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Preview HZ024: Reunion at the Old Castle

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Title and Summary courtesy of Gryphon

Liko, Roy and Friede head for Galar's ancient castle. Guided by Squawkabilly, they arrive at an old castle where Liko is finally reunited with Diana, her grandmother!
Looks like every Ancient Pokeball pokemon encounter might be 2 episodes long then (Other than Rayquaza).
I'm guessing after another episode or two will be the end of galar (For now), since this is why they came here.

Edit: If this is the end in a few episodes, that suggests every reigon is about 8 episodes long, so assuming the start of the series counted for kanto, and the airship sections will be 2 episodes long between reigons. We will be done with every region by episode 84, 94 if the start didnt count for Kanto.
Probably wont be that cut and dry but, possible.
“Old castle” I wonder which castle. The one in Hammerlock or the in the Crown Tundra.
So Grandmama also has a Squawkabilly? Or we're having a 3-generational reunion.

Excited for this episode, because it's bound to reveal some big info.
I wonder if liko will figure out what keeping pokemon in their pokeballs is, or if she will truly just amass a crap ton of pokemon being carried all at once.
Liko needs a stroller (or two), like this nice Kalosian lady

It's official: Liko's a magical girl with bunch of cute, highly marketable familiars!

It still amazes me that this show is already doing a better job of showing off Galar and the Pokemon from there than the actual series meant to promote Sword and Shield did.
Journeys wasn't meant to promote S&S. It was meant to promote the franchise as a whole in honor of the 25th Anniversary (though it did it poorly), and apparently OLM didn't want to because of the initial negative reaction to S&S before it even released...
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