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Preview HZ012: The Future I Choose

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There is only one day left and it is the last day.

Summary and Partial VA list courtesy of Adamant

Liko and Roy once again saw the horrors of the wildfire before their eyes, leading to Liko deciding to bring the forest back to life for the sake of the wild Pokémon that used to live there. The group got help from their fellow Rising Volt Tacklers to plant Berries and till the soil... and then something strange happened to the Oliva that saw them hard at work! In addition, Liko's pendant started shining again...?!

Voice Cast:
Minori Suzuki: Liko
Megumi Hayashibara: Nyahoja
Yuka Terasaki: Roy
Daiki Yamashita: Hogator
Taku Yashiro: Friede
Ayane Sakura: Orio
Kenta Miyake: Murdock
Kei Shindo: Molly
Ikkyu Juku: Landau
Yoshino Aoyama: Dot/Gurumin
Daisuke Namikawa: Kuwassu
Shun Horie: Amethio
Kohsuke Tanabe: Zir
Arisa Shida: Conia
Ikue Ohtani: Captain Pikachu
Really hope that the anime getting interrupted with breaks doesn’t become a regular thing with this series like it did with Journeys. With them going with a decompressed storytelling style with this one, it can’t afford to lose momentum.
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