies alone.

Rosalina stroked her hair gently, trying to smooth it back into place with her hands. She looked at Pauline, noticing her slight change in demeanor; She was certainly a lot calmer, and felt at ease as she watched the simians walk out into the city. Cranky’s words continued to echo in her mind faintly, leaving an impact she didn’t think it would have on her. Years of strained relations managed to wrap itself in a neat little bow in just a simple conversation. It was almost admirable.

“See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?” Rosalina asked, lowering her shoulders and giving her girlfriend a gentle peck on the cheek.

Her girlfriend nodded with a blush and rested her hands on her lap. She had to admit, it did feel like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders after all this time.

“Yeah, maybe I blew things out of proportion a little.” she admitted sheepishly.

She looked up and stared around the cafe, realizing the customers and staff standing around in utter shock at the sudden appearance of two apes casually entering and leaving the place like nothing happened. She leaned in a little closer to her girlfriend, nudging her shoulder.

“But maybe next time, let’s try and go to them."
I'm so happy that Pauline and the Kongs are on good terms now : ) So much so that they feel like family or friends here. And they're so accepting of Pauline's relationship! That's so sweet! This was such a happy and fun fic. And a lot of the callbacks and stuff were really organic and nice to see. Good stuff.
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