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Preview HZ034: Respective Departures

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Feb 6, 2010
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  1. He/Him
Airs December 22nd.

Title and staff list courtesy of Dephender at Serebii.

Screenplay 永川成基 (Naruki Nagakawa)
Storyboard 矢嶋哲生 (Tetsuo Yajima)
Episode Director 岩田義彦 (Yoshihiko Iwata)
Animation Director 柳原好貴 (Koki Yanagihara)
Animation Director 服部奈津美 (Natsumi Hattori)
Animation Director 大西雅也 (Masaya Ōnishi)
I guess this is when RVT officially depart to another region (for Kleavor?) and Diana leaving the group to go somewhere else for research.
Good thinking on the latter thing, I hadn't thought of that. Could very well be her grandmother leaving.

Edit: Here's something I found on Twitter (I'm still going to call it that,) this is an interesting theory too if it turns out to be true:

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Summary courtesy of Dephender at Serebii

Liko and Roy hear that Diana is going to leave the airship, so they plan a farewell party for her together with their other companions. Meanwhile, following his defeat by Rayquaza, Amethio decides to battle Hamber in order to get stronger!
Yep. Had a feeling Diana was gonna go off on her own again. She's been such a fun character so hopefully we'll see her again down the road.

Seems tomorrow's ep will be a giant wake up call to Amethio as well with him training against Hamber.

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