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Preview HZ021: A Mibrim All Alone

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Sep 16, 2010
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  1. He/Him
Screenplay 永川成基 (Naruki Nagakawa)
Episode Director 月野正志 (Masashi Tsukino)
Storyboard 齋藤徳明 (Noriaki Saito)
Animation Director 羽野広範 (Hironori Hano)
Animation Director 高添響 (Hibiki Takazoe)

Title and Staff List courtesy of Dephender at Serebii, set to air September 8th
I always wonder how they go about deciding what random Pokemon to go with for episodes. When its about an older one rather than a new one.
Maybe Liko captures Hatenna and they open the flood gates to more past generation captures (or at least Galar if they’re so inclined after their limited representation in Journeys).
The title along gives me the feelings that this will be a capture episode where they encounter a lonely Hattena which hopefully Liko will end up catching

Wonder if there will be continuity between series and this is the Hattena that helped Ash, Cilan and Misty save Brock
Magician AND witch, double magic.
Not sure to expect it or not, plenty of episodes with similar titles without a capture over the series, but possible. (Hope they keep cross gen captures to a minimum though, fine with the idea of this one because galar was kinda shafted in journeys but im eh on anything prior to that)
Wonder if there will be continuity between series and this is the Hattena that helped Ash, Cilan and Misty save Brock
It'll probabrly just be a new one with no relation to the one we saw in the episode.

I'm not expecting there to be much continuity with previous seasons this time around and honestly I'd be fine with that. I'd rather this series just do it's own thing rather than delve into the past.
Happy to see an episode about a Galar Pokémon getting focus. I hope the gang spends a lot of time in Galar and we can see a lot Gen 8 Pokémon in the spotlight.
If Liko gets this Pokémon and a Tinkaton later I guess they could have some fun interactions?
Summary courtesy of Dephender at Serebii

The information they received from Kabu sends Liko, Roy and the others to the Galar Mine in search of the Black Rayquaza. On the way they find an an unconscious Mibrim, which Molly diagnoses to be "suffering emotionally" ; in other words, having been injured from constantly picking up emotions from nearby creatures. Unwilling to just leave it there, Liko decides to look after it on her own, but...
They've not even in Galar (at least episode wise) and already that's one new place we're going to see in Galar.
I thought the Galar Mines were featured briefly in the Darkest Day arc in Journeys where Ash and Leon fought the Gigantamax Coalossal. Though I guess those could have just been random mines (and they didn't actually go in regardless).

Also, having to experience the emotions of everyone around you literally sounds like a hellish existence. Not surprising how when it evolves it immediately tries to kill every living thing around it regardless of emotion.

The summary does seem to suggest the possibility of Liko capturing it.
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